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  1. Been waiting all week for this to degenerate, at last the waiting’s over.
  2. 2 this morning doing the opposite by trying to sneak out of the woods, hmr this time so at least recognisable when collected 😂 835.
  3. Just Googled it, how many UK companies didn't you find ? cos there's loads'
  4. Pigeon Shredder.

    mod wanted

    Thinking and knowing a thread size makes it much easier for someone to reply with your request. ls it 18 x 1.5 or 18 x 2.5, or a different size completely.
  5. Early doors at the golf course this morning, was after much bigger prey but they didn’t show, tell you what though a .223 makes a mess of a squirrel or three 😳. So that’s 3 more whacked (definitely) and stacked. 820.
  6. Waste of space the lot of them, their only interest is lining their own pockets on the backs of the electorate. MEP votes tomorrow, then maybe we shall see where it's going.
  7. That my friend is some airgun, 150 yd's silently hmm.
  8. Are the hmr shells for back up🤔
  9. Just the 2 tonight with the hmr, absolutely nothing about. 587.
  10. After purchasing a CZ 452 American HMR about 7 years ago, I was alarmed by what l was hearing about split casings and miss fires. So every box of cartridges purchased have been inspected for cracks and malformed casings, have just got out the “reject” box and there’s 7, and that’s from all the suppliers of HMR shells. As for miss fires, there hasn’t been any to date. Some people have all the luck 🤪
  11. Just got in from taking the grandchildren to the zoo, so missed the MGP from le mans, its on again at 19:00 tonite on BT Sport so am avoiding all news stations and my normal bike related web sites. lancer 425 thanks for be sorry.
  12. Looks like you have every situation covered there 😳. Nice job.
  13. Tony Juniper was an advisor to the Prince of Wales charity and awarded a CBE in 2017, now l wonder 🤔
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