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  1. Many thanks, I don't mind paying for new arms, just didn't want to scrap a good old flapper!
  2. I have an old UK Shootwarehouse flapper. One of the arms is broken at the base where it slots into the hole and connects to the arm. Unfortunately, I can't get a replacement from UkSW as they don't make them any more. I wonder if anyone knows where I can get one from, or a way of making a new arm? I have tried gluing the broken piece back but it broke off again. Would like to fix as it works perfectly well and is a shame to scrap. Thanks in advance.
  3. Plus would be cheaper! Might get a few quid for the hard top too.
  4. The hard top is going. Not sure if I will go for full canvas or 3/4 canvas.
  5. I'll take some more pix this week when the sun shines. After I had my last Defender stolen I decided I couldn't have another, so I bought a Freelander 2 which I use for everything. The new one is for fun and kept safely in a garage. It's only done about 1000 miles in the last ten years. Looks solid enough and best of all, it's not been modified at all, apart from the rear canopy.
  6. I appear to have a problem. I've just bought my fifth Land Rover. A very nice and original 1963 Series IIa. The rear cover is going though.
  7. As previously mentioned in another post Jdog was invited this morning, but declined, though he did say he might come and watch - the thought of which made the mind boggle. This is a duty shoot as there are hundreds of pigeons on this rape and some nearby linseed. The plan was for me to cover the rape and my pal (not Jdog, but someone who does rise early) to go to the linseed. I actually needed headlights to set up but at least I was able and ready when the first pigeons arrived. They usually like to sit in trees on the bottom edge of the field before dropping in. So I didn't bother with any decoys, just a hide within range of the two most popular trees. Sure enough, just before 8am, they arrived, slipping silently in to the trees. I shot a few sitting in the trees and a few flitting over me. Later I shot a couple that decoyed. By Noon it was all over (it was all over by 10am really but it was a great morning to be out). I shot ten pigeons. Whatsapped a pix of the early start to the farmer and went home. My pal shot one pigeon (baffling when there had been over 300 on the linseed) and a dozen crows.
  8. Two things that always pop in your reports. You run out of shells and you always manage to shoot some birds. Well done old boy. BTW, I am not isolating or working 😉
  9. I used to enjoy PC's reports each week. He always found and shot some pigeons. I haven't been out for ages due to work, and only post rarely due to time constraints and the fact I hardly ever shoot anything!
  10. I don't shoot big bags so never an issue selling or giving away. The other day someone asked me for a couple of pigeons, luckily JDog and I shot just enough for me to fulfil the request. He paid me £10 🤣 for them, which I gave him back.
  11. Really? Have you been in a new Defender or seen the specs?
  12. You would have enjoyed the shooting for sure. I think we would have topped 50-70 easily.
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