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  1. A new website from the Angling Trust https://fishingbuzz.co.uk/ Cheers Gdadphil
  2. Haenel 301 .177 bought as soon as I was able around 1968 Cheers
  3. Hi Ditchy, the shroud could cover the whole contraption painted green, duly aged and say "Danger RAT Poison" so the whole shebang (!) could be left in plain view? cheers Gdadphil
  4. gdadphil

    face masks

    Hi there What a brilliant gesture , well done for this Donation sent Thanks Gdadphil
  5. Thank you for a shaft of light in this current media-perpetuated gloom The olds were probably worried sick about CV, your decent act has boosted us all Gdadphil
  6. Hi Westward Amazon is your friend! cheers Gdadphil
  7. Hi PW Massive For those of us with more (too much?) time on our hands.... this YouTube channel shows great salvage rescues ...warts and all.. Regards Gdadphil
  8. Nicholas Soames?? Churchill's grandson!
  9. Hi MM Sorry to read your difficulties.. it's a real pain I hope this helps to add to your understanding https://www.moneyadviceservice.org.uk/en/articles/how-youre-protected-when-you-pay-by-card best regards Gdadphil
  10. Hi there Ditchy Look at gumtree ride on mowers norfolk https://www.gumtree.com/search?featured_filter=false&urgent_filter=false&sort=date&search_scope=false&photos_filter=false&search_category=all&q=ride+on+mower+norfolk&tq=&search_location=Norfolk cheers Gdadphil
  11. Hi there About 30 years ago I was contacted by the local LR dealership and offered a test drive for an afternoon in Range Rover, I explained that I couldn't afford one but they said that my details had come from Head Office and that it was OK. So I said OK and as it was just before Christmas I went from SE London to East Sussex and had a nice winters ride and decided to get a real Christmas tree. It fitted nicely in the back with the seat down (wouldn't have gone in my Golf!!) After around 3.5 hours I gave it back (with the shed pine needles in the back). Never found out why I was chosen.. gift horse and all that!! cheers Gdadphil
  12. From ALDI for the Rich and Adventurous .. who don't mind frightening all the birds https://www.aldi.co.uk/scheppach-dumper/p/021902319279700 atb Gdadphil
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