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  1. velveteens


    Never mind who has it. Wot the **** is it. From my dotage. Dave. To Dunganik. Thank you young man even I understood that. Got a lot of mates scatterred round the USA. I,ll get my daughter to educate me how to use it. Dave
  2. velveteens


    Never mind who has it. Wot the **** is it. From my dotage. Dave.
  3. I guess I was one of the "Lucky" ones. Being a gamekeeper most of my life and doing what you lads can only do when you are not at work or on holiday. A great life but it does have a downside you can take a holiday in February as that is really the only time you are not in a routine of feeding or shooting ect. The money is not great and I,ve heard all the "a land rover, a dog allowance, a free cottage, a free suit. and a set of barbours every 4 years." The downside is the rearing season where you are tied to the rearing field from April to June then when you put the birds to the wood out most of the night on poacher patrol. Then you only need a couple of mediocre shooters to make the "Bag" look as if you haven,t put enough birds down. I think nowadays most shoots buy their birds in from Gamefarms so the keeper should be on a breeze. Dave.
  4. I get a lot of pleasure reading the posts on the site. The only downside I see is that most of you married the wrong woman. My old lady is my best m8. Nearly 30 years of shooting together. A mucker out and feeder of dogs. A brilliant apprentice mechanic.. Dresses out whatever game is put before her and sits in the car while I have a day on the Severn fishing. I,ve just had the head over the shoulder who has told me to add the usual drivel cook head bottle washer ect. We shared a hide together nearly always, unless we took the sons. It is also a lot easier humping only half the gear. Dave.
  5. They didn,t call the owd bitch"The Iron Lady" for nothing.She had balls that none of the others have. She at least stood behind her words. Not bad as I think all politicians should be used as running targets.
  6. Your local Huntsman will also carry a pistol on hunt days.
  7. Same old thing in this country somebody gets up on their hind legs and tells the truth and the do-gooders descend on them like a ton of bricks.Poor old Enoch got shovelled off to Ireland to shut him up. Country is knackered and we don,t seem to have anybody with the balls to get up and go for it big time.
  8. Sorry to much of a herbert for me. Nice to have a sister as as a producer in his sort of field. It never fails to amaze me these blokes don,t know where the next old "landy" is coming from and then he goes and buys a whacking great farm with cattle,pigs goats ect. Never had that sort of luck meself. End of jealous attack on him. Velveteens.
  9. I agree that its almost impossible to imagine any Americans giving up their rights to own guns. Incidentally, there is a lot of debate about the true interpretation of, "the right to bear arms", as stated in the Constitution. The full phrase is "A well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed". Many Constitutional experts believe this refers to a, "well regulated militia" having the right to keep and bear arms, not individual civilians. I suspect its one of those debates that will last for ever. It's a tree huggers dream, but I doubt it will have any impact, after all guns make people a lot of money, especially the USA. Mind you I could see Tony and his lot trying to get an outright ban if he thought it would win him a few votes Why is Oxfam involved in this. I thought they were do-gooders I only ever see them when they,re shaking a tin under my beak to rebuild a mud hut in Swaziland or something like that.
  10. Try coming to Norfolk mate. Drive 15 miles round here in the summer and there will be enough fresh meat on your windscreen for you to open up a Chinese Takeaway. Since moving to the suburbs my old lady has transformed the back and front gardens. They are a haven for birds from the housesparrow to woodpeckers and sparrowhawks. Unfortunateley it is the domestic cat that rips the hedge open an tears the young and nest to pieces. It would be so easy to lessen them but 1) they would just replace it 2) every body seems to have remote spycams fitted up. Just wish I was back in the country. Dave.
  11. Come on children over the hill and you,ve just turned 30. Wot wouldn,t I give to be that age again. !. Missus 2.Dogs. 3.Guns. 4. Fishing tackle. 5. motorbike. 6. Grandkids. Everything else who gives a****. Personally I feel sorry for the **** world that has been created for you younsters mainly by my generation. I apologise as I guess I was as bad as everybody else.
  12. Earlswood in Warks. First cuckoo Sat 23. Heard another one right over the other side of the Lakes just after dinnertime. Normally here earlier.
  13. Good luck lad. Should have gone myself 20 years ago but bottled out. Wish I had as this muti-racial city(Birmingham) I live in is the pits. Hope its everything you want. Just watch them snakes & spiders. They play for keeps. Dave.
  14. There is a wake-up call if like most civvies you ain,t on the line.
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