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  1. Hi Guys, More of an understanding rather than a moan ...... Pigeons have been very few and far between in my area of late, so a friend and I decided to pay for a DIY day in Leicestershire. We turned up at the agreed time for the guide to say he was busy with other things ? However, his directions were great and we found the fields with no problem. As we drove in about 100 or so birds got up and disappeared, hoping this would give us a window to set up and get comfy for the onslaught. An hour had past with not a thing in the sky, I heard a motor thinking this was him and he could find
  2. I have moaned about the lack of pigeons before in my area, and after reading this string, I have to agree with most of the comments made. Falling numbers : My area definitely, but as others have pointed out, their areas are still abundant. (Stats .... personally don't believe it's possible)) Turning City Birds : Returning from a day fly fishing (just before dusk), I was heading into Northampton when I saw a flight line which was quite busy. I decided to follow to see where they were heading, and ended up on the outskirts of Town ! (Aga Man made a good point) Good thread though Chap
  3. Hi Steve, People like this disgust me, and there is no excuse for the ages of the persons either. Stealing from a sacred ground is unforgivable and I hope you find them and "point out the error of their ways" p.s. Sorry for your loss mate.
  4. Exactly what I am experiencing. Have you noticed this in the past, then they are bountiful ? Sorry Aga man, meant PC aha
  5. Yeah, every year the pickings seam to be less and less no matter what time of year. Travel to the surrounding counties and they are everywhere aha.
  6. Hi All, As I was sat in my motor reccying and hardly a pigeon to be found, I started thinking how in my neck of the woods how many pigeon used to be about, and why have they all gone. One could go out every weekend and find birds feeding, and get bags of 50 - 400 + .... Not no more. Have any of you found this is the case, or was your area once lean but now bountiful ? Why do the pigeons move around en mass ? is this a cycle ? And can I expect them back one day ? Will Aga man one day lose all his pigeons, and he can read my stories of regular big bags. Food For Thought ...
  7. As long as his other half don't blame me when he gets the bug, buys all the gadgets, and can't spend her birthday with her cause he's going pigeon shooting ..... oh, that's me
  8. Hi Alvin, I'm from South Northants and only too happy to help. Will email you before my next outing and arrange a trip.
  9. Cheers for the nod jdog, a lovely write up with some majestic sport. I must put some time aside to write about my adventures fly fishing and shooting in Dunkeld on the river Cam.
  10. Everyone will soon be saying .... Who's J R Hartley ? Don't you mean JDOG
  11. ahaha ..... I wouldn't have been able to stop myself showing the grumpy old sod the bag Have you ever thought about writing a book ? I always have a chortle when I read your blogs
  12. Nice shooting PC. a friend and I had a bag of 456 in the late 80's in Northants, but nothing like that around here anymore. Keep up the good shooting mate
  13. Jakey Boy


    I live in a village five miles from Northampton, and a few years ago a mate of mine had his dog stolen from outside of the local newsagents. He was gone no more than a minute, and saw a white van drive off down the road. He put the word out, and a couple of weeks later had a phone call from an anonymous caller saying he knew where it was and could retrieve it from a travelers site for £500. The police told him not to do it, but he wanted his best friend back, so duly paid the money and got his dog back. Don't know if it was travelers, or someone trying it on. Either way, they all need str
  14. All very helpful tips above ..... What I did many moons ago, was to get myself an ordnance survey map which you can get online, and choose just the area you want that includes your perms. I highlighted all the land I have, then mapped out the flight lines I found, and points of the compass. This enabled me to know which fields were best to reccy / shoot once I saw the forecast for the week, i.e. wind direction.
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