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  1. £465 a year for my BMW. Same engine a few years older is £140 a year. But at least the road tax fund has made Britain's roads pot hole free and a pure pleasure to drive on. NOT!
  2. Hey Sam (dodeer) really need you to get in touch regarding the Kit I ordered/purchased from you as it still hasn’t arrived? can seem to get you on the phone number you provided either?
  3. Do we still not know What gun it is? 🤷🏼
  4. This ^ Can we ask what gun is it? And what’s the main discipline you’ll be shooting? ESP? don’t knock the knitting 🧶 there is some cold weather heading in you’ll make a killing on ear warmers 👍🏻
  5. A truly amazing part of the US, watch the series of Yellowstone for mote inspiration. If my circumstances were different I’d be over there like a shot. awesome opportunity, especially having someone on the ground out there already. Good luck with this
  6. Happy days, glad it all worked out. A Really nice bloke
  7. I know he’s been away abroad, and he’s been let down with shipping etc.. he’s one of the good guys for sure and will do his best to sort everyone out. rest assured you will get them. Worth the wait at that price as well.
  8. Was thinking more the back of a fag packet size of a game plan for the world champs 👍🏻
  9. Na it’s too big for that 😂
  10. Had my very first lesson over at Faux with Mr Clegg. Great day. Bloody cold with rain that went side ways 😳beautifully kept ground though.
  11. TK421

    Bearded tits.

    Do these count? 😂
  12. I’m right in the heart of Cheshire, catton takes me 15-20mins to get there. am contemplating coniston but looking at 1:45-2hr drive to get there, is it worth the journey? thanks for your info much appreciated
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