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  1. The Virus is over...back to reality with Ditchy.... viewing his threads should be listed as a Covid cure!! cheers gdadphil
  2. Hi Fatchap Glad you aren't in the firing line but things can change. May I suggest that when the dust settles you see what you can do to consolidate your role in the company? Some might say it's sucking up to management I would say it's protecting yourself from any future cuts as they would have invested more in you. so look at any professional courses they would pay for or even a First Aid qualification if they are short of First Aiders? cheers gdadphil
  3. thanks for your time as a mod.
  4. Hi Fatchap sorry to hear this https://www.gov.uk/calculate-your-redundancy-pay this is the govt calculator do you have a union or some sort of collective agreement? If so the methodology of selection should be agreed with them. some points to keep in mind 1 every dismissal (inc redundancy has to be demonstrably fair ... so if there is a points based system it should be open to verification not just the whim of management. the easiest is sick days off but even then people with long term health problems can be disadvantaged. if you are made redundant ask for a copy of the calculation to ensure fairness. have they asked for volunteers ? if not why not? it could go badly for them if they haven't bothered to ask. read all you can on the Acas site https://www.gov.uk/calculate-your-redundancy-pay not just your part but the employers part as well to see what they should be doing properly keep written notes of every interaction with management (I said ..he said)from now on, it might be useful. If you can't make the notes at work type up or write up at home the same day. people think they will remember details ... they won't. if you are made redundant and you want to contest it you have 3 months less a day from your final day to get a claim to the Employment tribunal. seek legal advice at the earliest opportunity. check your contents household insurance you may have taken legal cover which may pay for a lawyer. you will be entitled to 7 weeks notice (for 7 complete years) unless your contract says more notice is due. this is subject to tax and NI and you can be asked to work it. also prorata unused leave to last day again through payroll. there should be clarity about the "weeks pay" used to define your redundancy pay. read the acas guidance but be aware that if the average of your last 12 weeks pay (including contractual OT but not voluntary OT) is taken it will include the reduction of pay you now have. I would strongly argue for the precut average wage to be used. hope this is of help best regards gdadphil Correct ACAS link https://www.acas.org.uk/redundancy
  5. Hi There Worth a read https://archive.acas.org.uk/index.aspx?articleid=5791 atb gdadphil
  6. As it has been said this is becoming an educational thread...... perhaps this will be of interest! with thanks to https://easyscienceforkids.com/all-about-moles/ Cheers! gdadphil PS there are many sites about moving to Ireland ! SORRY!! lol
  7. Agree this needs to be looked at. It is possible that Martin had already had a POA drawn up (just in case) and his family have triggered it due to his stroke. However he should be able to tell them to "back off" if he is deemed fit to run his own affairs after his return home. He may need independent legal advice to ensure his rights are looked after. best gdadphil
  8. gdadphil

    Bad day

    Hi there My sons Focus caught fire with all his Christmas presents in it as he was on the M25 some years ago. Gallows humour from the Fire Brigade " It'll be Ok after bit of TCut!" seriously though it brings the value of life into perspective! best wishes to them Gdadphil
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    suggest you edit your post and delete all personal details then go to very top of this page click on members and find pigeonbasher click on his name and send a message it will get direct to him cheers gdadphil come back if u need to
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    hiRay suggest u delete this and send to PB by private message Security and all that cheers gdadphil
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    Hi I was doing some research recently and came across this company in Italy I dont know them nor have used them and don't know about sending to Uk (and VAT?) so suggest caution but may be worth looking into https://www.omps2.it/en/firearm-spare-parts/beretta-spare-parts/over-and-unders/s-680/s-686-special-cal-ga-12/matt-fore-end.html regards gdadphil
  12. gdadphil

    Lord Geordie

    Dave Fwiw I understand that NHS workers (those with NHS email address for ID purposes) can get a good discount on Apple products. Might you have contact with someone eligible who can assist? there may be other sectors who also qualify for a discount best Phil
  13. Hi there I have used the Samsung Tab A and have just upgraded to the latest version with Vodafone on a sim card. TBH i have found it very good and utterly reliable. i have bought an via amazon a blue tooth keyboard and case for it. really cheap small laptop with great portability atb Phil
  14. gdadphil


    I got my MOT done 2 weeks ago in suburban London, no difficulties got the bus both ways . no fuss. ring round if your usual provider not available. If you delay 6 months you will be competing for appts with those MOTs due then cheers gdadphil
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