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    Beretta 682 Gold E Sporter 30"
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  1. My 400 Xplor Unico won't handle 2 !/2" but maybe its because it has the 3 1/2".
  2. Thanks Guys for your thoughts. Problem now is replacing her, now that the silly price times has arrived.
  3. My old Springer had got very lame and we were having a struggle with steps and the car and we were advised by the Vet to consider the above. Sadly she became very ill and we lost her last week. The lift had been used jut once. I have enclosed some pics and had she lived I believe it would have come in very useful. Size large is 22kg - 34kg Further info at https://www.orvis.co.uk/p/dog-lift/2h9z RRP £49.00 price now £25.00 posted.
  4. If the suspected scam comes through on Email, click the senders email to see it in full senders email. You may see something like this DVLA.GOV.UK immediatley followed by the email bobscam@aol.ie. I had this one saying my car was untaxed and on giving my details to get legal, give us your account details and all would be forgiven.
  5. Modern adhesives are now brilliant and more than not the repair can come out stronger than the wood. Point to remember is careful and clean peparation though.
  6. Toilet paper, 2 sheets rolled up, light sqirt of WD40 down the barrel, push the paper through and you're nearly done. Miroku a lot easier to clean than the Beretta (like a mill chimney after a hundred cartridges).
  7. Gone to a Beretta 400 Xplor from my Beretta 682 Gold E, for clays, why, simply the 2lb in weight. Handles beautifully for me and I don't miss the slight heavy nos of the O/U. Downside, not really for trap as side ejection ( a little bit forward though) can be a bit of a problem.
  8. Oh dear, but if you like it, everyone to their own.
  9. I shoot a Beretta A400 xplor, best clay gun I have ever had, sporting, skeet, trap 28" shoots everything.
  10. Have a look at the Turkish guns, ATA, Kofs etc for under £500 new and guaranteed plus secondhand. My wife has a Winchester Light, hasn't seen light of day for ages and just cluttering the cabinet up. Beware, it might it might sit in the cabinet for very long periods😔. Also bare in mind that a lot of ladies seem to need a higher comb, so important to try.
  11. Mirokus are prone to splitting here, easy repair, some good epoxy adhesive, some wet and dry paper and stock oil, you won't see it again.
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