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  1. I understand this, but as now is required, the license has to be completed by the seller, so there is no licensing paper work to be filled out by the RFD just the posting in between the RFD’s, with them Checking they are both licensed RFD’s to handle the transfer.
  2. Makes it harder to support your local shop when you feel like your being ripped off right? This seems perfectly reasonable in my opinion, let’s face it when you pick up your gun you would under normal circumstances purchase something else whilst there, cartridges, new slip etc.. however would be unlikely if you’ve been over charged for the transfer I guess. so the question still stands what is it your actually paying for at the receiving end? Is there a considerable amount of paper work that has to be filled out?
  3. Ok, so this is the scenario and the question. private remote sales of shotgun, price agreed and paid. Licence sent to private seller, filled out and sent back to buyer. local RFD to seller, receives shotgun, wrapped up who then ships via parcelforce to local RFD to buyer. so, I understand what the sellers local RFD is getting paid for, the shipping, transfer etc.. the local RFD to the buyer, other than receiving the shotgun, what other costs does the receiving RFD have to charge for? Reason I ask this question is the receiving RFD is charging more than the sending RFD? Im all for supporting my local RFD, no issue here, just trying to understand how these costs are calculated and what they actually do on the receiving end. thanks guys
  4. Apple CarPlay, with google maps and waze = the future, simple. For those that have issues with connection download offline content. Google maps and WAZE gives you live traffic, and I mean live traffic, unlike the TOM TOM or onboard sat navs, Google maps uses live data/telematics from mobile phones traveling the country providing you with accurate traffic data. Coupled with WAZE gives you traffic alerts/speedcam/road works. IMHO there is No competition, I’d expect manufacturers to rethink onboard sat nav in the future...watch this space
  5. Buy what fits and what he can afford, even up the budget to a used DT10, why not? Residual values seem stronger for this level of gun, so when he gets the inevitable upgradeitus he can flip it and get into something else without loosing a penny. Yes it’s all about fit, and hitting the clays, but I’d also add there is the ‘owning’ of a shotgun also, which can be equally as enjoyable as smashing the clays. Similar to why we all drive different cars for different reasons, the reason why we see some hand wash there pride and joy every Sunday and those that bang it through the Morrison’s scratch wash. Each to their own own I say, what’s most important is he enjoys spending his money on what he wants, you can’t please all the people all of the time..... good luck, enjoy the hunt 😉
  6. Pellets? Sling? Targets? And good eye sight
  7. Very different people 😂 @Jega is that the ground in your avatar mate? 😮
  8. Brian Clegg’s your man, great coach!
  9. But it costs £.20p (roughly) in an extra cartridge to hit it? 👍
  10. On it, I’ve gotta get this boxed off. Cheers again
  11. Very well put, as with most threads regarding brands etc, they do always naturally seem to steer down the path of which is better or worse than said other brand, which is fine as long as it remains subjective and relevant. Quality of manufacturing reliability Functionality and ease of use ergonomics, style and design customer service and aftersales these too me are the most important things when choosing pretty much anything of value, be it a toaster, car, watch, Hifi kit. Some of the above I will forego if one outweighs the other , eg great manufacturing, **** dealerships (BMW) everything outside of this is personal to the shooter and what they actually like from an aesthetic point of view. Eg nice wood etc.. which again is still relevant when answering the original question, I mean who doesn’t like a nice piece of wood? 🤦🏻‍♂️ ejector issues on the early 692’s were certainly a point I’d expect to be raised back when they were released if the question was asked about quality and reliability. Weather or not it shoots better for some and not others, again is down to the shooter, fit etc.. im thinking of heading down to the NEC in Feb to the show to have a look at the current offerings and have a chat with the guys on the stands, it sure the show went that well last year if I remember but still maybe worth a visit on the quite day.
  12. Does look a beauty, maybe just a surface scuff then and not a scratch.
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