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  1. Like most things you don’t need to spend a fortune on something good. A Baikal is a shotgun, it’s not expensive but does exactly the same as a Miroku will. A CZ is a rifle, also not expensive but does exactly the same as a Tikka will. People will spend exorbitant amounts on things that impress others, wine included. Take a trip into Aldi and buy said wine Simon, you won’t be disappointed.
  2. 1 to the hmr this afternoon, very wet and muddy and he was the only one l saw in two hours. 545.
  3. E83W Ford van, in a tasteful matt green, which when washed off was sign written J.A.Prestwich, yes the J.A.P of racing engine’s fame. Van cost £5:00 and a battery was another £3:00 if l remember correctly, drove it around for sometime until someone nicked it Just looked at the going price of one 😳
  4. As sponsored by a certain sponsor on this forum 😎
  5. Just making a cup of tea and the first one in a very long time tried sneaking into the garden, he ain’t going back. TX200 + 1. 528.
  6. Don’t try and take any drugs in, sniffer dogs on patrol this year 😎
  7. Today was a granddaughter day and she wanted to go and see the ducks, so after lunch in a blowing gale off we went to Hanningfield’s Nature Trail. And l have never seen so much obesity among squirrels, shed loads of them, these fellers are obviously allowed free rain and are not regulated, after an hour of ooh’s and arr’s l was itching to be on the other end of a scope when looking at them. The surrounding fields didn’t help much as they were full of, how shall we call them “PEST’S” or Canada’s in wildfowling term’s 🤔 Tomorrow’s another day and l shall be out, armed and hungry.
  8. Take 2. Good evening everyone my name is Root l’m new to the forum and was wondering if anyone was interested in selling any surplus decoying equipment they are not using. Over to you. 🤔
  9. What gauge 12 or 20, Wood or Synthetic stock. Large amount on GT atm, the world is your oyster so to speak.
  10. Went and bought a gun. Like shoes and handbags, you can never have enough 👍
  11. Oh that would require an industrial one then, friendly with any catering outlets 🤔
  12. Put it in the dishwasher and when removed light spray it with GT85/WD40.
  13. I also use SSS and smell like l’ve been to a WI meeting 😂 But it keeps the gnats at bay if you lash enough on which is all that matters.
  14. Went out in the howling wind this afternoon and got 4 within 10 minutes with the hmr, and then it rained heavily, with that l saw nothing for the rest of the afternoon. 469.
  15. Well you would if you want to be invited back 😎
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