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    1. Terry2016


      LG, it hurts just reading that.. I am sorry to hear of your loss, I have no wise words for you my friend, only to wish you and your family well and to encourage you to come back and write to us even if its explaining how **** it all is. Were all here BW Terry
    2. Great Report and a great excuse to get out, Well done ! Bw Terry
    3. Now got one gents.. thanks for all the responses Bw Terry
    4. I think its a great idea, it is a way of keeping members up to date, it covers various subjects and informs members of what has been going on, something BASC have been criticised for in the past.
    5. Hi all After a leather gunslip brown before i go off and buy one I thought I would ask the PW members if they have one they want to sell or get rid off what have you got.? must fit a 30" barrel shotgun. BW Terry
    6. Social Media.... a blessing and a pain.. Posting pictures of large numbers of shot pigeons if put across correctly will show the large problem the land has with pigeons It will show that the crops needed protecting and that the requirement for the GL is essential. We must remember that the woodpigeon population is increasing and shooting over stubbles is in fact one of the best times to make an impact on pigeon numbers. I can see why some may think it could be turned against us as gloating, but a few words can rectify this such as a pigeons crop can hold 1000 grains of wheat and it will digest that overnight and do the same again tomorrow.. We are not a shrinking minority, we are growing - there are more people who shoot now than ever before. We must be seen to be undertaking essential crop control for the right reasons, this message needs to get out to the wider audience who in most cases do not even give it a second thought, but once educated they will understand, they may not shoot but they will have no reason to oppose it. and for those of you who will say this is not crop protection then I question your understanding of the ethics of pigeon shooting. We should - be informing all at every opportunity. a picture says a thousand words after all.. Everything we say and do can be turned against us, is that really any reason not to do or say what you believe and know to be right? Stop Hiding! your bubbles will not stop the opposing people - post pictures back them up with informative facts ! BW TB
    7. if you are BASC member you get in for free, just letting you know for those that can't enter the comp.
    8. I do know a chap who is selling one if you are still looking?
    9. The new general licence to prevent serious damage its satisfactory to shoot over stubbles, roost shoot and flight line shoot. You would be taking preventive measures. There is no need to quote the older general licence GL31 GL36 as of 14th June 2019 is sufficient In this case. T
    10. With the exception of woodpigeon, what else would you sell for human consumption?
    11. All GL’s have always been reviewed annually and on each anniversary it is our duty to check for any changes to the license before we undertake any control measures.
    12. Shooting over stubbles, flight line and roost shooting are all preventative methods to stop serious damage.
    13. Great news ! So we now have in place three usable general licences as of the 14th June you can now control pest species for “serious damage”, “public health” and “flora and fauna” protection. It is to note that the gull and the collard dove do not appear on the licenses. It is also to note that if you are on a European protected site Ramsar or Sac you may need an individual license or be covered by the previous license issued by natural England. Sssi land is covered as long as it does not overlap with the above. For the most part we are back we were on the 24th April and I advise all to read the three licences and be aware of the conditions within them and make sure you know under what one you will be operating when you are undertaking your control measures. It is worthy of note that the non lethal methods are not required if - deemed to be inadequate, ineffective or disproportionate.... I know BASC are working with defra through the summer to shape the site restrictions but this is great news so far for the rural community and pest control businesses and definitely a step forwards T
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