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    1. I do find these posts interesting, It is my understanding that 5 forces have gone to the method of needing a medical report before they will grant or renew your certificate, it started in Lincolnshire when that force was taken over by officers who came down from Scotland and this method has been in use for some time. On going meetings have been taking place with medical associations, police forces and BASC to resolve the issue. however doctors practices are independent so a fee cannot be fixed as they are a rule unto themselves. the best thing anyone in this situation can do is speak directly to there doctor and ask for a report or your licence may not be renewed or granted. Some forces that are not following this route simply write to your nominated GP stating that if they do not hear back within a certain time frame then they consider all to be well and grant a certificate. This issue lies solely with the medical association, not the forces and definitely not BASC. if your doctor won't write you a report , get a different doctor
    2. Terry2016

      Pair of le chameau wellingtons size 6

      Yes please you have pm
    3. Terry2016

      Ear protection for fowling

      Cens digital, I also use a buff to cover my face this also covers your ears and stops the wind noise, you can still hear wing beats .. and they stop the wind going in your ear!
    4. Terry2016

      Browning A5 pistol grip 12 gauge

      would love this ... if anyone has one...let me know please
    5. Terry2016

      2k budget - 692,725?

      i would go for a browning 525 or a miroku only because i like the deeper action they feel more robust, the beretta and the 725 have a lower profile and mechanical trigger so both similar guns, if you are looking for second hand as per the posts above go and pic up all that you like the look of, then make sure they fit you reasonably well .. that should be the deciding factor .. after all if you like something and it fits you may save a few quid to spend that on cartridges or join a syndicate/club good luck whatever you choose Terry
    6. Terry2016

      Jackets, Caps Mounts and Brass

      You have pm re special 6
    7. Terry2016

      What would you do...

      Agreed, I mean these posts have no right answer and should probably be removed by mods etc as if someone says the wrong thing unintentionally the shooting fraternity looks bad. .. And as above said until you are in this situation you don't know how you would react..
    8. Terry2016

      What would you do...

      They would be a brave group of individuals to walk up to a man shooting in a hide demanding and threatening violence ... really ... i don't think so ...after all you are the one with the gun and they do not know how you would react .. and who is around .. after all its a remote spot..
    9. Terry2016

      Duck/Geese Chilli Sausages

      Hi Andy, I order mine from Longs Packaging, But may places will supply and deliver online etc i just have standard Hog Skins. All the best Terry
    10. Terry2016

      Duck/Geese Chilli Sausages

      Hi All, I was previously asked about the recipe I use for geese or duck sausages so, I thought i would share it with you all in case you want to try it. I know its food but as it is waterfowl I thought I would post here however, if any op thinks it should be moved please do so. 4.5lb Duck 1.4lb Pork Back Fat 1lb Rusk - 2lb Water 2 Table spoons salt 1 Table spoon of Black pepper 3 Table spoons Sage 20 Juniper Berries 2 Table Spoons Of Demerara 2 Large hot chillies (add to taste) 2 Red onions 8 Cloves of garlic 2 Table spoons of fennel 1/2 Cup Malt Beer Stage 1 - Mince the meat and the fat then mix together by hand in a bowl Stage 2 - Put onions chillies etc through the mincer Stage 3 - Add all ingredients (Except malt Beer) to the mix and knead by hand to get an even mix Stage 4 - Put it back through the mincer with a smaller chopping plate Stage 5 - Add Malt Beer and knead until you have a binary mix sticking to your hand and looking like sausage meat. Stage 6 - Fill your skins and tie stage 7 - leave out to rest for an hour Stage 8 - Place in fridge to dry for 24 hours Stage 9 - Eat or place in freezer etc I believe they will last in the fridge for a week and around a year in the freezer.. ATB Terry
    11. Terry2016

      Shooting tie and garters

      You have pm
    12. Terry2016

      Wonderful couple of hours

      I was only just sitting here saying I winder what happened to Jdog? I used to really enjoy reading his threads and responses. pleased to know he is doing well..
    13. Terry2016

      Mrs. webber R I P

      I am sorry to hear of your loss my condolences to you and your family, and well done to finding the strength to go ahead with your charity shoot, truly admirable. Terry
    14. Terry2016

      Bergara Folding Seat - damaged

      Yes please pm inbound