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  1. Solway Zipper, Iv'e had 2 of of them over the decades. You even got a belt and hood with them. Paid £9. twele and sixpence for the first. Moorland jacket was a cracker too. The good old days what.
  2. Hi Dave PM,d you back, my computer is having a bit of a silly do lately, so just a check you got the message. David
  3. Chokes have had light use and will be supplied in choke tubes. Note chokes are Optima not the HP version. Sold as a pair, single now £42.00. £42.00 delivered
  4. Thanks Gents, advice much appreciated.
  5. Got another gun with a rather nice stock. Stock is oiled finished. The gun is a Browning Heritage 11 the damage to the the stock is a small 2"x 1" where slight denting had occured. I sorted this with a few strokes of 800 grade a ad finished with 2000 grade. All looked fine. On re oiling stock came up great except the area where the damage occured, in that area now it appears dry and dull. Any help would be welcomed. Thanks
  6. Have you the original butt pad and what was the length with that on? Thanks
  7. Sold as usual pending payment
  8. PM sent to spider man
  9. Trail cam brand new in box, unwanted gift as I have no real use for it. Box opened to verify contents. Contents are camera, USB lead, USB for card, nylon strap for mounting and User manual. £25.00 posted. Thanks for looking.
  10. If the choke has a twist, however slow, it is probably classed as a firearm as the barrel is. This I read in Gough Thomas' Second Gun book. He took advice from his local police, but with no result but it may be a bona fide applicant could possibly apply for the FAC to use a slow twist barrell/choke. This I have read from Gough Thomas' book and these are not my opinions. From the above book chapter 'Short range devices'
  11. das


    Thanks everbody. Ended up with a Trailcam from Woucher. Says it will do all I require, so I've given it a punt at £19.90 . See how it goes. .
  12. das


    As above to checkout the dogs in the garden. Day and night. Nothing fancy. Thanks
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