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  1. das

    This is NOT life!

    Hard labour = Extreme corporal punishment. It will knock them over or make them fit.
  2. das

    This is NOT life!

    I'm afraid some day that it will happen.
  3. das

    This is NOT life!

    What in the blue hell would you think if it was your daughter knifed on a park bench. Scum, a couple of years in Dachau then to make them good lads?
  4. das

    This is NOT life!

    Just the job, hang em high.
  5. das

    Recent Flooding

    Don't seem to have had any of those for decades (but I suppose it does pee down a lot up here in Yorkshire).
  6. Surely, this is something from Mickey Mouse
  7. Agree entirely, as for my post above, I am beginning to think she might be better off inside of the cattle wagon. Cows love company🐮
  8. She would look much better daubed on the side of a cattle wagon.
  9. das


    You are wrong here. If I am not paying a membership and I want to pay a green fee, I check the price at the club, if it is a silly price, I don’t play there. How do they get their ‘pound of flesh’ then. In addition to this, most clubs are happy to get a visitors green fee as it boosts there income at virtually 100% profit.
  10. das


    Yes, I will pay a higher green fee as a visitor, but then I can choose to play as I feel, when I want. But, I won't be paying a £1000 + membership subscription. IE I am free from the tie of the club. What the golf club choose to make as a markup on beer, food and other incidentals is entirely up to them. They will soon find out if their prices are too high. As far as green fee prices go, check your nearest golf club, all fees will be online. As far as non member surcharges go, never heard of them in my 30 years of golf.
  11. das


  12. You heard a whisper very many years ago, but the whisper got quieter over the years until we realised we were due a bloody good shafting by our EU friends.
  13. das


    Then there won't be any fruit and veg will there? Not really bothered but Vegans wiil howl with dismay.😁
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