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  1. Apologies I had to make a whole thread for this, there is no "Dumb question thread" for me to post in... Just got my FAC last month and bought my first rifle; do I need to also inform the plod when I buy rifle ammunition? I can't find anywhere saying so, so I'm guessing not but just want to be safe. Cheers
  2. So rifles killed 2 people last year, including illegally held ones and could potentially include suicides too as it's unspecified? And all this effort and money has been put in to restrict access further? How about these jobsworths focus their attention on something actually pressing like moped gangs or the seemingly endless stabfests that take place in inner cities? Can't they just **** off and leave us peaceful shooters to it? /Rhetoric rant
  3. Truth! I reckon I leave around half of gunshops thinking "*** was that guy on about!?"
  4. I would pay good money for a day like that, god...
  5. Good lad! Best of luck, let us know how it goes.
  6. Assuming everything in your original post is the extent of the arrangement and there's no proverbial skeletons in the closet, I'll eat my hat if they don't grant you an SGC. Just to echo what others have said above, I'd fit a cheapo alarm on the cupboard/safe just to show you're taking this seriously, it's not required but it should curry favour. I am not overly familiar with CPSA, but my understanding is they cover legal fees should your pre-existing license be revoked/your renewal is rejected, I don't believe they cover a refusal for initial grant, where as BASC do.
  7. I recently renewed my SGC Surrey/Sussex and applied for a new FAC. As you mentioned the initial wait was mad, over 3 months. But from home visit to ticket through the door was only about a week/week and a half.
  8. Hi, no I didn't - my primary purpose is down as target, whilst I look for a permission. But I also requested a 308 for guided stalking (which was granted) but my license makes no mention of being able to stalk with any of my rifles.
  9. I'm a fresh FAC holder (Surrey/Sussex)... How do you know the restrictions placed on your license? I literally just have the 3/4 pages: Page 1 with my personal details, Page 2 rifles, Page 3 Ammo, Page 4 back page. There's no commentary whatsoever about where I can shoot or for what purpose. Thanks
  10. Hi Christopher, thank you for the advice. I have just ordered some "business" cards with my details on and had planned on dropping into some local farms and doing some face-to-face where possible. But your idea seems like a good one in addition. I suppose my initial request to accompany someone is because I've always enjoyed the company of another shooter and I unfortunately no longer have anyone in my area to do so with, but fingers crossed. Thanks again
  11. Haven't had a permission for a couple of years now since my old gamekeeper mate died. Got FAC, SGC, BASC, am a safe shooter - Would love to keep someone company on their permission or do a spot on my own if preferred by permission-giver. Cheers, Adam.
  12. Should I have seen regular 'Narcos' before watching Narcos Mexico or does the latter not rely on an understanding of the former?
  13. I've only watched the first half or so, but really enjoyed the gold prospector story.
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