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  1. you wouldn't shoot any cartridge that was submerged for 24 hours,... Rain will not get into the cartridges they are plaswelded .. no issue. even in the test they were far better than they thought they would be.. looks like you will be using bismuth ...
  2. shine on decoys is not an issue, use them as they are birds will come close enough to shoot, when you have a few dead ones swap them for the decoys... and leave out deads
  3. The info you are referring to seems to be regarding shooting during lockdown. You can roost shoot pigeon as preventative measures. There was a piece in the latest BASC magazine on this "eastern page" Best wishes
  4. And, What about the Ban that will inevitably happen when people do not change voluntarily? What about the perception of people outside the shooting community ? What about the wildlife that will continue to ingest the lead and die ? that right you don't care about any of that or the future of shooting... all you care about is going against BASC even though it was all 9 major organisations that made the statement...
  5. Was it not BASC who sorted out the GLs when they were removed ? or have you forgotten that so quickly ? they have also ensured the current ones are workable.
  6. No Legal cover will take up any case if you are breaking the law . Insurance companies use any excuse not to fight cases, thats a fact .
  7. Loved the video, ignore the comment above someone cannot give a review if they do not watch the video . The intro is fine, if people do not want to watch it they can skip forwards. The information on the video itself is good, well delivered and understandable. keep making the videos and keep posting them .
  8. BASC & Co opened for a 5 year transition away form lead & single use plastics for All love quarry. The EU ban that could be relevant to us in the UK as we adopt much of this legislation is making for an outright ban by the end of 2021 It also makes it a criminal offence to have lead on your person near a wetland, a wetland is not defined so could be a puddle of water.
  9. The issue is Antique firearms being used as weapons, yes they could use a kitchen knife ? (doesn't have the same range, but effective at close quarters..) the trouble is they have chosen antique firearms... To the average person in the street a gun is a gun they do not know any different so if this reduces the impact on everyday shooters then this is a positive, there are issues with it ... cost to the legal user i agree but i fear its this or an outright ban.
  10. The alternative is that most likely they will be banned ? I agree the costs to legal shooters are unreasonable, however the security is something that is needed, if they can be stolen they can be used as a weapon and that will lead to even tighter restriction.
  11. correct yes correct, collectors can still own them but they need to be on their licence and therefore secure them. Yes this is exactly the point it has no effect on a legal owner. It does have an effect on criminals using them going forwards...
  12. This, if you are going to say something about it you should have done it there and then.
  13. Legal insurance only covers your cost in court, BASC have the best firearms teams in the shooting industry, they know the law inside out. why do you think 99% of issues are resolved with a phone call? It is because BASC set out the issue, and the force know they are correct. equally they know if it goes to court the member will get paid out and the force will also have to foot the costs.
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