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  1. What's the underlever one in the top pic? I like the look of that.
  2. Might have to give this a look. As much as c02 rifles tend to get shunned by a lot of people I actually quite like them. Can't put my finger on why though... But yeah didn't realise they operate at such a high pressure!
  3. I have a compressor that goes up to over 10 bar, assumed that would be enough?
  4. hi guys just wondering if there is a decent alternative to keep buying the 88g c02 cylinders at 8 or so quid a pop. Was in my local shop not long back and the guy in there showed me something in one of his catalogues but can't for the life of me remember what the name of it was. It's some sort of replacement for a 88g cylinder that you can fill up with an air compressor, which is handy being that I have one. I've done some looking online but can only really seem to find big bulky ones for paintballing etc. Cheers
  5. Hi guys, been a while since I've been on here. Looking to get out again and am now in a new place. Just wondering if theres anyone around North-East Norfolk looking for help with shooting? Keen to get back into shooting again, been a crazy few years and need to get a bit of my life back again! Cheers 👍 Richy
  6. Would love to take you up on this offer if it still stands? Pm me
  7. going to have a lot more free time on my hands this year so really wanna expand on my shooting (other than clays). looking to meet up with fellow shooters and maybe see if theres any permissions going anywhere
  8. yeah, well... hindsight. also price & the fact that the recoil absorbing version of the stock i have doesnt have the little picatinny attachments on the side... its all about the picatinny rails lol. But yeah to be honest that style stock/gripwhilst actually nice to hold and shoot, is a complete pain in the **** for living with day to day.
  9. Yeah she is a bit of a hefty old lump but I just bring her out to shoot at some targets and very occasionally the odd hour or two on crows or bunnies so it's not that much of an issue. Also the weight helps a bit when shooting heavier loads as the butt pad on that stock has NO give at all and doesn't half pummel you. Thinking of sticking the original stock back on for that reason. Also its bloody awkward trying to get it to fit in the cabinet I have with the pistol grip.
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