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  1. Hi, Thanks for your post, bought my Shotkam as a game improver and so far I am impressed. Will probablyy move it on within a year as I hope to have sorted my shooting out totally by then.
  2. Always wanted a try with one and the offer tempted me. Early days (2), but well impressed so far.
  3. das

    A New Scam 😂

    Straight to the rubbish bin. If its genuine it will arrive again. Try just replying to the email and youre likely to get a none delivery meesage.
  4. The make is Keter as in the post above , I bought it online some years ago to do one big job (sawing), but don't remember where.
  5. Work station bought for a project and no longer required. Now Sold Excellent used once condition. 180 kg capacity. 2 x 12" cramps. Folds as shown. £25.00 collected from near Halifax.
  6. das

    kenney roger dies

    RIP Kenny A country singer, just one of the best.
  7. They are a gents 9. The Caledon boots for men were discontinued recently but Toggi kept ladies version on the go and this range Went up to a ladies 9. Probably a slimmer leg and foot.
  8. Bought on a bit of a whim last year and have worn only to take the dog 3 short walks. Calf length. full grain leather, insulated and water proof. Substantial multi use rubber soles. Boot height 35 cms. These boots are totally unmarked and could be described as new. Cost £185.00 when bought. Absloute bargain at £87.00 delivered. Thanks for looking.
  9. .470 double for the Hereford?
  10. A pair of Camel-Active quality shoes bought for me but just not my style. Worn 3 times and as new with quality shoetrees included. Full leather in Gibson style. Goretex lined. Substantial rubber soles. Bargain at £30.00 delivered. Thanks for looking
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