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  1. if you have an hour this is a very informative podcast on the origins of the labrador and chesapeake bay retriever and the differences that evolved from the origin of the st johns water dog and to quote nick "if it wasn't for the crew being drunk and running the ship aground the chessie could have been the poole harbour retriever" 😀 https://projectupland.com/project-upland-listen/hunting-dog-confidential/the-history-of-the-labrador-and-chesapeake-bay-retrievers/
  2. i actually have a 6yr old 50kg male wildfowling chessie contrary to popular belief he hasn't eaten the grand children who regularly play with him he doesn't attack other dogs he lives in the house excellent fowling dog its not a lab which is the main reason i got one do not mistake a different learning curve to a lab to lack of intelligence these are very clever dogs who respond to honey not vinegar guarding of quarry yes guarding the house yes A 1st dog no my last chessie no
  3. we have the 2nd biggest rise and fall in the world for tides ..That with the mud can be very treacherous ,So you need to learn the patch ideally a good strong dog that can potentially pick a Canada goose off a flowing tide carry it through mud and up a riverbank But some people have smaller dogs and have to pick they're shots so its not a deal breaker
  4. i wouldn't wildfowl without a dog for me its part of the whole experience i only shoot coastal the chances of losing a pricked or dead bird are greatly reduced so more ethical i need someone to talk too and take pictures of as there is ****** all to shoot at the moment here
  5. just heard from her certified cheque for $75 of which $50 shipping so ill give it a miss unfortunately
  6. ive just joined it ...any idea how much it is ,is it a physical book they will mail or is it a download. ive asked them but waiting for a reply
  7. thanks i have some number 47 buffer i presume that's good enough
  8. thanks ive just looked them up 42 /38.5g 1425fps looks good
  9. im liking the sound of your 10g load i guess you still have all your fingers .....tps or sam 1 or something else i am after a good a steel 10g load thanks
  10. so is 42 42 in a 12 different to 42 42 in a 10 pressure wise as i appreciate the volume is bigger in the 10 so does that tip it under? i have both sam1 and tps wads
  11. hi is the above 36gram just checking .......i bought the ballistics status of steel book . they seem to prefer fast light payloads keeping the pellet count comparable to lead . has anyone tried any of those recipes in 10g ,12g ...3 31/2 in Alliant steel cheers
  12. I had similar thoughts a few years ago, would Ed retrieve a canada from the severn when he had never seen one before ? it was all textbook no dramas. im sure you'll be fine if its dead and you don't have to much soft mud or banks to climb
  13. thanks ive given them a call sounds good. i know its fowling but when is more often than not the best months to come up for 2 days
  14. im going to lindesfarne this season , looking for a dog friendly accommodation,preferably not a million miles away and preferably out the way. someone mentioned camping pods but didn't know where or if still about . Also best time of the season to go cheers
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