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  1. Hi, I'm retired HR. Understandably the new employer will want to get you on the same contract as the existing staff asap to make life easier for them. this gives you a sort term advantage to negotiate a better deal just a couple of thoughts presumable the current 39 days leave include 8 BH so 31 in reality similarly 28 -8 = 20. points to ponder you are going to still get paid for the 11 days lost leave but you now have to work them. so I would negotiate an increase in base pay to compensate (eg a days pay is either annual salary / 365 or 260 (different firms work differently)) how do they treat BH if you work them (I suspect without plussage) not sure what you mean about loosing 19 years long service your new contract should state clearly that your start date is the date you joined old company. this continuity of service is essential for calculating things like redundancy (should this happen in the future) and also possibly pension entitlement. there should be an agreement as to how the new employer is dealing with the previous pension scheme. I suggest you ask if they haven't already told you. this is a subject that all Tupe'd employees have a stake in so a bit of collective discussion with new HR wouldn't go amiss. if you are in a union (they would have been consulted if recognised) get details of new pension and ring union HO for details of where to get advice. if the old pension arrangements not continued then make sure you keep the old scheme admin up to date with any address changes. get a copy of the company staff handbook (if there is one) before signing any new contract as you will be subject to what it contains and you want to be as aware as possible of what they will expect. cheers gdadphil
  2. Hi All Those fed up with the BBC offering might like to follow this you tube channel
  3. Try these people. I have not used them, so exercise caution as normal https://www.omps2.it/en/s-680/295-matt-stock-20ga.html cheers gdadphil
  4. until it has had a track run with proven returns the scammers will have a field day maximising peoples greed.
  5. ERUV a designated , boundaried (sometimes by a single wire) area in neighbourhoods where strictly religious Jews can carry/push items or do other activities normally not allowed under their interpretation of their scripture. EG push a wheelchair around. There are a number of ERUVs in N London and their presence was a controversial issue when planning was gained some 20 years ago. No impact for Non Jewish people. bw gdadphil
  6. 4 years ago my younger son who had enjoyed a good Christmas bonus, gave me the cash to buy a well used 325 with both barrels ported. It shares the most favourite gun spot with my old 686. Occasionally, I shoot well enough to justify it's quality build lovely gun will never sell πŸ‘ gdadphil
  7. What a great start for 2022πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒ
  8. I am a past not current dog owner and as a teenager had a border collie that would bite me (only me ) re food so I stayed out of the way. but in todays litigious society I would not have kept him would have PTS. Not only liable for Civil damages but possibly Dangerous dog prosecution. Sorry but not worth the risk. gdadphil
  9. Craftsmanship of the highest order πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘ gdadphil
  10. hi there i havent used them but understand they have a good reputation https://www.musicmagpie.co.uk/store/category/mobile-phones/samsung/galaxy-s9/#prm_creative=Shop-all-Samsung&prm_name=Shop-all-Samsung-MobP&prm_position=B6&prm_id=MobPNBB6 gdadphil
  11. Do you really mean Β£14.00?? if so yes please I think you may mean Β£140?? cheers gdadphil
  12. Lovely thanks for being on the ball!! gdadphil
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