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  1. If you had looked at the weather you wouldn't have contemplated going out but it was actually quite pleasant on the side of the hill, the sun made it warm and I didn't notice the wind. JDog's plan was good but I could see we would be frustrated watching birds dropping at the top of the field, so it made sense to move. I just took a net and seat. I think the pigeons were blinded a bit by the snow as they came to trees very easily when I thought they might spot me. As Johnny says, it was great to be out, given I spend all my days in front of a screen, this was the perfect antidote. I
  2. It is poor but it appears each force can do as it pleases. BASC advise, as stated in their own magazine and SG recently, that it is a statutory requirement to process applications and you should contact your Police and Crime Commissioner if they aren't complying. However, I am very reluctant to go down that route and 'rock the boat' as I would be worried about repercussions in this application for my son and my renewal next year (I know that shouldn't be the case but.....).
  3. They sound very good. Lincolnshire FLO is currently operated by G4s and I can't get them to respond to an email.
  4. Good on you for getting out. You could have retrieved those three to make it thirty if JDog had gone.
  5. It is. I have seen so many people on social media asking if they can do this or that...... they are looking for someone to re-affirm what they want to do. They need to take responsibility for their own actions. It's the spirit of the guidance in terms of how far you travel. You need to consider the possible knock-on effect if you go out, have an accident requiring emergency services. Same for anyone, cyclists, walkers, runners.
  6. Interestingly, there is a short piece on this in the latest edition of the BASC magazine. Obviously with a national lockdown they have said nothing is happening, which I can understand. I have asked about alternatives to a home visit when restrictions are lifted, and await a reply. Licensing in Lincolnshire is run by G4S at present.
  7. I will see what they say. I can understand the home visit part, but we're not in a national lockdown so hopefully they will be able to help. Whatsapp? That is amazing. I don't think Lincolnshire has reached those dizzy tech heights yet.
  8. My son is keen to apply for a shotgun licence but according to the police website they are not accepting new applications "due to to the new national lockdown", which I can only assume refers to the November lockdown which expired in December. Has anyone in the area applied for a licence recently and can enlighten me? Thanks.
  9. A dodgy looking character at the end there.😄
  10. So I thought I would update you. I swapped my Silver Pigeon for an Ultralight yesterday. My usual gunshop, where I bought the Beretta three years ago, had a secondhand one in. It was tidy, and luckily the stock was the same length as mine. I felt it fitted well and came up nicely. We did a direct swap, no money and I can return it if I don't get on with it. This afternoon I took it out to a wood to try a few shots in the wind. Three pigeons for five shots, across the tops of some tall pines, all crossers. I think I will be keeping it.
  11. Kenwick Park? I think you have a case of mistaken identity JDog, you know that place is only for countryside royalty.
  12. Thanks for the advice. I will have a look at the Ultralight.
  13. I have a Beretta Silver Pigeon with 30" barrels, it's a couple of years old and weighs in at 7lbs 8oz. Anyway, I am finding it quite heavy and unwieldy to shoot. I do love the Silver Pigeon though but could do with something about a pound lighter. Would the same gun with 28" barrels be much lighter? Or is there an alternative Silver Pigeon that would fit the bill? If anyone has an ideas, I would be grateful.
  14. Watch the Worlaby one, he definitely takes neighbour's birds.....unless it's the camera angle. Maybe it's a trait of guns who are clearly good shots, they can't resist taking longer shots all the time. They are well produced to be fair. I remember those videos on here, Duffryn I think was the name. They were excellent.
  15. Agree. If you look at some of the shooting content online (Shooting Show, Fieldsports TV, BASC social media) far too much of promotes exactly the sort of image that the general public has in mind when it comes to shooting. BASC is trying to be more diverse but far too often they fall back on their standard (white middle aged male, checked shirt, gilet) - it makes me cringe so I can only image that it reinforces the public perception of shooting.
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