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  1. Some of the cheaper bore snakes are a bit tricky to use, trim off some of the initial fluff near to the cord, also plant of Napier cleaner. I also tie a knot at the end of the cord next to the brass weight and stand on it pulling the barrels upwards with both hands it a little tight. Once on top of barrel cleanliness the boresnake is all I ever need. With a bronze brush top up when needed. I even use the bore snake after a shoot, quick squirt of VP90 then into the sling. Oh and of course the obligatory oily rag 😉
  2. Napier VP90 gun oil and the big 750ml Cleaner. Decent grease again Napier VP90. Bore snakes I find are superb, quick and do a good job. Bronze brush for the tough stuff. Less is more with the grease and oil. Shotguns are tools and pretty tough. Just make sure they’re dry after wet play and stored well. You will find your own system that works as you go. You’ll also buy loads of things that you only use once. Good luck and enjoy the journey.
  3. Anyone know the latest prices at NWSS?
  4. What’s the bird price again mate? Do they give you extra % for no birds?
  5. Oh that’s fantastic news! Thanks for the heads up mate 😉
  6. One day this will all be a distant memory and you’ll be reading other trials and tribulations of the hunt for their own new SGC. It will happen and then you’ll be spending lots of money on this hobby, careful what you wish for buddy. Only joking, it won’t be long and you’ll be enjoying this fabulous sport in no time at all. welcome aboard next question, how to hit loopers 😉👍
  7. TK421


    Location buddy?
  8. Agree with this entirely. Fact of the matter is due to his mental health conditions from being a kid, he should of failed to meet the criteria for a medical viewpoint on his very first application. Multiple cockups along the way.
  9. Oh I agree entirely, but therein is the problem ‘interpretation’. Inconsistencies across all forces shows there is a failing at some level as it’s left to interpretation by all that are involved. Nothing needs changing with regards to the application criteria/guidelines in my opinion, just continuity and consistency with the process in rolling the guidelines and authorisation for the issues of the license. Nothing should ever be left to interpretation only fact and following the guidelines. If there is any ability to ‘interpret’ anything with regards to a firearms application you (the authorising force/GP) either 1, don’t understand what your roll is within the application process or 2, the guidelines need changing to remove it. My feeling is it’s numeral uno
  10. Wow, well that’s one that I got under the radar with them because I’m a divorcee as well. mad isn’t it.
  11. And this goes back to the point I made earlier about consistency across the board with how applications/renewals are processed and or reviewed. There is obviously, for who knows why, a lot being left to interpretation by the forces and also the GP’s.
  12. How the **** did he get a license, I had to explain my SP30 from 20 years ago and having no road tax on my bike when I was 16 over 30 years ago, which was frowned upon on my application. Absolutely without doubt a monumental cock up by the force down there if this is true.
  13. Your spot on there Jim, I’d also add let’s hope all other representing bodies of this sport including the CPSA get involved in this and sort things out surrounding the antiquated inconsistent system of license application/renewal and review.
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