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  1. Daihatsu Sportrak ELXI

    Bump on me
  2. Uk varminting forum is you’re best bet. Few .50 cal shooters on there.
  3. 223 Moderator

    I have a mint ase utra North Star mod for sale, 18x1 had 80 rounds through it. Practically brand new £150
  4. Ultrasonic cleaner

    I use warm water, white vinegar and a splash of washing up liquid. does the job pretty well
  5. Got this magnet stick from bunnings today, no more lost cases from the semi auto. £4 !!!!!
  6. I had one of these in 10bore, grea5 guns.
  7. Vortex Viper HST 6-24x50 VMR-1MOA

  8. Pinfire cartridges

    Www.hlebooks.com they sell reloading kits for 16 bore pinfire
  9. 1 Bore Case

    Have a look on micksguns.com he has ALOT of collectible ammo, he has some punt gun cartridges so might be able to help.
  10. .204 Tikka T3X Which model??

    This is my .204 varmint 20” barrel, it’s easily carried about. Loverly handy rifle.
  11. hawke sidewinder tac30 6.5-20x42 scope for sale

    I have one of these in my .17 HMR, great scopes. Good luck with the sale
  12. S^2C

    Same for me and the missus, absolutely terrible.
  13. Kent have seriously got there act together recently, I had a variation take a week. the new bod in charge has really shook things up, in a good way.
  14. 187yd rabbit

  15. 187yd rabbit

    What for the “that’s not possible with a rimfire” brigade. It is I can can hit a 75mm gong at 200 yards with my .17 HMR with ease. I use strelock, as long as you’re wind call is on point. That distance is not problem. good shooting, Phil