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  1. Was out late yesterday afternoon checking a permission when a magpie was spotted 150 yd’s off, took aim and sent a 40gr vmax in his direction. Thats one less to bother the song birds. Total 529.
  2. We have them all the time, come in at a great rate of knots over the hedgerows and were taking the birds off the feeders, so l moved the feeders to a more secluded/protected spot to give them a better chance, and it’s definitely helped, but nature is nature so a few still get taken. You know when ones about as the birds suddenly go deadly quiet and nothing moves in the hedges or trees, and sure enough there he is sitting high up in the trees next door waiting for his chance. Beautiful birds doing what they do best, but you still feel sorry for their prey.
  3. Which was the rare treat. What the Sparrow Hawk or his dinner 🤔.
  4. Well today saw the demise of 2 more from the garden at dawn and l’ve not seen anymore as yet, normally when l hit them hard they go missing for a couple of months, we shall see. Total 1464.
  5. Yes always caged, but they wouldn’t get a look in, mesh nets not good for little feet/claws getting hooked up.
  6. Wild birds are not interested in fat balls in my garden, hung them out last year and they went mouldy, this year we have been putting out peanuts, sweetcorn, sunflower hearts , niger seed and mixed flakes. The influx of birds has been thrice fold and their costing an arm and a leg to keep topped up 🤗 The other upside is the squirrels coming in to pick up the spoils, pass the H and N’s please 🤫
  7. Must be your manic look as your hunched over the steering wheel, and the sound of banjos coming from the sound system 🤤
  8. Have seen in the NRA press this morning that Winchester are recalling 20gr .17 HMR Jacketed Hollow Point X17HMR1, lot number NB51 or NB61. Everdently there’s a good chance that they do not have any powder charge meaning that a bullet could lodge in the barrel and a subsequent shot could damage rifle/operator/bystanders. Just checked my batch and it’s coded LF42 so no problem. If you do find you have NB51/61 return them ASAP.
  9. Top scope, have one on my HMR, highly recommended. Hope your sale goes well.
  10. You have got to be fffff having a larf, should have been..........., no don’t get me started on that one 😤
  11. Gordon that’ll be, no maybe, no what about, no, yep your right all been a waste of time, money, space.
  12. Yes the sentence is a joke, and with time served on remand and the 50% snowflake duty imposed he would be out in under 3 years.
  13. They have stayed out of the garden today, but have been smashing the hazel trees further down and using the garden fence as their means to transfer their ill gotten good’s . I will bide my time, and the TX is awaiting.
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