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  1. Thankyou. I always feel guilty disappearing off for hours so this way works quite well. It will all change as the nights draw in more though. Painting almost done, then I have to make some shelves for her!
  2. I test drove one recently, while I liked the styling, the drive was poor compared to the C Class estate I test drove on the same day. The one I drove was a sporty version, not sure of the name, with lots of extras. I found the boot was quite small also. I hope your dealer is better than the one we went to. We are still waiting for them to give a price for changing our car for a year old C Class estate ten days after our visit.
  3. So recently I have been out many times and, despite finding lots of pigeons, having disappointing times (see talk from the field). Anyway, my new tactic this week was not to waste half a day looking for pigeons and just go somewhere at 5pm, if I found some, set up and have a couple of hours of fun. That way I could still work at home and achieve something during the day. So, Monday that's what I did. I headed out just before 5pm to some local rape stubbles. Lots of pigeons across three fields. (shame JDog was not available). Anyway, I set up in the furthest field which, on
  4. Of course I will be out again but I doubt my own sanity at these times. As a postscript, I popped out on Saturday to a nearby rape stubble where the afternoon before I had seen a lot of birds feeding. I stayed an hour as it was obvious they were intent on feeding over the boundary. I went home and started decorating my daughter's bedroom instead.
  5. I know many people relish harvest but I have found it is often a time of massive disappointment. Let me expand. I have been out a few times recently, latterly on rape stubble, including some which was the only fields cut in the area. But every time, though I enjoy being out, the day has been marred. First outing on some stubble, only fields harvested in area. Not shot. Looked good. Lots of birds. Next day, set up in the right spot, great wind. Pushed off a lot of birds. Birds came back for a while, had some shots. Then birds started on a line over the fields to some uncut
  6. I think you are spot on. If there are loads of pigeons about, you may not need to worry. I like to start out without the rotary to see what happens. I do think my old flapper is better though in many cases, not sure why - maybe it presents a more realistic picture? I've seen some posts/videos on social media where they have two magnets, various floaters, and a couple of flappers. I am quite lazy so certainly wouldn't want to be lugging around all that gear, anything more than my two holdalls is too much for me. On the right day that must bring in many more birds than you might h
  7. I know this debate has been had many times but I was unsure about the new Defender from the photos I have seen. Anyway yesterday a pal had one on loan at his garage so I went for a look.....and, I quite like it. It was a 110 version and up close looked extremely robust, and would probably take some hammer in the field. Inside it was as luxurious as you would expect with all the gadgets to make your life easier. Only issue for me was the size of the rear load area, which was quite small I thought. The one I looked at was around £63K as it had some extras on it. I'v
  8. Well done chaps....nice to see Giles out. You did better than me yesterday, I got six before the rain got the better of me.
  9. The contractor drilled peas up until June 15, and on Sunday they started harvesting the March drilled fields.
  10. We had to shoot this field as I had promised the farm manager I would shoot this week, plus I wanted to repay Johhny's invitation from last week. It's one he drives past at least twice a day so he's seen a few pigeons on the roadside edge. Not ideal conditions but at least we had a wind. There is a lot of pigeons using this field, and there were actually three lines in. It will provide another day, though we might need three guns. The gas gun made no difference to the pigeons, the worker putting them out even admitted it but we all know it makes farmers feel better to have them out.
  11. Love these Shotkam videos, the quality is excellent. Some of those birds looked close enough to touch! Well done 😀
  12. As JDog's post in Talk from the Field states, I haven't been able to get out shooting with him a long time. Anyway, yesterday we meet up....socially distanced of course, at some pea fields whose owners I happen to know as well as JDog. I always like it when someone hosts me as I don't have to think about much, apart from packing my gear. And so it was JDog had recced the field, spotted me a position and told me what the pigeons would likely do. Not only that but my position, as the images show, were just behind a farm building, meaning I could drop my gear off and park less then 50 m
  13. I've reduced the price to £80 plus courier charge.
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