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  1. There was a couple on ukvarminting for sale, might be worth a look.
  2. So rumour has it that the vision king laser range finder binos are the same as the Rudolph but half the price, can anyone attest to the quality that might have a pair. Thanks
  3. That’s a load of carp, I would speak to basc straight away
  4. Got a hawke tv 30 on mine, fantastic quality for the money. Target turrets, zero lock etc... great scopes Mines a 8.5-25x42
  5. Anyone use a wildcat panther mod on a .17 hornet ? Looking at one today seems well made and strippable etc.... any input welcome
  6. Bit off topic, but I have a 6.5-20x42 on my .17 great scope. Mount are usually never included.
  7. No, but very interested in the AT-one stock version 😍
  8. Wilson and Wilson fieldsports EDIT that price is for Winchester 17grn Nope HMR
  9. That’s crazy !!! £11.50 in Kent
  10. Anglo Italian are the importers
  11. I have a T3 fantastically accurate, and has a 6 round mag in .204 this is mine
  12. She’s fine thanks, went in a couple of days. She over done it I think, was the first day of the season for her. Hasent happened again.
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