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  1. Aigle parcour ISO are the best, sooo comfortable and warm. Fantastic.
  2. We had hexemita, sorted with meds. Our birds are big and strong, really good quality.
  3. Best .410 cartridges going !!!
  4. Was bought to go on a .243, but Change of plan. Minox uses schott glass, same as Swarovski etc....
  5. Mint condition, amazing glass, fire dot ret. 30mm tube, top quality scope !! £420 inc post
  6. Offers ? Just sat in the wardrobe.
  7. Someone on ukvarminting has just posted asking for one of these.
  8. As title XXL, bought February 2019. Never worn !!! bought for this coming game season, weight loss forces sale. £35 posted
  9. That’s has to be the do as you likeys, they are everywhere round that area. Like a plague.
  10. Well piped over today, looking good
  11. Not at the moment I don’t think
  12. Great lads, having a open day today !!!
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