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  1. hi I have a 2wd Suzuki Vitara and have been very pleased w it not a heavyweight I accept but I get 45 mpg w a 1.6 engine. atb
  2. gdadphil

    Job advice

    This plus...... Future proof yourself by getting as many extra courses/qualifications as you can even if if means losing the odd day here and there out and about. Your boss, rare as hen's teeth in his attitude, could move on and be replaced w a vegan ! Be the go to guy for problem solving so you build up supporters across depts who will champion you if needed atvb gdadphil
  3. hi i recently bought a Vitara with a pump and sealant kit. no jack! got full setup inc spacer saver wheel from motorm0nkey on the bay cheers
  4. Just picked up a nice CZ 452 Silhouette from Chris Potter in Tunbridge Wells (great service btw) but only had 1 x 5 round mag. On the look out for 2 x 10 round. thanks gdadphil
  5. Farmer P has been vlogging for a few years and has an interesting diverse content... worth a look IMO cheers gdadphil
  6. Hi I had my bathroom replaced in may used Victoria Plum as recommended by my builder great value for money btw I chose a comfort toilet higher/taller than standard pan, great for older folk also steel bath going to last longer and wont flex as w plastic https://victoriaplum.com/browse/all-bathroom-suites atb gdadphil
  7. https://www.ryedaleauctioneers.com/catalogue/6F38C71627AB82614345FC79F811141F/02D8863B5DE7D5D97F6EF64910788336/sporting-gun-accessories-sale/ Feasts for the eyes! Enjoy!
  8. Try deleting all cookies then start over cheers
  9. Scully would you be OK to share your IG details? your work is superb cheers gdadphil
  10. fyi https://www.co-oplegalservices.co.uk/media-centre/articles-may-aug-2018/calculating-the-value-of-an-estate-for-probate-inheritance-tax/ cheers
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