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  1. Many thanks to Dodeer for sorting it out Gdadphil
  2. Message for Moderators Is there any chance you can get DoDeer to do the right thing? thanks Gdadphil Message for Moderators In light of the number of non deliveries mentioned here is there anyway Mods can make contact? the non communication from DOOER leaves a sour taste
  3. Sorry But I haven't received mine either and no response to PM 🤥 Please refund or send my order through thanks Gdadphil
  4. hello Can I have 1 x Black and blue 1 x black and green please please PM BACS details thanks
  5. Aldi special fwiw cheers https://www.aldi.co.uk/2-in-1-car-creeper-%26-seat/p/020751298051100?utm_source=Aldi&utm_medium=Email&utm_content=Header&utm_campaign=OSDEmail30092019_A&sap-outbound-id=8703D2B0B4B5B67B947471876D39E7B9B2B135EA
  6. Hi Ditchman Sorry this is a bit of a Hijack what model Swift did you get? Have you any idea what you plan to do with it? I've got a 15 plate 5 door 1.3 on a good deal when they were offering 0% finance to get them out the door. Very pleased with it, nearly 60k on the clock with family 35 miles away down M20. Getting around 50mpg overall no issues apart from the clock running slow! I've kept the Continentals on as they seem good value for mileage and grip. Coincidentally, my sister got an older model and she too is very pleased with hers best regards Gdadphil
  7. Hi there All land of any type is classified by the Local Planning Authority (LPA). All LPAs need a "Local Plan" which has the strategic needs and aspirations of the LPA (the Council Officers and Elected Members behind it). Unless land is designated for development you will probably have an uphill battle. this is your "Local Plan" https://shropshire.gov.uk/media/11283/09-preferred-sites-consultation-ellesmere-place-plan-area.pdf have a look before you speak with the planners cheers Gdadphil
  8. would like to see the insurance quote for Third Party FIRE and Theft !! gdadphil
  9. Most people who recognise the dangers of holding a handset will also be users of "hands free" options. Banning "hands free" options will make criminals of everyone and will be impossible to police. this is either a ruse to promote driver-less cars (tongue in cheek) or is a slow news announcement which will evaporate in the hurricane of Brexit cheers Gdadphil
  10. This is the link to the actual survey https://consult.defra.gov.uk/wildlife-management/invasive-alien-species-management-measures/ Open until 12 September 2019 Gdadphil
  11. Hi I reloaded 9mm but found it better to go for cheap factory berdan primer loads (we are talking nearly 40 years ago) issues i found for reloading were getting consistent OAL; consistent casting of bullet heads. I never went subsonic and found a load (cant remember details) that functioned for me H&K PS9 and didn't change regards gdadphil
  12. Does this help? scroll down page for sections dated 14 June https://www.gov.uk/government/collections/general-licences-for-wildlife-management#history regards Gdadphil
  13. Great News It made the Today programme on Radio 4 see Daily Telegraph link https://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2019/06/13/natural-england-forced-shooting-license-u-turn-government-reinstates/ cheers Gdadphil
  14. Early 70's I bought and still have a Haenel 301 great memories! C £17 post paid! atb Gdadphil
  15. Evening All just a PS to this post I have just used Tootle to sell my sons car. it was very easy and all I did was to do a short report, take a walk round video and photos specifically the state of the alloys as well as the interior All done on line and my son having rejected the highest bid (from a pool of dealers) put in a counter bid and got what he wanted (well £50 less). it was picked up from his home 3 days later so there was no hassle at all. Ok so you get dealer trade in prices not retail but for him it worked may be worth a look in the current shortage of cash climate if you are selling a motor cheers gdadphil
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