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    1. oh yeah, because BASC will supply member with face masks and gloves when the NHS can't get them ? how can you speak for everyone? you do not know others position or what they want to receive? if you do not want information opt out...
    2. its not about BASC banning it. 1, There is no ban therefore I do not have to do anything if i choose not too. 2, 9 organisation wrote a statement stating that now is the time for change and that alternatives are available not BASC. Why would I want to continue to do things that may have a negative impact on me, my children and the wildlife when there is an effective alternative that poses none of these risks? in truth the majority of shooters I have spoken to regarding this agree its the right thing to do. Yes there are a handful that will argue that lead is not toxic, steel is no good and we should not change anything.. to those I say good luck, you do not have to change ... yet... but in time you will.. and you will be behind the curve.. I on the other hand will be going about my shooting as I always have, putting food on the table and protecting crops and live stock.. you know what they say .. if you don't like it... stop ...
    3. I have, but if i do not need to in the future then i will not.. lead is toxic not only to humans but to birds. many birds have died through the ingestion of lead. therefore if i can reduce this i will and so should you .
    4. That is an interesting observation however, what about the GTA ? The Guns Trade Association as I understand it attended these meetings and they represent all cartridge manufacturers ? they also supplied documentation that was published by all of the organisations? I am unsure how we can say that David Thompson was responsible for transmitting information to the other manufacturers... can you confirm where you got this from ?
    5. Will you consider selling this?
    6. Then I rest my case, complaining about a process of an organisation that you do not belong too and a transition that is aimed at live quarry shooting only. The NRA was the org to protect pistol shooters many years ago in the UK.. how did that pan out... I will leave this there... Shoot straight all BW T
    7. If you are unhappy with how BASC and the other 8 org processes work you can leave? they will still be there.. This is not about what I believe, it what has just happened?
    8. For those who doubt the effectiveness of steel shot, Dave Carrie himself is very impressed dropping duck cleanly at 70 yds plus ( his words not mine) just shows if you can shoot you can shoot....
    9. listening to the comments on the thread I am happy the 9 organisations did not consult as shooting would not have a chance. it is a voluntary transition , there is no ban, it is not legislation therefore you do not have to do it. BASC and the other 8 organisations do not need input from members about the direction of their organisation this is done via council. The codes of good shooting practice that are created by a number of organisations is evidence based. Things like bird release numbers that do not have a negative impact on the environment. It is the job of the orgs to undertake this work and direct the shooting community with what is in the best interest of shooters and the countryside. this is exactly what they have done. The fact that 9 organisations have done it must mean its quite substantial. on many occasions the organisations will have had differing views however, on this it is very clear that they all agree this is the way forwards. just think about that for a minute.
    10. https://basc.org.uk/basc-issues-further-statement-on-non-lead-ammunition/
    11. If you say so. Others say different. Thats fine Again it was you that stated that the council is elected to represent the members view, I'm just pointing out the hole in the statement. How can they represent the members view if they do NOT bother to get it . They do not have to get it, they are voted on and then appointed. organisations do not go out to members for decisions. I also pointed out that, did any of these elected council members state in the election that a voluntary ban was on the future agenda if elected There is no BAN We must be reading different material. I've read that at least one of the orgs was told that the cartridge manufacturers were consulted and on board, before they signed off on this. I then read various cartridge manufacturers state they were NOT consulted Yes i did read this, i also read that the cartridge manufactures were consulted and A senior representative of one of the cartridge manufacturers gave a presentation on the sustainable alternatives to lead shot in January to members of the All Party Parliamentary Group for Shooting and Conservation. I would have preferred them to have kept on fighting. If not then to at the very least kept the members informed. They are the ones who pay the wages afyer all. That is why its a 5 year transition Who decides what is best practice for the members. Surley the members should have a say. Best practice is science and evidence based normally agreed by a number of organisations, nothing to do with members.
    12. Agreed, although there are 156, 000 members in BASC and near on 100,000 in CA let alone the other 7 orgs. I only see the same handful posting here... I think the silent majority says a lot.. I think if 9 organisations made this decision .. it is for a good reason and the future of shooting. I will not post anymore on this, I have said my bit heres to the future 🍺
    13. 9 organisations that deal with this day to day do what is right for shooting. The council is voted in by members and decisions such as this are discussed with them. if these orgs should have gone to the members then what os the point of a council ? As I understand it going by what i have read, yes all 9 were in agreement and still are. As for being kept informed this has been coming for months if not years and it is voluntary over a 5 year period.. would you have preferred 10 years or a warm up to the warm up ? "We are are thinking of promoting best practice" is that ok with the members?
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