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  1. If you cant get a buyer try Drew Pritchard the Salvage Hunter
  2. gdadphil


    Use this site to track old pension pots. You only need the name of your old Employer https://www.gov.uk/find-pension-contact-details cheers
  3. Had mine just over a week ago, they checked I wasn't allergic to eggs and warned me I may have flu like symptoms for a week. So far all good!! 🤞🤞🤞
  4. Well worth all the effort esp Tightchoke and Hawkeye. thanks
  5. gdadphil


    Hi All My background was HR and for 10 years to 2019 (now retired) I was supporting clients, of an Inner London Talking Therapy service, with their work related concerns. Every NHS service has a Talking Therapy Service Read about how you can access your service here. https://www.nhs.uk/conditions/stress-anxiety-depression/benefits-of-talking-therapy/ If you are worried about your licence you can (without disclosing why) ask them not to tell your GP BUT if they think you may harm yourself or another then they will contact your GP, as your safety (rightly) takes priori
  6. Hi 2 successful challenges on behalf of my son 1. he used his own car to drive to a electrical dig up site and parked with the vans in a cordoned off area normally subject to parking restrictions local authority slapped on a parking fine after ignoring the car for 2 days. Over the phone I spoke with a parking superviser who said the regulations stated contractor vehicles. I countered and said he was a contractor and asked for the Council minute which clarified that only liveried vehicles were allowed. they backed down and said not to do it again! 2 he parked
  7. Hi just in case anyone was fooled by that "teddy bear" look..... check out this video (particularly from 19:00 minutes) cheers gdadphil
  8. Your pride in him is in every word you wrote! cheers
  9. The Virus is over...back to reality with Ditchy.... viewing his threads should be listed as a Covid cure!! cheers gdadphil
  10. Hi Fatchap Glad you aren't in the firing line but things can change. May I suggest that when the dust settles you see what you can do to consolidate your role in the company? Some might say it's sucking up to management I would say it's protecting yourself from any future cuts as they would have invested more in you. so look at any professional courses they would pay for or even a First Aid qualification if they are short of First Aiders? cheers gdadphil
  11. thanks for your time as a mod.
  12. Hi Fatchap sorry to hear this https://www.gov.uk/calculate-your-redundancy-pay this is the govt calculator do you have a union or some sort of collective agreement? If so the methodology of selection should be agreed with them. some points to keep in mind 1 every dismissal (inc redundancy has to be demonstrably fair ... so if there is a points based system it should be open to verification not just the whim of management. the easiest is sick days off but even then people with long term health problems can be disadvantaged. if you are made redundant a
  13. Hi There Worth a read https://archive.acas.org.uk/index.aspx?articleid=5791 atb gdadphil
  14. As it has been said this is becoming an educational thread...... perhaps this will be of interest! with thanks to https://easyscienceforkids.com/all-about-moles/ Cheers! gdadphil PS there are many sites about moving to Ireland ! SORRY!! lol
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