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  1. What a great start for 2022πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒ
  2. I am a past not current dog owner and as a teenager had a border collie that would bite me (only me ) re food so I stayed out of the way. but in todays litigious society I would not have kept him would have PTS. Not only liable for Civil damages but possibly Dangerous dog prosecution. Sorry but not worth the risk. gdadphil
  3. Craftsmanship of the highest order πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘ gdadphil
  4. hi there i havent used them but understand they have a good reputation https://www.musicmagpie.co.uk/store/category/mobile-phones/samsung/galaxy-s9/#prm_creative=Shop-all-Samsung&prm_name=Shop-all-Samsung-MobP&prm_position=B6&prm_id=MobPNBB6 gdadphil
  5. Do you really mean Β£14.00?? if so yes please I think you may mean Β£140?? cheers gdadphil
  6. Lovely thanks for being on the ball!! gdadphil
  7. have bought 2 x Gilet 1 x Gilet material coat . pleased with items but a snug fit gdadphil
  8. Having recently had an FEO visit for FAC where my drinking habits were asked about; the comment re any use of non prescription drugs was "instant revocation" !
  9. TBH I have nothing to offer by way of direct experience was office based for 46 years. but I follow Farmer P on YT. He farms plus does arboriculture but also did his pest control tickets and is able to offer that to others in his trade ( particular wasps and hornets) as well as to customers. more diversity more income! cheers
  10. hi I have a 2wd Suzuki Vitara and have been very pleased w it not a heavyweight I accept but I get 45 mpg w a 1.6 engine. atb
  11. gdadphil

    Job advice

    This plus...... Future proof yourself by getting as many extra courses/qualifications as you can even if if means losing the odd day here and there out and about. Your boss, rare as hen's teeth in his attitude, could move on and be replaced w a vegan ! Be the go to guy for problem solving so you build up supporters across depts who will champion you if needed atvb gdadphil
  12. hi i recently bought a Vitara with a pump and sealant kit. no jack! got full setup inc spacer saver wheel from motorm0nkey on the bay cheers
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