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  1. They don't have a discount code any more.
  2. These pigeons have been around for days on these drilled barley fields. There is no food so I am not sure what they are doing. On Saturday two guns shot 70 on one of the fields. They have been building up for days on these fields and some more across the road. In addition, on the other side of town there was even more on some drillings, possibly 600. I haven't been shooting apart from one outing where I shot six. Every time I find something promising our local shooters are on it or the springtime butterfly shooters turn up. The drillings are all done now, apart from a few fields of p
  3. I am always careful about challenging people on land I shoot, as it may turn out they have permission to be there from the landowner, farm manager etc. It's not always the public wandering anywhere they like, though I agree that is often the case.
  4. Well done for getting out in that cold weather. I waited until yesterday when it was much more pleasant. We saw hundreds on drillings and managed to shoot ten between us. Mind you on the edge of the Wolds with views towards the coast, it was exceedingly pleasant.
  5. It's just good to get out, isn't it? It's not about the numbers (that's what I always tell myself) and recently it's just about getting out. In fact I think I enjoy it more just going for a drive with no kit in the car. I get bored with some reports (everywhere not just on PW) that give scant detail (or colour) about the day, conditions, location etc in favour of "no sooner was I set up than two birds came in and were dispatched....within an hour I had 40 on the clicker.... we picked 108....blah blah blah". I would much rather read a report with details such as yours and not those wh
  6. I don't want to start the "it's not a Defender, it's a Chelsea tractor" debate again. I am after some honest opinions of anyone who has one of the new Defenders or has had a test drive, or other knowledge. My last Defender was stolen a few weeks back (second one I have had stolen) and I am considering what to have next. I like the look of the new Defender, and would like to see the hard top 90 when restrictions allow. Prices are high but leasing might be an option. Alternatively I could go for another Defender of similar vintage to the 2012 tdci I had stolen. However, I am
  7. Thanks for the replies, I will have a look. I essentially want a pair I can chuck in the car and not worry about, don't need anything fancy. On the Defender. I am waiting till the garages open again so I can test drive a new one.
  8. Thanks, actually I was looking at these, look decent for what I want. I am like a moth to a flame, would like to get another Defender but my head says no. Have bought a Freelander for the time being, while I decide what to do next.
  9. I am after a new pair of binoculars, approx between £50-£100. Last pair in my recently stolen Defender along with some other kit I am now replacing. Any recommendations would be good. Last pair were Olympus but not sure I want those again.
  10. If you had looked at the weather you wouldn't have contemplated going out but it was actually quite pleasant on the side of the hill, the sun made it warm and I didn't notice the wind. JDog's plan was good but I could see we would be frustrated watching birds dropping at the top of the field, so it made sense to move. I just took a net and seat. I think the pigeons were blinded a bit by the snow as they came to trees very easily when I thought they might spot me. As Johnny says, it was great to be out, given I spend all my days in front of a screen, this was the perfect antidote. I
  11. It is poor but it appears each force can do as it pleases. BASC advise, as stated in their own magazine and SG recently, that it is a statutory requirement to process applications and you should contact your Police and Crime Commissioner if they aren't complying. However, I am very reluctant to go down that route and 'rock the boat' as I would be worried about repercussions in this application for my son and my renewal next year (I know that shouldn't be the case but.....).
  12. They sound very good. Lincolnshire FLO is currently operated by G4s and I can't get them to respond to an email.
  13. Good on you for getting out. You could have retrieved those three to make it thirty if JDog had gone.
  14. It is. I have seen so many people on social media asking if they can do this or that...... they are looking for someone to re-affirm what they want to do. They need to take responsibility for their own actions. It's the spirit of the guidance in terms of how far you travel. You need to consider the possible knock-on effect if you go out, have an accident requiring emergency services. Same for anyone, cyclists, walkers, runners.
  15. Interestingly, there is a short piece on this in the latest edition of the BASC magazine. Obviously with a national lockdown they have said nothing is happening, which I can understand. I have asked about alternatives to a home visit when restrictions are lifted, and await a reply. Licensing in Lincolnshire is run by G4S at present.
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