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  1. Just to add get diet right first and exercise will be a bonus you do not exercise to lose weight !! But it helps x
  2. Hi I have just lost over 4 stone in six months. After weighing around 17.5 stone for the last 10 years I am now 13.2 stone and working towards 13 I have also started weightlifting to get muscle and definition back.unfortunately you need to be calorie excessive to build muscle so the weight loss has slowed right down. Ok the trick to weight loss is as said less calories in, that your body needs for maintenance and you will lose weight even without exercise. You do not need to starve as that will break you and it's not very efficient either. Download myfitness pal and track everythin
  3. I have made a couple of feeders and lately i brought a couple of ebay cheaper than i can make and look better !!! And the squirrels go mad for the monkey nuts and seed i put in them, its always empty !! I can only think maybe your cupronol has put them off although its not creasote so i dont know why it should have done... Maybe because of the mild winter they not too bothered about going to the hassel of working for a free meal
  4. You could build a remote control and switch it off when the crows get pulled over to you. I use an ordinary pigeon flapper with a crow and they definitely help although i think my crow caller is also very useful.
  5. Original Xiaomi Mi Band 2 Heart Rate Monitor Smart Wristband 22 quid from gearbest but have seen it for 18 on there at its lowest. Have compared it to friends various fitbits etc and its pretty damn good.
  6. I would love a couple but alas too far been after a pheasant for a while
  7. not read the whole thread so apologies if already mentioned .. Vitamin C and Zinc are the ones to take and you get both these in one supplement if you believe in them...
  8. Loads on ebay for around 10 quid
  9. Thanks for all the offers i have had loads from here and another place i posted ! Just about replied to them all ! I have someone at the mo so all is good . james
  10. Hi I have been asked to take care of some geese on one of my perms and as i am only SGC myself im bagging the odd one but not really making a dent as its difficult to get in position on them. Im looking for a Local experienced shooter FAC who want's to come help me out probably only take an hour so best local if poss ! Should last as long as the geese do. Hopefully you rub my back ill rub yours ? James
  11. £400 quid is a bargain with bottle for this gun i had one and their excellent.
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