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  1. The Tunnel

    Clays went well although l have never known it so busy, some people don't seem to notice ther are double traps to move things along and keep a flow going. As for Spiral l started series 4 last night when l got back in from shooting. Oh, Canada's by the way.
  2. Action Degrease

    Note the "if incorrectly used" part of the paragraph. Could not agree more that any product/item is dangerous when used incorrectly, blimey l bet we could start another forum item on that!
  3. Action Degrease

    Personally l would give acetone a very wide berth, very hazardous to your health if incorrectly used.
  4. Action Degrease

    Brake cleaner is by far the best degreaser £ for £. That and a can of GT85 for lubricant and protection. Both beat all of your "Gun Products" hands down for a quarter of the price.
  5. Best hmr scope

    Nikon Prostaff on mine, the light it gathers is massive at dusk, it's rated at 98% and l can well believe it 4-12 x 40 Nikoplex.
  6. The Tunnel

    As l had a busy schedule yesterday, not, l watched seasons 1 and 2 of Spiral, by god it's toxic sitting down to a recommended series's. Have OPP to blame for that, top man. Today l'm going Clay Shooting, and then maybe season 3 might get a viewing when l get back!
  7. The Tunnel

    Have now got 52 episodes of Spiral to work through on Plex, could be a long night!
  8. GREY SQUIRREL KILLS list your 2018 kills HERE

    3 this afternoon with the .22lr, had another 2 in my sight when a buzzard came into the areana and spoilt things. Plenty running in the tree tops so will be out next week waiting for them to feed on the ground, or l could take the TX200 out, hmm. Total 31.
  9. The Tunnel

    No, but l shall be very soon as my son is downloading the whole lot onto Plex for me. Feet up for a few day's when the weathers rough. Yourself OPP have you been viewing them since they came out in 2005/6.
  10. The Tunnel

    Yes good series. How about Spiral on BBC4 ?, another one to get into if you enjoy French drama series. And then of course McMafia on BBC1. Both on iplayer if you have missed them. You can see l'm retired, and if it's to wet to shoot it's net surfing or tv.
  11. Anyone else see.

    Saw a piece this morning in the Daily Mirror on line. Man saves squirrel and brings it back to health. Man releases squirrel back into wild.18seconds later large ginger cat captures and kills squirrel The video is worth a look.
  12. Favourite .22lr for Rabbits

    42gr Winchester's through a 14" CZ American, not seen one get up after being introduced.
  13. New .17 HMR round coming soon

    Can l ask why you come across with your last statement regarding ammo to rifle specific. This cartridge has been fired very successfully in HMR bolt action rifles, mine included. lts a very accurate round.
  14. New .17 HMR round coming soon

    That's why you have the 20gr, hits and penetrate's harder/further.
  15. GREY SQUIRREL KILLS list your 2018 kills HERE

    1st one of the year for me, TX200 got a greedy one from under the bird feeder. 6.