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  1. TK421

    Barrel blowups

    How come it doesn’t blast the wad out? Or polystyrene as mentioned above? Update. just you tubed it, wouldn’t of thought it would take such a little thing like that to cause it! I always check, just a habit thing, glad I do!
  2. I think I was more interested in if it’s actually the done thing, an good example would be buying a new rolex “discount sir? I think not” nor do they have to either.
  3. TK421

    Beretta DT11 sport Bfast 2015 +

    As per title, looking for DT11 Sport 32” Adj, the later BFast model 2015 onwards. WHY Located in Cheshire area, let me know what you have or if you know of anything reasonably well priced. Cheers
  4. Isn’t it like when you buy a car though? As in you always find the perfect one, then you see an even better perfect one for a bit more money? This Always happens to me when I buy a car anyway 🤦🏻‍♂️😂. does time of year affect prices at all guys?
  5. That’s gold right there! I’ve been looking for so long I keep talking myself (and researching) in and out of what I want, on the plus side my budget keeps increasing as it’s taking so long 😂
  6. Thanks for that, will check them out. I really Need to start shouldering some guns and narrow this down I think, thanks again for all your replies guys.
  7. To be fair, I’ve been flat out busy, not really waiting for the right one, more like finding the time, hence me now wanting to push this, get something bought, then start spending more time doing what I enjoy, instead or work work work. Well that’s the idea anyway 😉 I like the VAT point, and it does give a reference point as well. I was literally setting off to Malmo to go have a look at a DT10 and 692 Black last year, cash in hand, was on my way to pick up my old man as well to take him along, when the front suspension spring snapped, car was still under warranty, so off it went on a transporter, and that was the end of that, over a years passed since this happened, so I do need to box this off. Maybe I should start a new thread regarding what to buy 🤦🏻‍♂️😂 thanks again for your reply’s
  8. Thanks for the replies guys, this really helps build a picture and more interestingly your own experiences regarding buying a new/used shotgun. My position is I’ve been looking for far too long, got my SGC in 2016, had a few lessons at mickley with Scott and fauxdegla with Cleggy, I’m by no means any good, but do hit a few. I want to now introduce some constants into the mix, first being my own SG, as with each lesson I shoot something different. I have a healthy budget, so want something that not only fits me well, but looks nice, well engineered, with a strong resell value (no doubt I’ll flip it at some point). Being average build, I’m leaning towards beretta, but again nothing set in stone. I really need to get behind a few guns.
  9. Very nice gun and deal by the sounds of it, not too far away, did you get to shoot one before hand at the ground, would be good to find somewhere I can have a play with a few befor committing to the purchase. thanks for the reply.
  10. This is so very true, human nature I guess, buy low sell high, plus we all want our money to go as far as we can. I’m the same when I buy cars, some dealerships have huge margins across the bonnet, but won’t budge on price, hence private sales is normally where I end up. A driving factor for me will be resell value if I don’t gel or get on with the gun and need to resell, so this I would say is a important aspect of the purchase.
  11. Of course I understand that, kinda goes without saying, hence not saying it. The question relates more to buyers experiences and if they had come across more ‘no’s’ than yes’s’ or vice versa , other buying related experiences, good or bad with various declares, sellers regarding discounts etc.. i guess we could also open this up to what the market is like at this present time? Is there a better time of year to buy than others? Has the market slowed or improved over the years? Thanks for your reply’s guys
  12. This is the exact reason why I asked and what winds me up the most, Id simply rather not ask and go elsewhere. We have a local RFD who is a bit odd to say the least. Get him on a good day he’ll chat away, have some banter and have a deal. Other days he’s just a complete ‘See you next Tuesday’ Also had the same with a shop in Manchester... the way I see it as long as you have margin, or even if it just wipes its face a sale is a sale, especially if it’s been possibly sat on a shelf for a while. I see guns on GT sat for months unsold and the price stays the same, yet the reasonably priced ones sell quick. Which makes total sense. Cheers for the reply
  13. So that’s around 10% or so which is pretty good. I see a huge variance on the same guns advertised. I know age and condition has a major factor on this but still. Thanks for your reply
  14. To be fair, when buying anything used I would always ask the question if the price is fixed, wanted to make sure it was still the case buying a used sg. Read a thread whereby the owner wasn’t to happy about discounting his stock as he had bills to pay? Thanks for your reply’s guys
  15. This may sound a daft question, but here goes anyway. Is it even worth asking for discount on used shotguns in a bricks and mortar establishment, or should you budget full price when looking? Have read mixed reviews on this with some stating they usually don’t budge on price. Not sure what the etiquette is or if there even is any? Thinking of premier and Malmo in particular? Anyone had any experience of this and if they got a great deal for asking? Cheers in advance