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  1. That sounds logical. Thanks Zapp
  2. das


    An odd Exocet should sort them out.
  3. das


    Yes, the EU crew are getting a bit touchy now😃
  4. das


    Tweet seen yesterday regarding a 55 minute delay at Schipol passport control. The tweeter seemed to blame Brexit and this was apparently jumped upon by thousands of remoaners with the usual cack 'You wanted Brexit, now youv'e got it', 'Told you what would happen', 'You made the wrong choice' etc. It transpired that the airport authorities were have a training day session for new passport check in staff and they apologised for the delay. I took exactly the same time at Geneva last year when Brexit wasn't what it is today. Doesen't take them long to get excited and hopeful what?
  5. das

    ferry err

    I don't think I could stand the breakast fry up, it would probably be looking in the sea sometime later🤢.
  6. Side length is fixed, but can be slightly extended on the cables.
  7. Pair of Zeiss shooting glasses in excellent unmarked condition. Adjustable bridge for a perfect fit. Zeiss protective case included. These have prescription lenses fitted and will require reglazing, either from an Optician or services on line. £40.00 delivered Thanks for looking.
  8. das

    Top Gear

    Yep. Think so too
  9. das

    Storm Ciara

    Mytholmroyd, Nr Halifax...Total disaster, happened just the same 3 years ago. Spent millions over the last 3 years, perpetual 1 way system, the contractors are a year over time and still not finished no need now as it is proven bloody useless.
  10. das

    Storm Ciara

    Agree, total guessing game, but I suppose will well line some people's pockets.
  11. Superb top end optics bought on a whim and have only been out of the house 3 or 4 times as I always have my Opticron 8x25 in my pocket. Could be described as new. ED optics. Adjustable (20mm) eye relief for spectacle wearers if required. Tripod fix point. Padded case. Waterproof. Well armoured. Competes well with the very best on the market. New were £369.00 A comprehensive review and comparison can be found here: www.bestbinocularsreviews.com/Vanguard8.5x45EndeavorED-42.htm £175.00 including Royal Mail Special Delivery
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