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  1. Haha, that would of been me for sure, had them delivered late morning, I’d left at lunch time. In fairness I was having a pretty strong practice on the sporting 100’s, but hit what I pointed at with the Pro’s. It was more the shoulder feel on the Pro’s that I liked. Plus I do find the 100’s do make a mess, the graphite on the cartridge ends up smashed into the back of action, and takes a bit of work to remove it, plus the bright green ink on the sides ends up on the ejectors? All cleans off but can end up everywhere. Nothing major but still a gripe. Found the Pro’s easier and cleaner to handl
  2. TGS10 I believe, but you must watch his videos they’re really good
  3. as mentioned, missed them this time around, will be middle June now 😞
  4. must admit ive been looking at them all, CENS, Vario etc.. Mate just purchased the micro lens ones and says they're great so far. im using some 3m Combat arms type ones with a switch cost around £20 (can get them cheaper) and they work really well link here. I do have some Over ear electronics, howard Leight ones, which work but have hit the stock when i used them so they've sat there brand new, unused since i bought them. im going to push the button sone on some moulded in ears soon. just missed CFG in my area as well...Doh!
  5. That does surprise me as they’re all generally a good bunch, plus it’s not like there’s a lack of space to,Park either. Did anyone get the details of the car? Make ? type? colour? I shoot there frequently so can keep an eye open for any damaged cars. Where about was he parked and was there much damage? Gutted for you mate, not nice at all. I’d be pssd if my car got damaged. I used too, still do on some days others can smash them, all about hold point. Yes the driven is a corker, although I find it almost impossible to shoot it as a driven. The woods is great, some tricky ones in there
  6. How did you get on with the high towers? Did you find any of the clays challenging? Had A good day myself, not too busy and weather was good, which is always a bonus.
  7. Take it we’re talking the passive ones not digital?
  8. I’ve been shooting the Hull sporting 100’s for a good while, curiosity got the better of me and I just bought a few slabs of the Pro One’s. All I can say whilst not the cheapest they shoot really well. Tad more punch but smoother than the 100’s. will be putting a few hundred through over the weekend, but so far very happy with these. did try the black gold storms as well…. Definitely Not for me.
  9. I’ve thought about this as well. In fact it was a shooting pal that said the same thing. I use an insulator wax called collinite 845 and it’s superb, last 6 months on the car. Gonna give it a spin. It absolutely pssd it down today as well, didn’t stop us shooting, and the ground was dead, pretty much had the place to ourselves. Got Pss wet of course. 😂
  10. I think the issue for new applications is the use of ‘COVID’ for simply bad service, or lack thereof. The online application, GP letter, background check, installation of cabinet could all be done without any visits. As mentioned Cheshire police shut their phone lines down, for must be a year now, and standard default email replies quoting Covid as a reason for no applications, I think this is simply unreasonable when other forces are still actively processing applications without issue. There obviously has to be some considerations for this, but, I’d say, if you’re allowed to visit a garden C
  11. It’s just nice to see something different I guess. I’m not into all this snake oil BS which seems to creep into every industry/sport/hobby etc but the laminated and also synthetic stocks can, from an aesthetics standpoint, look really good. Even better if they shoot well, which this one seems to for my pal.
  12. As mentioned he’s shooting really well with it, with lots of interested members at the ground paying an interest.
  13. Horses for courses I think, some prefer one to the other. I’m sure at some point they will make both available. They’re selling well, better than the store thought they would having had a chat with the store owner. I took his last one and he couldn’t get anymore stock. reminds me of the old pro air rifles. Do like a laminated stock, just for the fact it’s different. Then again I shoot a TSK stock which looks like a prosthetic… I’ll get my coat 😂
  14. Picked this up few weeks back, stuck it on my ticket for a good mate who’s STILL awaiting Cheshire forces to pull their finger out and process new SGC applications. It genuinely is a very nice thing, and I’ve not seen another on the grounds. Gets a lot of positive attention and it’s new owner loves it and shoots really well with it. it’s grown on me more and more, every time I take it out of the cabinet. not for everyone I know but if we all liked the same thing….
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