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  1. rimmie

    Shooting shirts

    That’s the one, not been for a while. They do a good bargain every so often.
  2. rimmie

    Shooting shirts

    Try you’re local mole valley store if you have one, the run a 3 shirts for £10 offer every so often. I got two lots last year, great quality.
  3. rimmie

    Tip 'guidance'

    I’ve only tipped £20 on driven days, that’s the average.
  4. rimmie

    Blood in Urine

    I was really worried, thought she might of done something internal. Thought maybe she’d had hurt herself and I hadn’t seen it ( very thick cover) she’s absolutely fine in herself, just really tired. I have pocked, proded and squeezed everywhere, and she isn’t in pain, so infection looks likely.
  5. rimmie

    Blood in Urine

    Rang out of hours vet, he’s pretty sure it’s a bladder infection. He said it’s not urgent, but if she’s in pain il take her up. big relief
  6. rimmie

    Blood in Urine

    Hi all, had a day beating today, my spaniel worked her socks off. She was exhausted. just popped out, on returne found a huge wee in the kitchen with a lot of blood in it. Any ideas ?
  7. rimmie

    Tweed coat, mole skin waist coat, 87g a max

    Bump, offers ?
  8. rimmie

    Tweed coat, mole skin waist coat, 87g a max

    Barbour liddsdale jacket, fantastic condition, size M ( but more like a large) £45 inc post Very smart shooting waistcoat, fantastic condition, size 42 £25 inc post Tweed coat, again fantastic condition, loverly and warm, £40 inc postage RCBS relaxing scales, mint, accurate. £50 inc post
  9. No idiots, wannabe rambos etc... working dog desired. You WILL be expected to help work party wise. Great friendly group
  10. rimmie

    SOLD Aim Sports Drag Bag & Range Mat Set

    How much for the butt bag ?
  11. Tweed coat, fantastic condition size medium, come up big (42-44) £50 inc postage mole skin waist coat fantastic condition size 42 £20 posted hornady V max 6mm 87gn SOLD