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  1. From ALDI for the Rich and Adventurous .. who don't mind frightening all the birds https://www.aldi.co.uk/scheppach-dumper/p/021902319279700 atb Gdadphil
  2. Hi I was recently told Met grant requests are around 12 weeks. I dont know how they deal with variations sorry Gdadphil
  3. Hi Leach Please make an appt and talk to your GP about this. All medications will have a sheet in the packaging detailing side effects and we will each have a different response to them. A walk down the street will testify how different we all are. Your GP will have your medical history and will discuss your concerns best regards gdadphil
  4. gdadphil

    scam or what

    Hi I have heard of this before Scammers use your address for delivery on stolen details get the phone delivered to you and then say sorry and call round for it (refunding any costs you have) and then take the phone back. Your address is then listed as a scammer delivery address and may cause you all sorts of problems Cheers Gdadphil
  5. Brilliant Thanks for sharing Gdadphil
  6. For a retro perspective, me and siblings fondly remember Christmas celebrations with maternal grandparents, all family 15 or so around an extended table with a laden shelf made of a wrapping papered scaffold plank down the centre. Huge lunch followed by tea 4 hours later and family games. Memories so vivid now we are grateful for all the effort they made. So, I try and make memories now for 60 years time!!! Mainly though, thankful for the Christ in Christmas. Happy Christmas to all. Gdadphil
  7. Hi All I have just had a useful exchange of emails with the Firearms Team. The important information gained is that there is a lag of "10 to 12 weeks at present in processing applications" So don't delay if your renewal is due. best Gdadphil
  8. Many thanks to Dodeer for sorting it out Gdadphil
  9. Message for Moderators Is there any chance you can get DoDeer to do the right thing? thanks Gdadphil Message for Moderators In light of the number of non deliveries mentioned here is there anyway Mods can make contact? the non communication from DOOER leaves a sour taste
  10. Sorry But I haven't received mine either and no response to PM 🤥 Please refund or send my order through thanks Gdadphil
  11. hello Can I have 1 x Black and blue 1 x black and green please please PM BACS details thanks
  12. Aldi special fwiw cheers https://www.aldi.co.uk/2-in-1-car-creeper-%26-seat/p/020751298051100?utm_source=Aldi&utm_medium=Email&utm_content=Header&utm_campaign=OSDEmail30092019_A&sap-outbound-id=8703D2B0B4B5B67B947471876D39E7B9B2B135EA
  13. Hi Ditchman Sorry this is a bit of a Hijack what model Swift did you get? Have you any idea what you plan to do with it? I've got a 15 plate 5 door 1.3 on a good deal when they were offering 0% finance to get them out the door. Very pleased with it, nearly 60k on the clock with family 35 miles away down M20. Getting around 50mpg overall no issues apart from the clock running slow! I've kept the Continentals on as they seem good value for mileage and grip. Coincidentally, my sister got an older model and she too is very pleased with hers best regards Gdadphil
  14. Hi there All land of any type is classified by the Local Planning Authority (LPA). All LPAs need a "Local Plan" which has the strategic needs and aspirations of the LPA (the Council Officers and Elected Members behind it). Unless land is designated for development you will probably have an uphill battle. this is your "Local Plan" https://shropshire.gov.uk/media/11283/09-preferred-sites-consultation-ellesmere-place-plan-area.pdf have a look before you speak with the planners cheers Gdadphil
  15. would like to see the insurance quote for Third Party FIRE and Theft !! gdadphil
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