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  1. Magies gather in large numbers at this time of year.
  2. Maybe it is actually a duck call put in the wrong box😂
  3. I think the Nordic crow calls are very good, and found them easier to use than the Sam Neyt calls.
  4. Seemingly any call. Loads still use mouth calls though, and many don't even know its illegal. Think that's the only method deemed ok to use, but loads of lads still use mouth and electronic calls, not even aware that they are illegal to use.
  5. Count your blessings. We can't even use crow decoys here in Ireland. Also not allowed use any calls to draw in fox's.
  6. I'm in Ireland lad. Reds doing well in some parts of the country, and reappearing in other parts. The cities is the main problem, with huge numbers of greys. Pine Marten seem to be doing a job on the greys, since their numbers have exploded. That has both positive and negative effects obviously.
  7. No not in the area. We have mostly reds around here. I did see one grey a few years back. Only for that, I would have thought there was only reds in these parts.
  8. The trap loan thing is a good idea Another good idea would be a workshop type day, to show people how best to set up traps for best results. I take it, those who don't have their own traps, don't know much about trapping.
  9. Here you are lads. Its best practice EXCEPT when it comes to RABBITS, which is what's referred too in the 1911 act above
  10. As far as I know, that act is sort of outdated and preceded by other acts. Also, the wording above is not exactly accurate.
  11. Yes, would be great if you could stick that up for us thanks
  12. I don't believe its law, only best practice with regards kill traps. I think by law, lagoon traps have to be visited daily.
  13. Kind of similar to what the uneducated feel about grey squirrels
  14. Great pictures. Those parakeets are in big numbers in some areas.
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