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  1. Dont suppose you have an original Seamark flapper kicking about?
  2. Hi Mick pretty sure I have one somewhere will have a look round
  3. Hi mate sorry only just seen this yes if you still want it it's yours. Let me have address and once paid I will send it out. If PayPal is ok email is masmiffy@yahoo.co.uk send it as a gift?
  4. Just found a Deben FE1043 replacement black leather ferret collar in its original retail packet If anyone is interested its theirs for £5.00
  5. Had one of these years ago but fixed chokes, was a brilliant gun and they do come with a very shiny stock from new. Now have a 30" Classic Doubles as close a fit as I could find!
  6. Got one in my cabinet taking up space not a bad one either shoots ok just needs tlc and woodwork re-finshing when I get time
  7. 243 Brass now all sold 223 still available if anyone is interested?
  8. CZ 452 .17HMR / 22 WMR 5 shot steel magazine available good condition £20
  9. CZ 452 .17HMR steel 5 shot magazine available good condition £25
  10. I have a quantity of once fired 243 and 223 brass available if anyone is interested as below. 100 223 Hornaday £25 100 243 Hornaday £30 45 243 Norma (will make up to 50 with Hornaday) £15
  11. Pair of Beretta lightweight soft leather gloves for sale. Good condition no snags or signs of wear. Size on the tag is Large. £20 posted
  12. Guess you got sorted with gloves due to your clever good lady? I just found a pair of thin leather Beretta gloves in a drawer that my dad had , they are large so too big for me. Look in good nick as well so might offer for sale.
  13. Thanks for the gear mate my son in law will love it, will be a great start for him
  14. Brilliant memory! Had a tiny knife still got one of the mini-sports and jack (think thats what its says) knives
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