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  1. Was thinking more the back of a fag packet size of a game plan for the world champs 👍🏻
  2. Na it’s too big for that 😂
  3. Had my very first lesson over at Faux with Mr Clegg. Great day. Bloody cold with rain that went side ways 😳beautifully kept ground though.
  4. Enquiry sent via PM
  5. TK421

    Bearded tits.

    Do these count? 😂
  6. I’m right in the heart of Cheshire, catton takes me 15-20mins to get there. am contemplating coniston but looking at 1:45-2hr drive to get there, is it worth the journey? thanks for your info much appreciated
  7. I Much prefer claymate system. But i do understand the watching over you types.
  8. TK421

    Clear Out

    I’ll take the beretta cap please sir
  9. Ah ok, a mate of mine uses them and said they were alright, albeit for ammo etc... I really need to get onto this, just want to make sure whoever does it is a perfectionist. Thanks for the info chaps
  10. As mentioned I’ve shot at mickley already, will have a look at owls hoot. Thanks for the suggestion
  11. Morning guys, I’m after some advice and recommendations on places to shoot in and around the Cheshire area. Currently shooting catton open practice on a Wednesday, but would love the option to shoot somewhere else preferably in the week also? Only visited catton 3 times so far and I must say I throughly enjoyed it, I’m still solo shooting so working out why I’m not hitting is another thing, but all it’s about for now is getting gun time. ive shot mickley, which is ok, but prefer the layout at catton, people are friendly and helpful, it’s not too busy which is a bonus for my pride, plus the price is good at £24 for 100 birds. Just wish they did another day open practice ☹️ at the moment this is a very casual thing as I still trying to get my eye in, so a good mix of targets would help, happy to travel to a degree if the ground is a nice place. Hodnet has been mentioned also? any ideas very much welcomed cheers
  12. Just ordered! Will compare and report back, thanks for the heads up mate 👍
  13. Careful with some of the super cheap ones, have heard of the cords snapping when being pulled through. Look for the ones with the double rows of bristles on them, white(blue flecks)with green cord for the 12g if I remember right.
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