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  1. $400,000,000+ commision.

  2. £450m to Iran

    If it's good enough for the Mail you can count me in, not.
  3. $400,000,000+ commision.

    Think you have forgotten to explain what your on about to the massive. l know but don't want to spoil your party.
  4. Magnetic hammers

    Loads of info on the tube on how it's done, all very easy to follow.
  5. Prescription wormers.

    Always used to add 1/2 a clove of chopped garlic to my border terriers meal a couple of times a week and that did the job for him. Lived to be 16 and l don't think he had a worming tablet after coming to me as a pup. Just don't give them too much, google garlic for dogs and it covers all you need to know.
  6. .22 shotgun cartridges

    Seen the 9mm dispatch a few foxes after being cage trapped, certainly does the job.
  7. Counterfeit Hearing Protection

    A fake on eBay!! Cannot trust anyone these day's.
  8. How can someone on here grass you up for something that is not illegal, and they don't even know who you are, sleep easy. l must say l'm feeling so guilty about all the ones l've head shot and eaten l'm joining PETA tomorrow. People Eat Tasty Animals.
  9. Famous last quotes

    Is that an iceberg?
  10. Car value.

    At the end of the YOU are the only one who knows if it right for you at that price.
  11. Best You Tube videos.

    What's everyone's best viewing on the tube? For me it has to be Squirrel Hunter, just viewed the latest while having my morning cuppa and nearly choked at one of the comments.
  12. How many Rabbits are killed by PW members in 2017

    2 x .22lr PM today. 1497.
  13. How many Corvids are killed by PW members in 2017

    1 Magpie this afternoon with the .22lr, came in to inspect a heap of pheasant trimmings.
  14. Imminent Forum Software Update

    Have had trouble logging in, and then found everything in the trash box, maybe others have this as well.
  15. Salted Liquorice

    Hope none of you have read the latest health reports on how bad black licuorice is for you, let alone being loaded with salt as well. Supposed to bring on high blood pressure and heart palpitations in men over 40. What next on the bad for you list?