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  1. rimmie

    CZ 457 Royal.

    No, but very interested in the AT-one stock version 😍
  2. rimmie

    .17 HMR shock

    Wilson and Wilson fieldsports EDIT that price is for Winchester 17grn Nope HMR
  3. rimmie

    .17 HMR shock

    That’s crazy !!! £11.50 in Kent
  4. rimmie

    What gun .204 cal

    It’s vortex
  5. rimmie

    Caesar Guerine

    Anglo Italian are the importers
  6. rimmie

    What gun .204 cal

    I have a T3 fantastically accurate, and has a 6 round mag in .204 this is mine
  7. rimmie

    Blood in Urine

    She’s fine thanks, went in a couple of days. She over done it I think, was the first day of the season for her. Hasent happened again.
  8. rimmie

    Ballistic Turrets

    They work very well, I have a vortex and a hawke. They both dial out perfect. I have dialled my hawke tac 30 to 200 yards with my .17 hmr. Continually hitting a 50mm gong. Its great fun
  9. rimmie

    10 gauge

    The reloading kit makes it much more usable, be a easy to sell on if you ever wanted. go for it
  10. rimmie

    Suzuki Jimmy

    Then why advertise it ?
  11. rimmie

    .243 AI dies

    Go on ukvarminting, you will definitely get a set on there
  12. Essex gun, leech and sons ?
  13. rimmie


    Oooh I love stollen 😍 Soup, bread and butter. Crisps and something sweet (chocolate, biscuits etc...) flask hot water, decaf coffee. we have sloe gin/ Prosecco sausage rolls etc... for elvensis
  14. rimmie

    .17 hmr range

    200 yards easy, I have dialled and repeatedly hit a 50mm gong at 200 yards. Drop is the easy bit, judging the wind is the tricky part.
  15. rimmie

    Long range.

    Nice one, sounds like fun