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  1. das

    Deerhunter Clothing

    Need the room so silly offer............. Buy 2 get 1 free
  2. Deerhunter jacket, waistcoat and shooting gilet all bonded fleece construction all newly washed in excellent condition with no tears, stains or plucks and A1 zips Reason for sale only due to weight loss. All pit to pit measurements are 24" Jacket and waistcoat marked XL, gilet marked XXL. 1 Jacket 2 zipped slash pocket and zipped breast pocket, full width lined zipped both sides back pocket. Elastic cuffs. 2 Waistcoat as above but sleeveless. 2 Shooting gilet 2 cartridge pockets and elasticated rear waist. 2 interior pockets Jacket £28.00 Waistcoat £22.00 Gilet £28.00 all posted Waistcoat same green as jacket, not brown as picture.
  3. Treat him like he did his dog. 👎
  4. das

    Birthday Boy

    Happy Birthday from the North👍
  5. My 3 year old grandaughter will give me a peck on the lips, 'Bye Grandad', never thought anything about it.
  6. Just been listening to the Jeremy Vine programme at noon, very interesting. It was Boris vs the BBC, Guardian and Vine and we all know what the last three represent. The first to reply to Vine's lead in 'Is Boris fit to be PM' appeared to be a knowledged, well spoken Brexiteer who told Vine in no uncertain terms that the argument was nothing to do with politics, just a slanging match which contained no violence and the Police were really not interested. It was also mentioned and asked why the next door neighbours recorded the event. Seems that a tape recorder was used and given the thickness of the party wall you would expect in an older dwelling like that, it must be a pretty sophisticated one with a good microphone. All the callers except one stated that it was of no concern to anyone what went on next door with only a slanging match going on. Vine seemed to cut his pitch short at this point but was this a ploy to oust Boris from the leadership race especially as Hunt will not commit to leaving the EU in Oct when Boris stated that we would be. A possible set up?
  7. The picture of the rifle in the Express is not an Airsorft gun IMHO, looks to be a break barrel air rifle
  8. I was once a member of the said 'Intensively managed grouse shoot' quoted in the attached report. It was rented from a local farmer by 10 friends who resurrected it from vermin, motor cyclists and everyone else who considered it 'Public community land'. It flourished and became a fine spot for all manner of wildlife which frequent peat moorland and it became a very reasonable small driven moor keepered solely by the syndicate. It is many years since I gave up my gun in the syndicate but it stll thrives I believe, being only a mile from myself. If the snowflakes get their way, which I doubt they will, knowing the owner it could well end up like Ilkley Moor, probably a wasteland again. As for the the 'Intensicely managed' quote, all I can say is that a dog has two them.
  9. Typical, and sad the way this dump of a country has become, money is everthing, decency, pride and consideration are nothing. If I was younger and richer I'd be out of here like winky.
  10. Scruffy sod, slumped in his chair, talking nuts, it was obvious he was going next.
  11. Hi

     How do you want paying?



    1. das


      Sorry cancel that, misread the ad I'm large


  12. Great price wrong size for me.
  13. das

    Harris Bipod

    Simple Cash on collection or money in bank, still a shed load of scammers out there.
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