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  1. Can't load pictures. These are the parts you need. Hood. RS Stock No 114-8024 Part No 09200030420 Connector. RS Stock No 171-5720. Brand RS PRO Cable gland. RS Stock No 444-2622. Part No 53015020. For cable / button release. Connect two core cable to pins one and three. That's how all of our Laporte traps are wired.
  2. So all or most of the shooting grounds are opening on the 29th. What about travel restrictions. They are still saying stay local. How far is local? I'm fed up with looking for answers. Don't really want to get stopped. Your thoughts. Dave.
  3. http://cotswoldshooting.co.uk/ Give them a ring first.
  4. I bought a brand new Ultra xs in February this year and the bottom firing pin is pitted already.
  5. Special order and £50 a pop about 5 years ago.
  6. http://www.celticguns.co.uk/
  7. http://www.old-downs-pursuits.co.uk Also open on the 17th March
  8. https://www.hollowfosseclayshoot.co.uk Will be open on the 17th March
  9. Hollow Fosse and Farmington quarry are both open today. Both on the A429 out of Cirencester.
  10. If still for sale. Could i have the Beretta quarter yellow please. P.m me payment details. Thanks.
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