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    1. various, 32g 5s 32g4s , 36g 3s For general pigeon shooting a 32g 5 will kill all day long. give them a try. if you look on you tube there are now so many videos of geoff garrod & Gerwyn jones shooting with steel on pigeons - no issues at all.
    2. Yes they was... they also already had a bio wad steel cartridge for sale in the uk .. called silver steel.... I hope these come in 7s 5s 4s and 3s lets see .... Steel kills fine, as a wildfowler I have been shooting steel for years and it kills.... if it can kill a goose it will kill a pigeon or a pheasant just put it in the right place.. 👍
    3. Gamebore have now released the Dark Storm precision steel with the new quad seal. These look very good.... another manufacturer from the uk supporting the transition ... I love the Dark Storm clay and game loads I hope these perform as well.
    4. This is great news.. i assume all manufacturers will have these before long. i like the normal dark storms and if these perform anything like them then thats me sold .....
    5. Collected as agreed by Bigroomboy 🙂
    6. Have the chambers extended to 2.75 then problem solved. if they make steel in 2.5 not an issue... if they don't ... not an issue. I have a pair of best english guns. I will use 2.5 if they make them, if they do not .. get the chambers extended.. job done or bin them and get a modern gun and look trendy with upside down barrels 🙂
    7. Used, very little hence the price, would cot £90 plus postage new
    8. I have 2 Teague chokes for sale Browning invector plus - flush - perfect for the game season....... 5/8 (just tight than half) 7/8 (just tighter than three quarter) £50 for both ....
    9. Sold to Bigroomboy subject to the usual.
    10. yes, this has seen little use, I just done need them anymore as sold the gun. and my new one needs a different case.
    11. Dear All, I have a large hard case for rifle the make is Gun Guard by Plano it measures 52' long by 15" wide, perfect for a rifle with scope, bipod and moderator. only used 3 times so like new (with some added dust....) They are around £115 online plus your postage looking for £70 collected from Essex
    12. Dear All, Muncher has made an offer if that does not happen i will come back to all interested. Best Wishes Terry
    13. Hi All, I have a brown leather gun slip with a soft lining and very soft leather cartridge bag for sale. Bag holds 75/100 carts Gun slip measures measure 50" in length ( used for my 20g 30") Collection from Essex £100 Best wishes Terry
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