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  1. Could you pm me some pictures please , many thanks
  2. Wanted : Isuzu D max , must be good condition with mileage under 100k, no vat included preferably east anglia area but would travel for the right truck , cash waiting, max 13k many thanks
  3. Check out infac safes from ladds guns , awesome cabinet plus guns can be stored in the door , really pleased with mine , good price and good delivery
  4. Could someone please explain to me the process of getting a gun sent from Whales to me in east anglia. do I send the money to the seller before they transfer the gun to there local RFD ? Do they pay there fee there end and what is a normal fee ? only ever bought guns face to face to so no experience in this what so ever , many thanks
  5. Looking for another shoot to pick up on this year on Norfolk/Suffolk boarder . Experienced dog used to picking up on big shoots , own 4x4 truck , weekends or week days not a problem Please drop me a pm if you have a space available , many thanks
  6. Hi Mark I emailed you back just asking for some details Thanks Scott
  7. Yes please I’ve sent my email via pm , thanks
  8. Scotty carptart


    Wanted 22-250 rifle Looking for something in reasonable condition but must be accurate and also have a threaded barrel for mod , ideally in east anglia area , complete outfit considered but not essential , rifle on its own is fine cash waiting , thanks
  9. Hi Fenny If im home from offshore in time I would be interesterd in this , my grandad had this horrible condition so its quite close to my heart to donate , please could you pm me with some details many thanks
  10. Ok well if you manage to twist her arm let me know
  11. Wanted , Mitsubishi L200 , ford ranger or Nissan navara in or around the east Anglia area. Would prefer it comes with hard canopy but not essential , reasonable mileage and engine in good condition , looking to spend around the 3k mark Anything considered Cheers
  12. Cheers for the input guys maybe I will call my FAO and just ask what criteria if there is any for getting an open ticket , ive lost a couple of potential permissions/invites due to land not being passed and the landowners not wanting the hassle of it being checked , even though ive explain this is a simple process , cheers anyway.
  13. ok Macca I though it would be around that time period , what area in Norfolk do you cover ? Im near Gt Yarmouth .
  14. ok cheers all , Pavman where did you complete the rifle saftey coarse ?
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