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  1. Air Rifle Law?

    Like everything it's your choice, but it wouldn't be mine.
  2. Air Rifle Law?

    Why would you?
  3. Hi from Cornwall

    Greetings to you atyl1972, welcome to the must unbiased forum on the net.😎
  4. Squirrels

    Good to see the squizzers total is double that of rabbits knocked over so far this year. Keep up the good work everyone.
  5. Just a thank you for good customer care

    They certainly make a good rifle and it's good to get after sales service like that, another happy customer for the sake of a few pence to themselves. Must say that buying my TX200 was money well spent, although it does keep creeping up in power.🤔
  6. 223 Moderators

    Read the Which Moderator .223 on the 23 Feb 2018 in this section.
  7. GREY SQUIRREL KILLS list your 2018 kills HERE

    2 this morning with theTX200 in the garden. 3 this afternoon with the .17 HMR at the golf course. 374.
  8. 22 lr night vision rabbits

    Don't forget to update your kills, sounds like a good night was had in all.
  9. "im mainly (at it again)"

    I reckon a complete repainting job of your ceiling will be required, and you won't need pink to white too see where you've been either.
  10. New bins needed

    I bought a pair of Hawke Vantage 8 x 42's and they clearly identify things that l know l can't hit at that range with a.17HMR, maybe time for a.223 !!
  11. Sx4 or maxus

    Can someone explain why a speed loading system is so important on a s/a unless your into some competition saga.
  12. synthetic stock 17hmr

    Nope, they both need a complete polish and a spring kit too bring them up to spec, once done you won't look back.
  13. synthetic stock 17hmr

    That will be the CZ American then.
  14. Tesco

    l see that Tesco were forced to remove a child's fancy dress outfit as it depicted a Huntmasters jacket and jodhpurs, they were according to the press release inundated with protests from parents, hmm!
  15. Anti Fog spray/wipe

    Did you ever settle on something that worked for you?