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  1. 30mm?? That’s slim
  2. Scumbags mate. where was this? any CCTV in the area? this **** makes my blood boil! really does. you have a great day back at the clays ruined but some ****
  3. A Great bag, well made and very durable. I pack loads of other stuff in mine as well, gloves, hat, drink, paperwork etc. If I didn’t already have one I’d snap this up! GLWTS!
  4. Wow, takes me back too! great little things these. Speedo is a tad over optimistic.
  5. TK421

    Bantam cocks

    Please tell me that chimnea isn’t a full size one 😳
  6. TK421

    snap-on tools

    Has someone had a go at these with a grinder to remove something?
  7. TK421

    Word of warning

    I always use RMSD for the smaller stuff under 2kg or DPD through Parcel2Go (NOT DPD local, there’s a difference) costs £6.84 for tracked insured delivery with 1hr window. they’re not Weight fussy as long as it’s under 25kg and they never check the weight or size dimensions (within reason) obviously a fishing rod In a tube would throw an issue. But as a whole they’ve been great. Don’t use yodel or hermes. Hopeless. My heart syncs when I see either have been used. In fact I would happily pay the extra few quid to use anything but these 2. International I use DHL.
  8. £465 a year for my BMW. Same engine a few years older is £140 a year. But at least the road tax fund has made Britain's roads pot hole free and a pure pleasure to drive on. NOT!
  9. Hey Sam (dodeer) really need you to get in touch regarding the Kit I ordered/purchased from you as it still hasn’t arrived? can seem to get you on the phone number you provided either?
  10. Do we still not know What gun it is? 🤷🏼
  11. This ^ Can we ask what gun is it? And what’s the main discipline you’ll be shooting? ESP? don’t knock the knitting 🧶 there is some cold weather heading in you’ll make a killing on ear warmers 👍🏻
  12. A truly amazing part of the US, watch the series of Yellowstone for mote inspiration. If my circumstances were different I’d be over there like a shot. awesome opportunity, especially having someone on the ground out there already. Good luck with this
  13. Happy days, glad it all worked out. A Really nice bloke
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