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  1. Ed,interested in the maxus.Need to know would you part exchange a franchi affinity approx. 18mths old.


    Am in Kilmarnock so could shoot up to you.

    1. most rifles rust out well before they are shot out even then don't discount a patchy bore as one that doesn't shoot Stock interference is significantly more damaging to accuracy than a few rust spots in the bore .22 Hornet, .17hornet, 17 rem all good rounds. - make sure you can feed them affordably .22WMR is a most useful round and accounted for literally hundreds of foxes personally until I started reloading for .222
    2. £3420 shipped RMSD(£250 saving on RRP)http://www.pulsar-nv.com/products/thermal-imaging-scopes-helion/thermal-imaging-scope-helion-xp-50/Sensor: 640x480 @ 17 µm Magnification: 2.5 ... 20x (smooth zoom) Detection range: 1800 m Color palettes: 8 Wi-Fi module: integrated Video / sound recorder: integrated Objective lens: interchangeable Operating temperatures: -25 … +50 °C https://youtu.be/P4PTIRcP41Y
    3. Have just the thing right here! https://www.guntrader.uk/guns/rifles/remington/bolt-action/17-rem/700-stainless-synthetic-fluted-180128104824373
    4. drop me a PM have screw on dovetails for midlands
    5. I have a side by side fore end hand guard, the leather covered metal ones I tapped it and fitted the fore sling stud to that Rear is on a slip on pad
    6. Edinburgh Rifles

      8 Bore

      single barrel ideally anything considered
    7. cobblers - its plain to see they are split or scored before firing By definition rimfire cases headspace off the rim. If they only split AFTER firing this problem wouldnt be a problem as they are not reloaded only when water ingress causes a misfire, hangfire or squib is the issue really obvious Otherwise people saying they have never had one maybe havent looked. I have yet to find a box of any manufacturer that doesnt produce a split before or after firing Annealing is not viable for a rimfire round costing pennies It is not a process that can be inserted as that would drive cost up even more. Nothing to stop the manufacturer from annealing the WMR case before priming....except money The brass is wafer thin, its a poorly designed case forming process using metal alloy not suited to such reforming the HM2 has splits in them too but doesnt seem to have the volume of issues, primarily due to the reduced number of people using them and the much smaller volume of ammo used I would imagine. That said I have never had a misfire or issue with the HM2 but have had several with the HMR both barrels in a Sako Quad
    8. One manufacturer was always the same for HMR ammo too Doesnt mean it is suddenly going to suddenly stop being made though
    9. awesome round much prefer it to the HMR, cheaper to feed, better accuracy in my rifles, plenty of ammo at the Distribution level, if there is none at your RFD its not down to supply..... its what the .22lr HV round should be I have a Sako Quad and would like to get another shorter barrel
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