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  1. Cartridge prices per thousand in the greater scheme of things aren’t that much of an influencing factor in terms of cost as we buy in bulk. Sure the initial hit when purchasing seems bad but it translates to pence on each cartridge we shoot, a recognised increase for sure but not an end of the world scenario. I genuinely hope they do come down( I fear they won’t) as it’s the culmination of all increases that’s the problem, fuel now being in the mix also. They say it’s a rich man’s sport, it is not a stupid man’s one, as I’ve mentioned before people will vote with their feet, either shooting less birds or going less. End result will be less revenue for all companies involved. This is an industry wide issue and needs to be looked at instead of people rubbing there hands together at the increased profits and margins. This is a “nice to do sport” not essential. Food on the table and heating on in winter or a round or clays ( I know some would say clays all day) it’s not rocket science, the industry would/will no doubt suffer. Just my opinion guys YMMV
  2. Friend had the 525 SL laminate, albeit in a 30” and I didn’t find it heavy at all. Found it quite lively to be fair. At the time I was shooting a DT11 with 30” barrels. Which in comparison felt like a tank. Best to go and handle one, If you already fit and shoot a browning well. You’ll should be ok 👍
  3. That’s disgusting behaviour from the GP’s mate
  4. The enforceable 20 mph come down to the local force, I know currently where I am they’re not enforced. Quoting my neighbour who’s a traffic cop. Now that may obviously change and may or may not be the same across all regions. There are only a few cameras that can actual calibrate to 20 mph, along with all the other problems that come with percentages allowance over etc.. I wish it was enforced, having said that, where I live (in a 20) the main culprits are well well over the 20 mph limit and would more than likely get banned at the speeds they do. YMMV
  5. It’s only endorsable if they’re going over 30 mph in a 20 mph zone. If they were doing 29 in a 20 mph it isn’t endorsable, I believe .
  6. Of course, I’ll call them as soon as I see the tracking has landed with them. Out of interest, can I ask what you charge for an inbound RFD?
  7. As long as they do that in my presence all will be well.
  8. As far as I’m aware 20mph Isn’t enforceable, which is a joke in itself.
  9. For clarity, I already own this gun, it’s brand new coming direct from manufacturer. The RFD has nothing to do with the sale of this gun and only being used as they’re part of the dealer network and are on account. They are merely a conduit for the transfer of the gun to me. I’ll bite my bottom lip and get it sorted when it arrives. Thanks for the advise chaps This was the other option, my regular guy isn’t on account with them so there would be a charge involved. It’s ok, I’m sure everything will be fine as long as I’m present when they show me the gun that will do. I’ll just have to ignore the guys missing teeth and misspelt tattoo’s 😂
  10. All makes perfect sense, I guess I’m just a bit ****ed that they’re even involved. They will however absolutely have an issue with me putting my own gun together in the shop as they’re a pedantic bunch of BLANKs 😂 I know all this sounds trivial to some but when you’ve just spent substantial amount of money on a brand new shotgun and it’s being delivered to bodge it and scarper down the road, you can’t help but be a little bit apprehensive about its handling by the RFD. I will request that they don’t open or touch the gun until I’m on site and I will do the inspection in there presence. thanks guys, just nervous venting that’s all
  11. I totally hear what you're saying, but as mentioned what are the legal requirements as if they don't have to open the box aint nothing quicker than showing license and leaving the place. don't really want to get into the whys and wherefores of why i don't even want to step foot in the place, but its just one of those shops you don't want to go in because the owner is a complete ______. Fill in the blank with whatever you want. The guy knows everything about everything, and thinks its ok to over charge for everything and i mean everything, its his business he can do what he wants, but the guy ripped me off on my very first RFD charging me £75 for an inbound RFD, when my preferred shop (and everyone else around) charges £25 and you get a brew as well. Just my preference, i had no real say in where it is being sent too so i have to suck it up, just don't want to be in there any longer than i have to. there is more to the story, but to mention it on here would only throw light on the actual RFD and im not into doing that.
  12. that's what i thought, but as it arrives secure delivery from registered transfer from another RFD is there any need for them to even handle it? paperwork on the outer should be enough?
  13. what chokes are painted on it? im looking for a 3/4 Full one if anyones seen one about
  14. is there actually any legal right to have to open the thing at all? personally i want to grab the box and leave the place as quick as possible to be fair.
  15. I have a question with regards to the transfer of a new shotgun to my local RFD. The question relates to when the shotgun arrives at the local RFD and what happens when handed over. The reason I ask is I’ve had varying experiences with different RFDs. On one occasion the RFD had unpacked my new and put my gun together which I wasn’t best pleased about and there was damage to the gun. On another occasion the shotgun was left sealed in the factory box with outer paperwork still attached after secure delivery from factory, presented my license all confirmed and I was on my way. I have a premium shotgun inbound and due to the manufacturer only wanting to use RFD,s who are on account I’ve had to have it sent to my ‘not preferred’ RFD. Do they have a legal requirement to open the gun up? What is it they have to do? The last time this happened I had an issue with an unknown mark on the gun which ended up with neither side taking ownership. What are your own experiences with this and what is the default protocol for an RFD handover. Thanks advance guys
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