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  1. Should I have seen regular 'Narcos' before watching Narcos Mexico or does the latter not rely on an understanding of the former?
  2. I've only watched the first half or so, but really enjoyed the gold prospector story.
  3. Yeah, I've been impressed with them, going to get my Dad a pair for xmas.
  4. Hi, is this deep enough for scoped rifles?
  5. If it's just about the money, Bisley pay £60 a day for you to sit in the butts patching over target shooters bullet holes with a 2 hour lunch break. Boring stuff though, would hate to do that for a day...
  6. I imagine the prospect of dying in pointless conflicts and oil wars has put a dampener on the recruitment drive.
  7. Yes, far more risk of a surprise biology test using this method 😅
  8. It requires a decent old tug, similar movement to doing a deadlift. The first time I did it I ripped the wings off, but if you adjust your feet inwards to get the shoulders instead it works a treat. Done a fair few like this now and works great.
  9. Awful taste, but a hate crime!? Come on... Concentrate on the guys chucking acid in Deliveroo riders faces not drunk ***** making insensitive jokes.
  10. Brilliant actually, they're like having super hearing... Could hear the beaters talking trash about us from a mile away. Seriously though, would recommend.
  11. Thanks for the tip, is this the one you're talking about? That price is too good to be true, but the reviews seem okay... One guy saying the keys and lock feel cheap and plasticy.
  12. As the title says, time to trade in my 3 gun safe for something bigger... Giving my 3 gun safe to a friend so I can grow my collection. Will consider anything within 20ish miles of Surrey. Edit: Locking top would be a bonus. Thanks
  13. Reporting back: Just breasted a brace after hanging overnight with the new carbon steel Mora. Very pleased, like a warm knife through butter, infinitely better than the 'sharp' kitchen knife I've been using till now. Extra note: I've been using the quick method to prep my pheasants for a couple of weeks now and can't see going back to the old method unless my back gives out.
  14. All the guys I shoot with wear Le Chameau, everyeone hates Hunters but I've got a pair of hunters from about 6 years ago which are proper rugged and are still in good nick which I wear for every shoot. I've actually heard good things about the cheapos, such as Dunlop etc. Edit: Check out Decathlon's range, I've been impressed by all their stuff I've tried so far.
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