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  1. Pigeon Shredder.

    How many Rabbits are killed in 2018

    1 tonight with the.22lr. When l picked it up one side of it's heads looked like a cauliflower and the other side looked normal, neck shot so already deformed. Any ideas what it was? 441.
  2. Pigeon Shredder.

    GREY SQUIRREL KILLS list your 2018 kills HERE

    2 tonight with the .22lr, both this years crop going by their size. 946.
  3. Pigeon Shredder.

    Amazing wood

    So did my wife !
  4. Pigeon Shredder.

    Pleasantly surprised and shocked.

    Winchester 42g's still £10 per 100 locally and are the bullet of choice for my CZ 452.
  5. Pigeon Shredder.

    Today l was,

    After 3 day's of grandchild minding l went out to one of my permissions with just the shotgun and a bag of cartridges, after a chat with the farmer l went and burrowed myself into a south facing hedgerow and waited to see what came by, nice afternoon which was sunny and breezy. Rooks started coming over from the north and l tagged a few from behind, the pigeon's were coming in from the west on a good wind and made an entertaining afternoon. 3 hours of total relaxation shooting over growing wheat, 5 rooks, 7 pigeons for 17 cartridges, picked up 2 rooks and 3 pigeons the others were out there for Mr Fox's tea l suppose. Great afternoon and totally stress free. Looking forward to the next one. PS.
  6. Pigeon Shredder.

    Pocket knife recommendations

    Opinel, can't get much better for your £££. 😎
  7. Pigeon Shredder.

    Butt plate/ recoil pad information required please.

    That 3rd one down would make a nice cycle rack.
  8. Pigeon Shredder.


    £1.45 in North Weald on Saturday as l drove past.
  9. Pigeon Shredder.

    Stripping and oiling a stock

    Now we're talking 😎
  10. Pigeon Shredder.

    Patio cleaning/odour removal

    Relay the dog run in concrete, it's the only way your going to eleviate the problem that you have. 😷
  11. Pigeon Shredder.

    CZ stock wanted.

    Have you contacted Staffordshire Sythetic Stocks, very handy at what they do.
  12. Pigeon Shredder.

    Land Rover to move to Slovakia

    Being made in the land of the Skoda so bound to be reliable, well if a few VW engineers take up residence. And cheaper to no doubt 😀😀
  13. Pigeon Shredder.

    Anschutz 22 LR 10 Shot Magazine

    If it fits a 1416 l would like it please. PM address detail. Many thanks.
  14. Pigeon Shredder.

    Anschutz 22 LR 10 Shot Magazine

    PM sent.
  15. Pigeon Shredder.

    Mosquito Repellent.

    Update on Avon SSS, by all accounts l wasn't using enough according to a college of mine, so last night l applied a liberal coating, to my face, neck and hands and ventured out, not a single mozzi came near me in the 3 hours l was out and there were a lot about. So maybe it does work after all, will give it another go tomorrow night.