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  1. Depending on what you call interesting.
  2. Mate has a Hunterway, only thing it’s good at is xxxxxxx other dogs, last litter was 13, otherwise he’s a daft as a bunch of frogs. Good looking breed though.
  3. What are they looking for that we already don’t know about ?
  4. Monty Python and the Holy Grail comes to mind, a scratch 😂.
  5. On Friday the Invasive Species Order 2019 consultation opened for the management of 14 invasive species. On the list are , Egyptian goose. Muntjac. Grey squirrels. You can now have your say on how they can be best managed.
  6. 1 Magpie this afternoon, again came into a shot rabbit. 473.
  7. Shot 2 this afternoon, when skinning and gutting watery blisters were noticeable on the inner chest cavity about fingernail size, when l probed them fluids and small white “eggs” poured out, both carcasses into the foxing bin for later. Any ideas to what this is, and has anyone else seen this. 1117.
  8. Just a heads up for Ant Supplies. Nice to do business with you Tim.
  9. Perfect they may not be, but has anyone heard from them because l certainly have not heard from mine. Same during the GL fiasco not a single piece of information came directly from them. Oh CA by the way, renewal next year, not a monkeys chance.
  10. Depending which Forum your following atm 🤫
  11. Need some big antler pieces to clad that one, then a concave grind and polish and Bobs you’re uncle 🤔
  12. 2 this evening while out with the .22lr. 1115.
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