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  1. rimmie

    Laminate flooring best price

    Howdens are good
  2. rimmie

    Loose on face.

    The quick fix is, snip some metal sheet and put it were the lump locks on to the action. Tighten it right up.
  3. rimmie

    Anschutz 1517 hmr

    I’ve got one, amazing rifles
  4. rimmie

    alcohol & gun license

    Good for you for seeking help before it gets worse. you can get a prescribed drug that will make you VERY sick if you drink alcohol. It does work. (Watched a documentary on alcoholism a year or so ago) bery best of luck, YOU WILL BEAT IT !!!
  5. rimmie

    Card payment melt down!

    Happened to me and the missus in asda today.
  6. rimmie

    R.Tilney Gunshop in Beccles

    I have spoken to this chap when we were visiting the area, bloody nice bloke.
  7. rimmie

    Rimfire cases.

    Chuck them in the bin mate, I’ve always just binned mine. Shotgun cartridges too.
  8. rimmie

    204 moderator

    Got a ase utra jet z on mine, very good.
  9. rimmie

    The Game fair - Ragley Hall

    I’m going with the missus, first time at ragley for us.
  10. rimmie

    LGBT awareness month

    I didn’t call you a ***** ******actually, it was another member. why do you feel the need to push peoples faces in lgbt anything ? What makes you think anyone cares ? You’re an attention seeker, and **** stirrer. This whole topic is to cause an argument, which I think was you’re plan. again, why ?
  11. rimmie

    LGBT awareness month

    I just find it very strange you would even bring it up ? Why are you trying to cause confrontation? Then you make a comment about a mans mum, what game are you trying to play ?
  12. rimmie

    LGBT awareness month

    Brilliant well said 👍🏻 All screams of attention to me, looking to get reactions ? Not really the forum for it imo
  13. rimmie

    Daihatsu Sportrak ELXI

    Bump on me
  14. Uk varminting forum is you’re best bet. Few .50 cal shooters on there.