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  1. Pigeon Shredder.

    Need a new jacket!

    Verney Carron from Decathlon £100 well spent, plenty of pockets, wind and water proof and smart enough for everyday wear should you so wish, l am impressed with mine and that takes some doing.
  2. Pigeon Shredder.

    ditchies wine quaffing club

    See he's not that Tight after all 🍾 🍷
  3. Pigeon Shredder.

    How many Grey Squirrels are killed in 2019

    Having squirrel for tea 🤔
  4. Pigeon Shredder.

    How many Rabbits are killed in 2019

    3 bucks off the new permission, 'twas cold to say the least. 33.
  5. Pigeon Shredder.

    How many Grey Squirrels are killed in 2019

    Walked the complete golf course this afternoon and saw............................nothing, not a single solitary one, found 6 balls though, and it was a nice afternoon for a walk 😂
  6. Pigeon Shredder.

    Air Arms Pro sport .22

    .177 and a .22 for sale in the same week, choices, choices, if only.
  7. Pigeon Shredder.

    Gun christened!

    Well done on both counts.
  8. Pigeon Shredder.

    South Manchester Permission

    Welcome to PW, hope you enjoy the bantering.
  9. Pigeon Shredder.

    ditchmans winetasting

    In our quest to help you, your nearest Aldi is in Plumstead road Norwich, less than 10 miles from Lingwoods finest wet terrier shopping mall.
  10. Pigeon Shredder.

    ditchmans winetasting

    Get yourself into Aldi for a bottle of Kooliburra Australia Shiraz, £3.99, let it warm and breathe, no kiss of life, and then tell me l'm wrong. It's good wine at any price.
  11. Pigeon Shredder.

    TBS Wolverine knife

    Or guns 🙄
  12. Pigeon Shredder.

    How many Rabbits are killed in 2019

    5 off a new permission with the .22lr, it closely resembles a Watership Down set, so many more from this one over the next few months. 30.
  13. Pigeon Shredder.

    .17 , 20gr

    Take it you mean .17hmr, the 20g just make's a bit more mess than the 17g when l use them on squirrels, bought initially as a foxing round but either stops them in their tracks, so no advantage noticed or gained. HMR is a lovely little round to use once zeroed in.
  14. Pigeon Shredder.

    汉字/漢字 WT#

    Looked OK to me, and no spelling mistakes 😂
  15. Pigeon Shredder.

    Who do you believe.

    Well there l was trawling a well known gun site when a certain model caught my eye but not a lot of details given, so pressed the email seller button and asked two things. 1, The gun was described as, A hardly used in the advertising, so l asked for a shot count. 2, l also asked for the year of manufacture. The reply consisted of the following. 1, l wouldn't describe it as hardly used, more like good condition, round count is approximately 1000, but l cannot be sure. 2, l can't see when it was made. The advertisement has since been changed to read, A good condition, and not, A hardly used, hmm ! And people don't trust car salesman.