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  1. Checked feeders for first in 2 weeks hardly touched 🤷‍♀️
  2. Unfortunately you’re probably too late to join any wildfowling clubs this year new season in under a month away and the club I belong to has its new members induction this Saturday! But good luck
  3. sam triple


    No never had a problem with DPD or Hermies tbh I know people slate them , but as said it’s down to the individual, and yes it’s easy for companies to hide behind automated services blaming covid for huge queues , I actually got through to one company quicker by using the chat service on the pc whilst still being held in a queue on the phone 🤔🤷‍♀️
  4. Think I have a few , are they labelled as Record ?
  5. Feeders have hardly been touched in 2 weeks now ,!
  6. When I do lates a few of us used a chippy up the road that put prices up &10.20 for quarter chicken and chips , one Saturday mrs was out ordered from local one same meal plus a chicken nugget and chips for my daughter they delivered for £13.50 , when I’m on early shift I can get cod and chips mushy peas for £3
  7. I’m with direct line not had to claim but dealing with them on the phone they e been good not left for hours in a queue waiting for someone to answer , get discount on home , mrs car and dog insurance with them too ,
  8. My feeders have hardly been touched the last few weeks , too much natural about at the mo , loads of beach trees in the wood and wheat in the fields
  9. I’ve a ridgeline monsoon coat for shooting , dog walking and yes you do sweat in it
  10. sam triple

    Poults Wanted

    Again why in this country do we rely on foreign imports to satisfy our needs , until something like this happens and bites us on the bum , before something here gets done about it
  11. I’d be looking for a second hand s410 or similar
  12. sam triple

    Poults Wanted

    £10 seems to be going rate heard of them being auctioned, we won’t get any this season
  13. Can you not add her as a named driver on your policy
  14. Just the one bore yesterday think they’re on natural food sources now
  15. Unfortunately they’re all as bad as one and other , trust none of the,
  16. Cheers for that you’ve probably just upset half the air gun shooters on here 😂
  17. sam triple


    Totally racist to the white man if you ask me but racism only works one these days
  18. Sounds like you’ve got a problem with the ultra for it to be doing that what air pressure was in it ? I’d be putting a chrono over it to test for any discrepancy in power output
  19. As above anyone know where I can get some from cheers
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