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  1. I don't shoot big bags so never an issue selling or giving away. The other day someone asked me for a couple of pigeons, luckily JDog and I shot just enough for me to fulfil the request. He paid me £10 🤣 for them, which I gave him back.
  2. Really? Have you been in a new Defender or seen the specs?
  3. You would have enjoyed the shooting for sure. I think we would have topped 50-70 easily.
  4. For me this summer has been rubbish for pigeons. No shortage of them about but I have had a terrible run. Either picked the wrong field, wrong side of the field, was too late on the field, someone else was there already, wind was wrong or non-existent, pigeons there but disappeared when I set up, pigeons there but I shot badly.... Anyway, yesterday I went alone as two shooting pals turned me down. I have two large rape fields which have had a lot of pigeons on but whilst stubble they just refused to decoy. Another shooter has passed these fields and claimed he saw 900 on it (there weren't) and I think he was after an invite, which he didn't get. This week the fields were disced and this seem to make them even more attractive to pigeons. Yesterday we had a 20mph northerly, which was perfect. There is a line of trees running along the edge of the fields which the birds were flying up and over to another rape field which I couldn't shoot due to its proximity to a holiday park. I set up on the tree line to intercept them coming up, with the wind at my back it was about right, with pigeons coming from my left and middle, dipping high and low in the wind. I put a flapper and a couple of dead birds behind me and it kind of worked, with birds passing me for a look before flitting over the trees. Annoyingly, a gap in the tree line about 40 yards in front seemed to be a point where some birds would go over the other side. I did move down to intercept them but it only half worked. I later moved back up. Regardless, I had a lot of shooting, of many types and thoroughly enjoyed myself. I connected with some and missed many more. I lost a few. I picked 24. I often wonder what might be if I could shooter better🤣
  5. I bumped into a detectorist the other week while looking at an old pea stubble. Lovely old chap, must have been in his eighties. We had a nice chat and he showed me some English Civil War musket balls he found, and told me all about them and why they might be there. I found it really interesting.
  6. WBAC is owned by BCA so it makes sense that they reduce their prices when you get there as they are simply gathering auction stock. By the way, Cinch is also owned by BCA, so they have completed the car buying and selling circle.
  7. Well done chaps. These days, if I get into double figures I am very happy. No rape cut down here in the Wolds, but won't be far off.
  8. So JDog and I met on Friday to shoot some peas. "We won't need a plan B," he said. Optimistic, I thought, but then considered he might have been watching my fields during his nature rambles along the dunes. The fields run right up to the dunes, with the beach just a few metres away. They have been attracting a lot of pigeons, and humans, who walk the dune paths and go to the beach or discover the old tank sunk in the sand. Apparently some of them go for nature, orchids and the like. Anyway, we had the usual discussion about positions. I thought the best spot and where there would be most shooting, was where JDog went. I went to another spot, one I shot a week ago, about 200 metres away. I didn't think we would be shooting at the same birds. He was in action almost immediately, I could see birds dropping in nicely to his whirly or the trees behind his hide. The only issue was he had to shoot at a certain angle to avoid firing directly at the dunes. I had to wait a while for a shot but having got two, I was able to get my rotary going. That made a big difference and soon I was popping away at birds coming from over the road and the occasional refugee from JDog's positon. Even though I shot here a week ago, the birds decoyed confidently. The only issue is there are about six fields and a lot of areas the pigeons can drop in once they are shot at. Nonetheless, I had a productive time, shooting 22 before packing up at 6pm. JDog left at 5.30pm, with 36 in the bag, so I suspect if we both stayed later we may have shot 70-80 pigeons easily. I will be back there no doubt, maybe leaving it a little longer. However, the peas are growing well and it may not be easily shot in the future.
  9. Yes bulkhead behind front seats with a little window to the rear, all panelled out in the rear in black plastic. Very capable off road on those tyres but it was dry.
  10. Had this on a day-long test last week. Really impressive. Incredibly capable. Interior fantastic. I had a look at the 90 commercial which is the cheapest model, not masses of space but some clever storage ideas. Probably too nice for me. Dealer said they had three delivered recently and sold all within three hours.
  11. Well done chaps. An amazing mileage to find some pigeons, from the Wolds to the coast. I am far lazier. I did find some on the peas and managed 16 after reassuring a lady with horses nearby about the noise. Next time you go to Chapel, the North Sea Observatory is worth a visit - great cafe.
  12. They don't have a discount code any more.
  13. These pigeons have been around for days on these drilled barley fields. There is no food so I am not sure what they are doing. On Saturday two guns shot 70 on one of the fields. They have been building up for days on these fields and some more across the road. In addition, on the other side of town there was even more on some drillings, possibly 600. I haven't been shooting apart from one outing where I shot six. Every time I find something promising our local shooters are on it or the springtime butterfly shooters turn up. The drillings are all done now, apart from a few fields of peas to go in. I am actually pleased to be back working tomorrow so I don't need to look at fields teeming with pigeons that I won't ever get the chance to shoot.
  14. I am always careful about challenging people on land I shoot, as it may turn out they have permission to be there from the landowner, farm manager etc. It's not always the public wandering anywhere they like, though I agree that is often the case.
  15. Well done for getting out in that cold weather. I waited until yesterday when it was much more pleasant. We saw hundreds on drillings and managed to shoot ten between us. Mind you on the edge of the Wolds with views towards the coast, it was exceedingly pleasant.
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