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  1. I know this debate has been had many times but I was unsure about the new Defender from the photos I have seen. Anyway yesterday a pal had one on loan at his garage so I went for a look.....and, I quite like it. It was a 110 version and up close looked extremely robust, and would probably take some hammer in the field. Inside it was as luxurious as you would expect with all the gadgets to make your life easier. Only issue for me was the size of the rear load area, which was quite small I thought. The one I looked at was around £63K as it had some extras on it. I've posted a pix and one of my Tdci. I won't be changing any time soon, but it was interesting to see it up close and it does look better than in the pix.
  2. Well done chaps....nice to see Giles out. You did better than me yesterday, I got six before the rain got the better of me.
  3. The contractor drilled peas up until June 15, and on Sunday they started harvesting the March drilled fields.
  4. We had to shoot this field as I had promised the farm manager I would shoot this week, plus I wanted to repay Johhny's invitation from last week. It's one he drives past at least twice a day so he's seen a few pigeons on the roadside edge. Not ideal conditions but at least we had a wind. There is a lot of pigeons using this field, and there were actually three lines in. It will provide another day, though we might need three guns. The gas gun made no difference to the pigeons, the worker putting them out even admitted it but we all know it makes farmers feel better to have them out.
  5. Love these Shotkam videos, the quality is excellent. Some of those birds looked close enough to touch! Well done 😀
  6. As JDog's post in Talk from the Field states, I haven't been able to get out shooting with him a long time. Anyway, yesterday we meet up....socially distanced of course, at some pea fields whose owners I happen to know as well as JDog. I always like it when someone hosts me as I don't have to think about much, apart from packing my gear. And so it was JDog had recced the field, spotted me a position and told me what the pigeons would likely do. Not only that but my position, as the images show, were just behind a farm building, meaning I could drop my gear off and park less then 50 metres away - what luxury. So it was I set up with my back to the building, rotary (dead birds supplied by JDog) and the wind crossing my back. it was a windy and cloudy afternoon, perfect. The birds did what he said, mostly. Coming from the front, left and later the right hand side. They were swirling all over in the wind and presented some tricky shooting. I picked 22, lost two. And I think I shot pretty well given I am a bit rusty. JDog turned down the opportunity to shoot next to me to go and soothe the troubled waters in Jacko's field, which he did. On leaving the field I drove past the far end where JDog had been, and there were a lot of pigeons down. Thanks to my host for the VIP service. I will try to repay the favour soon.
  7. I've reduced the price to £80 plus courier charge.
  8. Nice video, like the sepia. Love these Shotkams.
  9. Pair of Rhino roof bars for a Defender. All fittings present. Only used couple of times, stored since. Few marks on them. £75. Collection or I can courier for £25.
  10. Four-bike rack for Land Rover Defender. Only used a couple of times and stored in my cellar since. Some marks on them and some surface rust in a few places. These bars fit in a special bracket (supplied) which sits behind the tow ball. They are offset to clear the spare wheel. I have included a couple of images to illustrate what they look like on the vehicle (please note not actual bars). £100 collection or plus £25 if you want them sending by courier. Less
  11. Just spotted this advertised.....it doesn't mention use of guns but no harm in asking! BTW, it's in the Boston, Lincs area. Seasonal Pigeon Control This seasonal role requires you to monitor growing vegetable crops for damage from pigeons and rabbits. Working with Kites, gas guns and netting https://www.fish4.co.uk/job/9238170/seasonal-pigeon-control/?tmsb=oxfphgg&tmsl=similar-jobs-job-detail&tmty=w&tmcv=82&tmcs=4bl00pe
  12. Interesting. And that coincides with the fact I haven't been out with you.....
  13. Well done old boy. That will have cheered you up.
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