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  1. Very different people 😂 @Jega is that the ground in your avatar mate? 😮
  2. Brian Clegg’s your man, great coach!
  3. But it costs £.20p (roughly) in an extra cartridge to hit it? 👍
  4. On it, I’ve gotta get this boxed off. Cheers again
  5. Very well put, as with most threads regarding brands etc, they do always naturally seem to steer down the path of which is better or worse than said other brand, which is fine as long as it remains subjective and relevant. Quality of manufacturing reliability Functionality and ease of use ergonomics, style and design customer service and aftersales these too me are the most important things when choosing pretty much anything of value, be it a toaster, car, watch, Hifi kit. Some of the above I will forego if one outweighs the other , eg great manufacturing, **** dealerships (BMW) everything outside of this is personal to the shooter and what they actually like from an aesthetic point of view. Eg nice wood etc.. which again is still relevant when answering the original question, I mean who doesn’t like a nice piece of wood? 🤦🏻‍♂️ ejector issues on the early 692’s were certainly a point I’d expect to be raised back when they were released if the question was asked about quality and reliability. Weather or not it shoots better for some and not others, again is down to the shooter, fit etc.. im thinking of heading down to the NEC in Feb to the show to have a look at the current offerings and have a chat with the guys on the stands, it sure the show went that well last year if I remember but still maybe worth a visit on the quite day.
  6. Does look a beauty, maybe just a surface scuff then and not a scratch.
  7. Don’t know if it’s the photo or a hair, but is the action scratched? Still a very nice gun none the less, top money though
  8. Ironically this review arrived in my inbox this morning ...
  9. @timps thanks for the reply, which provides a useful insight into your own personal experience with both guns. My feeling is with CG, and I may be wrong, is that as they are relatively newer to the market the technology and manufacturing techniques will be “more state of the art” certainly newer. Obviously the hand crafted elements are down to the expertise of the individual, but the CNC machines and manufacturing equipment will surely be latest spec. Of course this depends on who’s hands it’s in and how it’s been designed, I’m sure they’ve taken many design cues from a whole array of other manufacturers and the competition, why wouldn’t you. From what I can see they’re doing a bloody good job, certainly from an aesthetics point of view at least. The feedback by pretty much all they shoot them seems to always be positive, I mean let’s be honest who is ever 100% happy with anything they buy, there’s always some niggle, or something you’d want different. But for an off the shelf product, to me anyway, it stacks up pretty damn good! can I ask what disciplines you shoot with yours? Thanks again for taking the time to reply always appreciated 🙏🏻
  10. Same as what I’ve heard also, thanks for the reply
  11. Roger that, what’s the format? I was told to ask for Brian? Do I need to book in advance? Take own cartridges? Do they have some sort of range setup, if so what’s it like? I know lots of questions, but all new to me guys. Was also recommended premier guns for the same ?
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