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  1. Went to see a mate last night to pick up a Roe deer , asked what I’d been doing off late so i told him how many squirrels I’d shot , mentioned he shoots deer in a nursery that’s supplies young trees and it’s full of greys , he said he’ll give my number to the owner . Fingers crossed but not holding my breath
  2. Another from the garden this morning, was watching her take peanuts and trying to bury them
  3. Look at the tackle on this one no7 from garden; 47 in total
  4. Only 2 this morning up in the woods another came bolting past no time to get the gun on him , the 2 I shot were foraging no interest the feeders a nice big boar which was looking head on at me he must have moved as I shot and I hit him in the back instantly dead and smaller one with a nice head shot , me mate filled up my feeder food that’s 40 so far in 5 months , topped off by one helping itself to peanuts in the garden left for the birds
  5. Be the 97 with normal scope next time
  6. Saw a squirrel in the trees out the back then it disappears, told the woman that one was about looked out the window and it was sat on a bird box , legged it upstairs gently opened the bathroom window it was still there got my gun turned the Pard on , had it in my sights and all went blank ! Battery flat my cursing must have scared it off not to be seen again 🙈
  7. All seems to be a lottery on this each force seems to have different rules in place
  8. So took myself up the woods this afternoon for a few hours as I arrived a buzzard had just taken a pigeon in front of me , feathers everywhere so I made my way to the new feeder gave it a check nothing had changed , so back to the old feeder had 2 within an hour then the pheasants made their way down the track to feed so back up to the new feeder I sat there for 20 min I could see one in the ivy a way past the feeder it stuck its head up for a second too long a cracking head shot @ 25 m
  9. Cheers mice I’ll give it a gin
  10. Took a look at my feeders yes for a first time in a week both had taken a beating from the weather with water managing to get in soak the food which had turned mouldy , emptied and refilled for now , maybe looking at a new design out of more water tight material
  11. No such problems with me a mate does the Keepering one hide and feeder 60 m from release pen , pheasants everywhere and they really don’t take any notice of me or the air rifle going off
  12. Not come across that with mine just a go of playing with it and seeing what happens or try you tubing it
  13. Yes the slopey shoulder syndrome will kick in and sh#t only rolls one way …….down hill
  14. https://fb.watch/8lceGyShjY/
  15. Few hours out this morning 3 around the old feeder as I arrived bagged one the others fled gave it half an hour another appeared high in the tree hit him with a hard body shot he wanted to fall but clung on and somehow pulled itself back upright and moved slowly back in to the tree not to be seen again 🤷‍♀️. Another appeared a bit later again another body shot it flipped out of the tree with a thud on the ground and somehow managed to wobble away into the stingers , so I went to new feeder 1 squirrel on it only offering a body shot so this time I made sure it wasn’t going anywhere a good heart shot that went through and out the other side no movement on him , 35 in total now
  16. What ever you can get and can live on basically, some employers are still taking the P and paying just above minimum wage , my mrs is an adult services care manager £38k 40 hours per week , I got laid off last year took a Carpy job @£10 ph for 6 months just kept my head above water, few other jobs followed at £12.60 and £13.50 ph , now I’ve found a job 6 miles from home £18.30 ph subsidised canteen etc but it’s double day shift and it’s the shift allowance that bumps the wage up , 35 hours a week
  17. Probably 45 more than you give your mrs 😂👍
  18. I Use the same as what’s in the pheasant feeders
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