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  1. Nope, not forgetting, just stating they (you) are no longer doing Saturday practice due to now being too busy as you also just mentioned above? But I’m sure Catton are very grateful for the income from those regulars that did attended Saturday practices back in May 2020 when it was super quite right 😉
  2. Just in time for the next lock down! 😂 just kidding. Happy days and welcome to the club. we’ll expect a ‘my first gun’ post soon 😉
  3. Guys just a quick update on the 3M EEP’s. Few weeks out with them now and I’m really impressed with them. Auto shut off is great and the charging in the case is so easy. I’ve got into plugging the USB into the car on the drive back home, by which time they’re charged when I get back home. ive also just upgraded the foams to the 3M skull screws, (2nd pic) I can honestly say the sound isolation is the best I’ve ever had with these skull screws fitted. I’ve ordered a load of extra sets from the US but they’re currently on back order. I will when I get chance start a new thread regarding these with a more detailed review, just thought to add it here for reference.
  4. So £25 for 100? Sounds very reasonable indeed, think we’ll check it out. Thanks for the heads up
  5. This sounds interesting what was the price for this chaps?
  6. I bet that will be the next thing they hit us with. We will have to pay to attend a shotgun handling and safety course prior to applying for your SGC.
  7. I thought this part was a bit odd to be honest? A letter from ‘someone’ ? They just make it up as they go along, p1$$ed with power
  8. Mate had his interview, week later he had his certificate (Cheshire FEO) 49 weeks is a total p1$$ take
  9. Gutted! One way to get rid of the competition. I think this olympics is going to struggle, that’s if it happens at all. This new variant is so transmissible
  10. Surely other than any medical reasons for not granting and criminal records what else is there to check out regarding the applicant? Secure safe? how long should it really take, I genuinely struggle to defend any force taking 18 weeks or more to process an SGC.
  11. UPDATE. I didn’t personally shoot at Catton yesterday, but a few of the regulars did and have now informed me that they have now stopped all Saturday open practice for the regulars. Reason being Catton are now focusing on the corporate side of the business as I assume it yields better returns for the business. The regulars will be permitted back to open practice later on in the season, (October) when the weather starts to turn and the corporates have stopped booking and are no longer spending their money. Needless to say there were a few disjointed noses over this from the regulars that have been attending for many years, through all weather etc.. and I understand that, some have said it’s the push they needed to get out of regularly shooting at the same ground and enjoy other grounds as well, which is fair enough. They also said it was absolutely rammed. suppose this will always be the issue with multi use/function grounds that cater for stag/hen parties quad bikes, activities etc etc.. it’s just a pity they couldn’t either segregate a section of stands for the regulars who have remained loyal and or give them another day to practice. They did try to segregate stands few Saturdays ago, actually labelling them either ‘instructors only’ or ‘non instructors’ which didn’t work as the instructors just used them all regardless of label. anyway just a update for any Catton shooters contemplating Saturday open practice. Back to the sunshine ☀️
  12. Wow. Where do you shoot mate? How many clays?
  13. You’ve got a few days I believe Topping up on your greens there boss
  14. Lead prices for the last 25 years...
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