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  1. Blue dot is OK for steel mag loads but there is a good few powders out there that are much faster and better with steel.
  2. Dont use the max data on this page, they also use the brown wads so different data if using mm or tps wads try dropping and work up start at around 48 grains with 42 gram, Eddie
  3. Very interesting have you any pictures of your work ? Take it you do stock alterations and refurbish ?
  4. I done this years ago on a 425, yes a slot and hole easy, unfortunately the last 2 525s I tried had no slot or hole although they came with the kit in the box when new ?
  5. Yes I have thought of that thanks, I tried a leather pad and it worked but as its a class gun I would prefer a proper job doing, thought about an adjustable comb but not sure on a game gun. Eddie
  6. I am looking for a replacement stock for my Browning B25 game B2g, the gun I have is a 2009 model long tang u shape, It has a lovely piece of wood on it but unfortunately the comb is low for me as I think the previous owner has had it shaved down a tad. The original sporter or game model stock fits me fine (not looking for a trap model) Thanks Eddie
  7. I have a 525 that came with this auto safety kit, I also have mates with the same gun and kit but for the life of me cannot see were or how this kit fits,I have been asked by mates to fit theirs but failed. I have previously fitted this kit to a 425 game gun which was easy apart from slight adjustment were it was catching but the 525 doesn't look as if it has the hole for the pin or anything ?
  8. Had my cens for around 5 seasons now, very comfortable, noise suppression not as good as over ear muffs but good, battery life not great mine are the smaller battery they have a larger capacity model now. A lot of money but worth it for game shooting not sure about clays as I dont do a lot. The only problem Ive had is the small brass battery terminal gets pushed in and has to be carefully teased out to make contact. The on off switch is not a definite click off which has cost me battery life a few times, not good when they get wet with rain. I cannot shoot without hearing protection now as my ears were damaged when younger due to shooting and working in a noisy environment but these help when turned full on. Overall they are good, hope this helps, Eddie
  9. Here in the North we will be last to find out anything so what changes ? BASC (British association Southern Counties )
  10. dawntredder, I have some wedges what size is it ? Eddie
  11. Mix 47 buffer will not help prevent damage , buffered steel loads will be worse through a tight choke as no room for the shot to move keeping it tight together.
  12. What a complete waste of money, over 30K to go to university
  13. Thanks all I will try these tips cheers
  14. Thanks EMT, I do that now and its fine but when I move onto new ground and set up a blind she does not like to go out.
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