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  1. Hello look at this https://www.omps2.it/en/firearm-spare-parts/beretta-spare-parts/semiautomatics/a300-a301-a302-a303/mod-a303-cal-ga-12/fore-end-cap-with-swivel.html cant vouch for company others may know it cheers
  2. Hi I asked and got a Mont Blanc Rollerball when leaving a job! it was a good choice that was over 29 years ago I use it for important signings when I want to make an impression lol if you get one (btw much more useable than the ink pen) use MB refills more choice as to size of nib as well as colour of ink cheers gdadphil ps there are bona fide traders in MB pens eg https://www.dylanstephenpens.co.uk/?s=mont+blanc
  3. yes, if you have the reminder it will have a unique code on each one, otherwise you need the V5 unique code https://www.gov.uk/vehicle-tax It's dead easy now cheeRS gdadphil
  4. Hi All This is all to do with equal pay It started over 10years ago in local govt with refuse collectors being compared with dinner ladies pay rates were the same but bonuses not. This caused LA's over ยฃ100M in back pay For he Supreme Court to have given this decision there must have been some real deep analysis of the agreed constituent parts of the various roles to show that (given each role duty would be ascribed a points value) the roles were of "equal value" to the employer. if you are interested in the detail this is a useful and fairly easy to follow link http
  5. Hi wishy735 WHY? they are looking after my best interests at no cost to themselves? Any Solicitors on the forum care to comment? cheers
  6. Did you know that someone could impersonate you and sell or re-mortgage your property without you knowing?? This sounds like an opening line to a cheesy advert ... I was informed this can happen in a letter from my Solicitor, received, just today, after having moved house in January 2021. Apparently in 2010 there were 71 claims paid by the Land Registry for claims over impersonated transactions; not many out of the many transactions that take place but it happens. I'm told you can check if your details are correct on the Proprietorship Register and you can add your email or mobi
  7. Hi All I just wanted to bring this to your attention in case you hadn't seen it also reported on BBC news cheers gdadphil Quote from Kevin Miller on Sean Ivey Justgiving page I have started this page to try to raise an amount of money to Help a former Royal Marine Commando. He was the victim of anti social behaviour. His Car, Caravan and Home was set on fire whilst himself, wife and two children slept. His home insurance had expired and he is now is literally walking the street in his Pajamas. I served with Sean at 45 Commando and he is a man of exceptional c
  8. Speak to your local .22 rifle clubs. they have to clean up the bullet traps from time to time. Just to share my experience I used to cast bullets to reload for .38 special and 9mm (yes I'm not young!) when you melt the lead do it outside (not in the kitchen) and make sure when you follow safe procedures. mask goggles gloves etc etc etc DON'T DO THIS > ((Esp if have u washed muck off the lead and jacketed heads and you think that it is bone dry before you ladle it in the bubbling pot.)) <DON'T DO THIS (melting point of lead 327.5 deg C) Only by the grace of Go
  9. Sell it to Mel b3 for moving logs? ๐Ÿ˜ƒ
  10. check out Yamaha Breeze topic๐Ÿ˜„
  11. She will remember it for ever ๐Ÿ˜€
  12. if you mess up a d-i-y will your dependents will suffer the hassle of sorting it out (it may not be fixable) A solicitor is trained to do it and as old man said, know all the issues you need to address every Oct/Nov there is a scheme where Solicitors draw up simple wills for a donation to charity (check out Money Saving Expert from September onwards) I got a will done this way and I know it's OK cheers gdadphil
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