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  1. Great lads, having a open day today !!!
  2. rimmie

    Crow decoys

    Sorted thanks all
  3. rimmie

    Crow decoys

    Hi all, after some crow decoys. Preferably flock coated. Im in south east Kent, or postage. Thanks
  4. Couple on stalking directory
  5. What makes the .243 please
  6. SUCCESS !!! got a little knock on the base, but a bit of Abby gun blue has sorted that.
  7. Any advise ? Set of optilocks so trying really hard not to ruin them.
  8. Hi all, im looking at a ranger 55 plate 66,000 miles very good condition. anyone got any good/bad points ? Never owned one so all opinions welcome
  9. Be interested in the Opti Locks if they are, 30mm medium
  10. Scope sorted, just mounts still needed
  11. Hi all, looking for a ziess duralyt etc.... also bases for a tikka T3, and 30mm medium mounts OR 30mm medium Opti Locks
  12. rimmie

    Falcon m18

    Does this model have zero stop ?
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