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  1. Hi guys, just a quick question. I got the following mallard decoys. They’re all brand new, seem like good quality made from a sturdy rubber type of material. My family actually sent me them from abroad. What I wanted to find out is what is the average price of 12 decoys from here? I just wanted to see if it is worthwhile them send me the decoys or not. Like always any replies are much appreciated.
  2. Thanks for everyones comments. After speak and explaining everything to the shop and the wholesaler they’ve agreed to fix it free of charge.
  3. @Windswept of course it may not be worthwhile to go down the claim route but I will see how much they’re charging for the spring and etc and take it from there. But more than the cost it’s the principle behind it. Don’t encourage people to buy brand new so they have warranty but then look for ways out. Just isn’t right
  4. Thanks for the replies guys. I did find the reasoning very odd. Once I have spoken to them on Monday I will decide what to do from there. @bruno22rf I did buy it on credit card. If the shop isn’t very willing to help roll me contacting my credit card company be an option?
  5. Hi guys, so I posted a thread on this website some time ago about my armsan a612. I’ve had it for less than a year and I took it out and the spring snapped. The shop has sent it back to the importer and upon inspection they’ve said that because the gun is dirty it is not covered by the warranty and that’s what caused the spring to snap? Now this is the first I’ve heard that if you don’t clean your gun after ever use your warranty is void. It is also important to note that I have cleaned the gun. The booklet that comes with the armsan states the gun should be cleaned periodically and they recommend a clean after every 200 rounds. The importer said they can fix the gun but it will be chargeable which I strongly disagree with as it is under warranty! Any advice on how best to approach this?
  6. @Blueflamei think I need to print a copy as well. Recently been to the farm and seen plenty of pigeons feeding on the Lucerne there
  7. @Blueflamei agree with you have posted above. The one concern I have regarding the GL is that if and this is a big IF one has to prove serious crop damage how do they do this? I’ve read somewhere that it has to be a significant financial impact to the farm and not just a nuisance but how do shooters gauges this. Especially those that are doing it as a part of a syndicate?
  8. If the farmer says to you they have tried other means and it’s just not practical as they have a large piece of land to cover sure that is enough for the shooter to go out and without trying any other means. The license states ‘before using this licence, be satisfied that you, or the person authorising you to act under this licence, have made reasonable endeavours to achieve the purpose in question using alternative’. Have I understood this correctly or must the shooter ‘if practical’ try non lethal methods as well? Also, is 500+ acres big enough of a land for other measures to be non practical
  9. @soulboy1957sorry I’ve managed to find one. Thanks anyway though
  10. Thanks @6.5x55SE Think I’ll just take it to the shops when they reopen next week and make the most of my warranty
  11. The bolt is also jammed open and does not close. Just don’t know what’s the matter with it so just going to wait until Monday and give the shop where I bought it from a call
  12. Ah west York’s is far for me. I’m based in Essex
  13. Where are you based @Velocette
  14. A cheap 12G O/U wanted
  15. @wigeon jimI’ve tried everything but the barrel is stuck. Odd because I opened and cleaned the gun about a week or so ago.
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