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  1. Essex gun, leech and sons ?
  2. rimmie


    Oooh I love stollen 😍 Soup, bread and butter. Crisps and something sweet (chocolate, biscuits etc...) flask hot water, decaf coffee. we have sloe gin/ Prosecco sausage rolls etc... for elvensis
  3. rimmie

    .17 hmr range

    200 yards easy, I have dialled and repeatedly hit a 50mm gong at 200 yards. Drop is the easy bit, judging the wind is the tricky part.
  4. rimmie

    Long range.

    Nice one, sounds like fun
  5. rimmie

    Shooting shirts

    That’s the one, not been for a while. They do a good bargain every so often.
  6. rimmie

    Shooting shirts

    Try you’re local mole valley store if you have one, the run a 3 shirts for £10 offer every so often. I got two lots last year, great quality.
  7. rimmie

    Tip 'guidance'

    I’ve only tipped £20 on driven days, that’s the average.
  8. rimmie

    Blood in Urine

    I was really worried, thought she might of done something internal. Thought maybe she’d had hurt herself and I hadn’t seen it ( very thick cover) she’s absolutely fine in herself, just really tired. I have pocked, proded and squeezed everywhere, and she isn’t in pain, so infection looks likely.
  9. rimmie

    Blood in Urine

    Rang out of hours vet, he’s pretty sure it’s a bladder infection. He said it’s not urgent, but if she’s in pain il take her up. big relief
  10. rimmie

    Blood in Urine

    Hi all, had a day beating today, my spaniel worked her socks off. She was exhausted. just popped out, on returne found a huge wee in the kitchen with a lot of blood in it. Any ideas ?
  11. rimmie

    Tweed coat, mole skin waist coat, 87g a max

    Bump, offers ?
  12. rimmie

    Tweed coat, mole skin waist coat, 87g a max

    Barbour liddsdale jacket, fantastic condition, size M ( but more like a large) £45 inc post Very smart shooting waistcoat, fantastic condition, size 42 £25 inc post Tweed coat, again fantastic condition, loverly and warm, £40 inc postage RCBS relaxing scales, mint, accurate. £50 inc post