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  1. Second dibs if it inthedark doesn’t work out
  2. I’m from Northumberland, just go when visiting for folks for the weekend. I’ll be heading there the next hour or so I think.
  3. That’s only 300 miles from me. I might make a trip, it’ll still be cost effective right?
  4. Cockett farm, Newark. Never shot there before but usually get cartridges from there as always cheapest per slab and the mrs won’t give me enough pocket money to buy per thou ?
  5. I get mine from Steve smiths in dinnington but they’re £7.50 a box for Eley fourlong 2.5inch. Theyre expensive everywhere. If you find somewhere cheaper let me know ?
  6. Just noticed a clay ground near my parents has fiocchi tt one 28grm for £47 for a slab. Seems a good price, anyone got any goods or bads on them?
  7. Saw a mec600 for a bargain about a month ago but couldn’t find one of these anywhere so let it go. Sod’s law this would turn up now ???
  8. Second dibs if it doesn’t work out with loki
  9. If you weren’t over 5 hours away I’d have had them. Why is everything so far away.
  10. Shame my dad doesn’t have a Sgc, he’s coming up a1 today past pontefract, a bit far for me to travel down or else I would have had them ?
  11. +1 for altberg, I use them for work, had two pairs in 5 years, only bought a second pair to wear whilst first ones were getting re-soled. Exclusivley use their leder-Gris on them to keep them supple/waterproof, no cracking or no wet feet apart from the odd time I go too deep and water goes over the top. Great stuff.
  12. It has 2 1/2 stamped on the barrel, I just assumed it was 2.5inch. Would be a bonus if it does take 3
  13. So I went and got it, put 25 cartridges through it and all is fine, ejects well, bolt moves freely and smoothly. Great fun to shoot, probably won’t use it an awful lot, although I do fancy a bit of squirrel/rabbit bashing at some point if I can find somewhere nearby. Thanks for the replies, pleased I went for it. Oh and got some more money off it too ?? Think I got a really good deal.
  14. It’s a single shot harry. I’m going to head up this morning and see if they still have it. Hopefully it’ll be in my cabinet by the end of the day.
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