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  1. Early 70's I bought and still have a Haenel 301 great memories! C £17 post paid! atb Gdadphil
  2. Evening All just a PS to this post I have just used Tootle to sell my sons car. it was very easy and all I did was to do a short report, take a walk round video and photos specifically the state of the alloys as well as the interior All done on line and my son having rejected the highest bid (from a pool of dealers) put in a counter bid and got what he wanted (well £50 less). it was picked up from his home 3 days later so there was no hassle at all. Ok so you get dealer trade in prices not retail but for him it worked may be worth a look in the current shortage of cash climate if you are selling a motor cheers gdadphil
  3. Hi All https://www.aldi.co.uk/c/specialbuys worth a click atb Gdadphil
  4. gdadphil

    Amazon Prime

    Hi there I have used Amazon prime for a number of years. it is worth it so long as you avoid postage exceeding the annual (or monthly) premium. sometimes if you are close to a distribution centre you can get same day delivery. TBH i find it invaluable especially as you can nominate an alternate delivery address (as on non prime purchases) and also can use the amazon app. without having to add card details every time. it makes spending money so much easier !! atb Gdadphil
  5. Hi there Loft storage can be good I bolted my gun safe to brick party wall but be aware of condensation with temperature variations I had a jar with a screw lid with holes in it that had 30%full of moisture absorbing crystals and i needed to empty it regularly. atb gdadphil
  6. this is part of the legislation i referred to cheers Gdadphil
  7. There may be no option but to have some sort of medical review . the law seems to have changed have a look at this link http://www.legislation.gov.uk/uksi/2017/1281/made cheers Gdadphil
  8. The letter was brilliant but I agree with others views on its ability to change the mind of the recipient! I would urge BASC to mine their membership database for those living in her constituency in DELYN and suggest to them that they might like to write to Ms Blythyn suggesting they will not vote for her or her party whilst this stance is taken (whether they would have voted for her or not). Politicians can only make policy if people vote for them! 2016 Election results
  9. It may be legal but is it common sense to ride a motorbike with a shotgun in a slip in an urban area in todays society? I would not want to worry about being followed and my address noted as holding a shotgun and i wouldnt want someone to freak out and tell the police there's a guy with a sgun over his shoulder driving down the Road we have had too many kids on scooters doing raids so peole are more aware cheers
  10. My 2p worth... years ago i was going to a clay gound with my shotgun in a padded slip when I was rear ended and sustained whiplash (off work for a couple of weeks). Police were called and i told them I was going shooting and had a gun secured in the boot( which i could still open) and they werent interested. In recent years I commuted 15 miles to work in central london by Scooter, 4 x getting knocked off, 1 x broken arm , 3 bikes written off, I saw sense and got the train. You will know how vulnerable you are on a bike and if you come off apart from any injury done to you the gun will probably be mangled (unless in a heavy duty case!) but if i had been carrying a gun a even in break down mode and police were called after an RTC I suspect they would be very unhappy about the lack of security especially if i was injured and they had to call an ARV to secure the weapon cheers Phil
  11. Hello Tom Find yourself someone (not necessarily a Chartered accountant) to do your tax return. I get charged less than 100 inc vat but it saves lot of heartache . Just get all details to them in September. If you have got back tax to pay if you leave it too late they will be snowed under and you may miss a deadline Cheers Gdadphil
  12. hi there any news on the delivery date? thanks Phil
  13. HI Sprackles sorry to hear of what you are going through. I cannot comment on potential impact on tickets of being off with stress but my background is HR and am currently working with the NHS in a Talking Therapy service . FWIW I echo all that has been said re documenting everything that has gone on with your company. you may not be able to recall exact times a dates but to have a "diary" of events will help you to get it out on paper. it will also help when dealing with the union. Your employer has an "implied duty of care" towards you and so needs to respond to reasonable requests for support for managing workloads and/or learning new skill sets. they can' t just ignore you and if your "sick note" says work related stress then they should be taking positive action to support you in returning to work. I don't know anything about you or your circumstances but if you had broken your leg you would get the NHS to fix it. there is a NHS Talking therapy service near you http://www.navigocare.co.uk/our-services/community-services/open-minds/ it may not be your thing but, just a thought, if you were seen by your FEO (if it came to it) to be seeking support it may be a positive sign that you were taking action to minimise the effects of what you are going through. the talking therapy service is one you can go for directly without involving your GP and you can tell the admin people when you speak to them to mark your record for not advising your GP. if you do a deal with your Company to leave there are a number of things to take account of. you currently have a contract of employment which needs to be brought to an end if a deal is done. the "divorce" paperwork is called a settlement agreement. it's a legal process which at the end of the day when fully signed off draws a line in the sand and you cant go back to claim any thing else from your employer. you are entitled to your notice period (which in the absence of anything else in your contract would be 12 weeks). although you might be asked to work it , if your GP keeps supplying sick notes you wont return. (TBH they probably would want to move you on asap) you would also be entitled to any prorate holiday due to the end date of your employment. these are the 2 bits of "cash" you are entitled to. do you have a workplace pension. if they want you out you may be able to get it paid bore your normal retirement date without any reduction in benefit, talk to your union on this one as well what you and your union may be able to negotiate is a further sum of money as they may be worried about any claim you might want to take to an Employment Tribunal for the way you have been treated. there is no expected figure here but they may be worried about the impact on their reputation (and cost) if you were to take an Employment Tribunal claim. it just depends on how strong your case might be. you need to discuss any settlement agreement with your union but it helps to have done a bit of research so google settlement agreements. all the best Gdadphil
  14. https://www.motor1.com/news/239742/land-rover-defender-pickup-2020/ Very interesting!
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