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  1. Another question that may be asked by the FEO or an area for inspection would be is the property detached? If not are the loft spaces adjoining other properties?
  2. I agree 100%, which is why I said it’s best to ask the FEO. Ive heard of some that will state they want it secured to solid brick work, mine for instance literally opened the door and swung on it, and he was a big lad. Luckily I already knew he was likely to do this, the cabinet had 8 x huge mechanical fixings into the wall and solid brick. others I’ve heard of have had the cabinet free standing as they haven’t yet had time to fix it and the FEO said fine now get the kettle on and where are the biscuits lol. the point is they’re all different (shouldn’t be), they’re like building regs, you can argue with them as much as you like, but how badly do you want your house built (licence )
  3. Best have a look at the home office guidelines on mounting the safe mate. Also mention what you’re thinking to your FEO. My understanding (or it’s better) is it needs to mounted into solid brickwork, or chemically fixed if into block? Also consider load bearing etc..
  4. Looks like the guys sold thousands of them. Feedback looks good as well. my advice always buy one bigger than you need. A 3 gun safe is comfortable for 1 gun. If that’s all you’ll ever need go for that size otherwise go for a 5 gun minimum I’d say. where and how you mount the safe are almost as important as the quality of the safe as are the locks. I went brattonsound, but know many that went the eBay route (there’s another black and red one that’s good) I’d also upgrade the mounting bolts. Good luck 🤞
  5. Brattonsound sentinel plus here also, but to be fair to the other one, it’s a lot cheaper, and still weighs in at 40kg. My mate has the twin lock version and it’s been fine for him. As long as it well built and secure why not? Plus it’s go faster black and red 🚗
  6. Not even in my head does that man math add up 🤔
  7. Shooters have been complaining about price increases since they started increasing prices 😉 the increases we’ve seen since 2020 have outpaced all other increases by some considerable margin. With lead currently at a relative low, there’s genuinely no need to squeeze the industry any more than it’s already being squeezed. the only ones who will ultimately suffer are the clubs and grounds when foot fall drops. have a look at the profits last year for Gamebore and Hull, they’re far from on the bones of their *****.
  8. Another 6+% price increase inbound guys ***.
  9. Oh yes, caution is needed. Only on the metal bits. then there are those that don’t even clean their guns period. I’ve always been a fan of the Napier VP90 kit. Can always get it at a reasonable price. The gun cleaner also has good pressure in the 750ml can to give everything a good blast. For the cost and how long they last, especially when compared to the rest of the ‘other’ shooting costs, they almost pale into insignificance really. to each his own and all part of the making of the rich tapestry of life.
  10. It’s pretty much the same thing tbf, except branded for guns with a ‘made in Germany’ price tag. In all fairness it lasts for ages, isn’t to greasy either and doesn’t stink to high heaven, so Happy to have a bottle kicking about. it also depends on the gun you’re using it on and what value you put on that gun. My main guns chamber and barrels aren’t chrome lined so a little extra cars is needed especially when and after shooting in a downpour, which is common in the UK. My other guns need not as much attention. I always have some VP90 products and use sachets in the safe. Horses for courses. you can of course use any old mineral oil, or whatever takes your fancy.
  11. I mainly use it after a wet shoot, spray quick wipe down, another spray then into a dry sling in the car ready for clean down once home. Then a final light wipe over before going into the safe, that way I already have a protective coating before my next shoot.
  12. I use it and find it fit for purpose. Smell isn’t too bad either. Is it any better than VP90? No idea. But it works well for what it’s designed to doing, military spec as well so safe on rifles etc. Isn’t cheap though.
  13. I found sealskinz also very good especially in the cold and wet.
  14. Macwets should be called macgrips.
  15. Or a K80 lot more money for the gun. back to the OPs original question, I’d personally go with the Gold E if it’s in good order and you’re looking at shooting predominantly clays. Both capable guns but the Gold E is a clay muncher, well designed and solid reliability. Shoot them both and see what fits best for you and your discipline.
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