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Gun safe advice

Gordon R

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8 hours ago, Gordon R said:

A mate, Mark has a two lock safe, but is thinking to upgrading to one of these single lug - multi locking bolt models.


Has anyone any experience of these? Build quality, dodgy locks etc?

Brattonsound sentinel plus here also, but to be fair to the other one, it’s a lot cheaper, and still weighs in at 40kg. My mate has the twin lock version and it’s been fine for him. As long as it well built and secure why not? Plus it’s go faster black and red 🚗 

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Yes, I have the 8 gun version, had it since 2018.

So far no issues, and it's moved with me twice in that time.

Both FLO's who've seen it made positive noises, for what that's worth

10 hours ago, scarecrow243 said:

Hi Gordon that other one dose not look as strong as the rd7+ i would not buy it

In the era of the cordless angle grinder, we're only talking about delaying a thief anyway.  I have a brattonsound 3 gun next to it, and I know which one I prefer.  It ain't the brattonsound.

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I bought my first cabinet in 1978, extra wide and deep 7 gun with a top shelf by Clay Shooters Supplies at Market Harborough. Twenty five years later I bought another similar (same make) but with an interior lockable top box instead of the shelf. Both cabinets have two Chubb 7 lever locks. 
In 2008 I bought a Brattonsound 5 gun with lockable top box, with a single key operating bolts.
The two original cabinets are streets ahead of the Brattonsound, which has no room in it whatsoever and is difficult to access to the point of being a pain in the *****. .

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I have a similar safe but a double key locking 10 gun version. Build quality is good and I would have no issue buying what you are proposing. It's been in for two years to date and I've no issues with it. 

What I can tell you is that at no time will you ever be able to fit 6 x scoped rifles in there and be able to easily access them at the same time. 

I have a shotgun, 2 x scoped PCP air rifles, a rimfire and centrefire rifle in mine and it's just about full and a faf to get the lesser used guns out of the RHS of the safe. Everyday guns are stored to the left and others are stored to the right like sardines in a can meaning I have to take every other gun out to get to them. 

It would take 10 x sxs shotguns or non scoped rifles no problem. It's scopes, mods, bipods and slings that cause the issues. 

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I bought 2 small size ammo safes from the company for about £50 each they are adequate for the purpose,,but then are behind a locked door as en extra obstacle. 

I did get a bargain Lockaway safe 12 gun deep with ammo safe that  im very happy with and the other a Bratton sound, both good safes. 

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If you look just under the words 

“Sentinel Plus” on the Brattonsound advert it says “Level 2”

I believe that’s related to the certification and when you refer to the home office firearms storage and transfer guidelines it talks about Level1 Level2 and Level3

So if you’re keen to up security make sure it’s not just got vault style pins but it’s actually a Level2 compliant safe

In the meantime the guidelines are worth reading as they do highlight a few things that someone might not think about and of course if you follow the guidelines to the letter and you’re defending a theft or something you should not be on a sticky wicket 


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I think the site of the cabinets is sometimes overlooked rather than thickness of steel and how good the locks are.

If you can place it somewhere which wouldn’t allow a bar to be placed behind the cabinet. It 

would slow things down. A farm not far from me had two prised off the wall and taken to be opened at leisure.

All they left were the large holes in the wall, where the bolts had been.


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On 07/02/2024 at 21:35, Downforce said:


So if you’re keen to up security make sure it’s not just got vault style pins but it’s actually a Level2 compliant safe


This. Many police forces don't like, as far as my experience goes, single lock gunsafes. My own two side by side gunsafes were bespoke made by Leicester Sheet Metal and passed s5 inspection back in the day. If you look in eBay it is almost "awash" with pre-owned gunsafes and as most are collect the seller isn't coming to you house so you can get a third party friend to bid if you want extra anonymity as to your address.

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