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    1. Terry2016

      Game days? How much is justifiable?

      The size of big bag days does not matter, a 1000 in a day or a 1000 in a season its still 1000 birds after all. (not that i have ever shot a thousand birds in a day or been on a shoot that does) but i believe what matters to me is that the birds are reared correctly, shot humanly where possible, picked and used for consumption. My view is this, the bigger estates provide more managed land, and from that comes a proven track record of improved conservation benefits, providing economical benefits to the estate and local community. Smaller shoots can deliver the very same on a smaller scale if done to best practice standards. There is nothing wrong with either, in fact both are great for the countryside if done correctly. Its really a personal choice and in many cases if you can afford it. For me its really about making sure that any shoot I attend follows best practice before and after the shoot if they do not.. I will not attend simple.
    2. Great move forwards for Eley, its good to see the shooting industry using innovation before they are pushed too. I agree there are bigger problems with regards to environmental problems however if all industries do there bit it will be reduced. I will definetly give them a go and if they perform well, i will keep using them. I wonder if they will have produced wildfowling loads ready for the next season, i do hope so.
    3. Terry2016

      New Ceasar Guerini guns

      I had a look on the CG stand at the shooting show and I have to say, the guns they produce are very good for the money. I did have a look at the revenant and it was a great looking gun, instantly drew my eye. For practical use its a little to bling for my taste in the field but very nice looking and for the money I don't think many guns come close in terms of looks at that price range. I have CG in 20g and it does fit me very well .. which is unusual as i tend to find brownings heavier action guns fit me normally.. For years I had heard bad things about CG but I am very impressed with my 20g its pretty, stops pigeons pheasants and partridge stone cold at good ranges..what more can you want?
    4. Terry2016

      Humane dispatch

      Thats great ... and i do love the term Lycra Lout .. I am going to use that
    5. Terry2016

      Goose calls

      You have PM
    6. Terry2016

      Pigeon Shooting £1000 per gun per day

      Agreed, hence I will not be booking... the ad does read well... but i can miss the pigeons on my own land FOC just as well ...
    7. Terry2016

      Pigeon Shooting £1000 per gun per day

      I have read the advert, and to be honest it looks a good day, you are guaranteed to shoot a minimum of 285 shots and for every cartridge under that figure you are reimbursed £3.50 with a minimum charge of £250 for the day. The confidence in the advert sells it very well.. although i will not be booking on.. ATB Terry
    8. Terry2016

      BASC membership hits 155,000

      Super going from strength to strength ... the more voices the better for all shooting sports. Well done BASC!
    9. Terry2016

      Humane dispatch

      Arghh the beloved dog walkers and ramblers... :-) lol
    10. Terry2016

      Kent Wildfowler’s Press Release

      Well that is indeed good news..I am pleased the adventure is working out.. the membership offer does sound a great one..
    11. Terry2016

      Humane dispatch

      Ok, well either way it wasn’t an offence and you are aware of the law, so no doubt if a passer by wanted to pass you would let them even if that means waiting ... i/we do the same on our shoots ..
    12. Terry2016

      Humane dispatch

      Hi Charlie In England & Wales it is an offence without lawful authority or reasonable excuse to discharge any firearm within fifty feet of the centre of a highway which consists of or comprises a carriageway, and in consequence a user of the carriageway is injured, interrupted or endangered. [Section 161(2)) ATB Terry Agreed and as you say with the knowledge of the police, the point I am trying to make to the thread op is that there is a process for humane dispatch.
    13. Terry2016

      Humane dispatch

      it is not illegal it is an offence, (poor choice of words) to take our your shotgun on a public highway and fire it without permission of the authority in england and wales, This is not the case in scotland. Obviously there are mitigating circumstances, and the offence is not the firing of the weapon or having the weapon out of its slip, the offence is if a user of the carriageway is injured, interrupted or endangered. and the onus is on them to prove this ... My point remains that the police do have a procedure for this, a list of dispatchers (of which I am one) no doubt others will be here too, call the police and report it. we do not want any more bad shooting press.. of man in the street with a shotgun.. whilst doing the right thing ......
    14. Terry2016

      Humane dispatch

      it is illegal, the police have a system in place for this, they have the correct experience and guns to use. They are member of the shooting community that have the relevant experience and tools for the job, you can approach your local force if you wish to do this for them, Do not, get your gun out and definetly do not shoot it on a public highway without police approval. ATB Terry
    15. Terry2016


      it just show his lack of respect, he is intolerable ...