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  1. for now till crops are growing again
  2. Maybe I'm just trying to make life difficult for myself, but then I've always been pig headed and stubborn like that 😁 Some of the land I will be shooting over crops is bordered by trees so yeah I can use my foldable pruning saw to make some hides up along the field margins. I had not actually thought of that 👍 Some of the other land will be more difficult, especially around the pigs as most of those fields are pretty open although there are the odd hay bale stacks dotted around I could use to make some cover against. (I will be using a hushpower for shooting around the pigs in case anyon
  3. I have another set of rims with fat knobblies. Those are just my pavement smashers. I normally ride in boots anyways so that's not an issue. Will have to see if theres a tank bag for MX/Enduro style tanks. Could be useful. Not so worried about coming off really. I've ridden loaded enduros and heavy adventure bikes (Africa Twin, Varadero, Triumph tiger, V strom etc) all over the world. Not saying it'll never happen but, been there done that. Be alreet. But that was my thinking for an atv style gun case. As long as the gun is alright then I'm happy. I do actually have a 200L be
  4. The main thing is what about the rest of the stuff? Was just wondering if anyones done it before what what stuff to use? Will need to be absolute bare minimum as will not be able to carry much stufff at all. What about hide, seat, bag for other stuff etc. Yeah sort of thing I'm after. Just also need to be able to find or make a hide that packs down super small into a small fishing bag or something
  5. Trailer won't work, because my bike is a motocross/enduro it has no real rear subframe. The frame that is there is just for the rear mudguard. Would be difficult enough just to manage to figure out how to get a gun case fixed onto it. I have seen someone done it to one of these before though so it's definitely do-able.
  6. Again, did think about getting a quad as seems like logical option as buying another 4x4 just for going shooting is a bit excessive - and impossible given current situation with parking. Annoyingly, I only have maybe 2.5 - 3 ft access down side of house, just enough to get bike in and out but that's it. Not much space out front either... And sell the XR! Never! She's a keeper
  7. Last perm I had for a local keeper I just put everything in the his chest freezer. I neither have a chest freezer nor anyone that would want to take anything that I might be shooting. End of the day pest control/crop protection is a legitimate and justified reason for shooting and I've been after a perm for a while and could potentially lead to other opportunities - we all know how hard it is to get good perms these days! As for the Antis... Well, they're always gonna Anti. No matter what we do or don't. They will always find something. I just ignore em, best way.
  8. Crop protection and keeping pests away from the pigs
  9. So literally randomly and out of the blue today I've managed to get myself a perm on a bit of land that hasnt been shot in ages 🤑 Only thing is transport. It's fairly local but I don't have a 4x4 anymore and it's quite muddy down there. I have a XR650R though and was wondering if it would be viable to use for getting down there... Was thinking of sticking an ATV style guncase on the rear. Could use a fishing bag for some extendable poles and net for hide and could have a bag for carts and odds and ends. Just wondering if it's doable... If I end up shooting loads I dunno what I'
  10. HuskyRich

    Smart Meter

    Get sick of the constant scare stories touted by the gutter press about literally everything relating to smart meters. 99.99% of it is total BS. But yeah, I get it quite often "I'm only having it fitted to stop the letters and calls". What customers don't realise is the massive fines that energy companies face for not hitting the targets for the smart mandate. Not saying the constant bombardment is OK but... They'll be the first to be moaning when tariffs go up again because of the massive fines incurred. I've not had much in the way of issues with the SMETS 2 sets yet though. Occasi
  11. HuskyRich

    Smart Meter

    Up north in Arquiva areas it may be different but down in central UK regions that run on Telefonica the DCC system that SMETS 2 smart meters run on knows where there is signal or not and wether they will work or not or if special aerials are required and it's pretty accurate. The companies will know this when they book appointments as it will tell them if it's good to go. Also, SMETS 2 doesn't work on a traditional roaming mobile SIM's like the SMETS 1 sets did, it has it's own dedicated low frequency long distance band. I'm in rural Norfolk and there's not anywhere where I don't get a sig
  12. That was pretty much the reason I posted that article. I know things are getting tight in regards to guns in general these days but was hoping things wern't THAT bad
  13. Would help if they put that in the news article if that was the case 🙄
  14. I swear by Roots trousers. They have the kneeling pads fit in from the top which is handy as I found with snickers the pads usually end up working down your shins and out the bottom.
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