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  1. Had a frame part it’s self after too many wheelies and heavy landings, front wheel, forks and headstock assemble went one way as l went **** over titus the other, seem to remember lots of delicate bits hurt for a while 🍒🍆
  2. Know who l’ll be rooting for 🦘🦘
  3. Is the gun still under warranty, if so return it to suppliers. Had the same problem with an SX3, nice gun when working but a pain in the **** when in the middle of a shoot and it’s locked solid. Was returned to the importers 3/4 times for the fault and in the end l was refunded the full purchase price, put me right off semi auto’s l can tell you. Although l have had a hankering for one of late 🤔
  4. Less chance of splitting your stock wide open using the knurled + epoxy resine option. Just make sure you fully mask the area before drilling, because any slip and your stock will be, ahem poorly.
  5. At one of my permission’s yesterday on a social visit only,and owner reported that they are on his figs as well as all the usual.
  6. Early biased commentary with put downs etc, and when they see how well it’s going for the supposedly under dog they all change their minds. A very good game in all.
  7. Oh, l’m sure there’s “someone” on here can shoot high pigeons with much less than that heavy amount 🤥
  8. Had an afternoon with the hmr on the rabbits, picked up 13 and 2 that were hit somehow made it back into their warren. Claiming 13. Total 1399.
  9. One this afternoon while out rabbit shooting, he was after acorns, but found hmr lead instead. Total 1493.
  10. You got me started, into Aldi this afternoon for 6 bars of dark chocolate . Got home and removed the pulp from the sloes that had been soaking in vodka since December, had strained off the brew yesterday and was thinking of making jam before seeing this post. And WOW, wife is now checking it out 😋 and l can’t say she’s alone 😳 Tomorrow it’s the Scotch and Gin’s turn.
  11. So Naga makes what the BBC call a comment on the early morning program that she co hosts and is hauled over the coals for it, by saying she is not allowed to broadcast personal opinions on the BBC. Double standards yet again from the beeb when that let Pac-Man spout his normal carp with totally immunity.
  12. Can’t abide the sites mentioned and would not use under any circumstance. Why is this offer not open to forum members. Come on A1 it’s not like PW members don’t fund you 🤔
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