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  1. I've just seen that. It all looks okay, so as long as i have aligned everything it should be fine right? I'm assuming that if i have not aligned it properly the gun will not fix on?
  2. Hi, so I’ve just got my Armsan A612. I have assembled it but I was wondering, how would I know if I have done this correctly?
  3. @Spr1985 yes I got the same length so a 51” slip should suffice?
  4. @marsh man kent wildfowlers. I’ve already spoken to them. I’ll joking as an associate for now and learnt the ropes and then join as a full member later on which will be at the end of this season but I don’t mind
  5. I'm joining a club for wildfowling but need to be taken out to the marshes by someone and etc so thought it would all be easier once lockdown finishes! @marsh man
  6. Yes it is a shame, i got issued my SGC during this recent lockdown so i cannot wait to get out there!
  7. I am hoping that clay grounds open as soon as too...
  8. So lockdown officially ends on 2nd December, does this mean all shooting events are back on (given the social distancing etc is maintained)?
  9. Hi, as the title describes. I'm looking for a shooting partner around the Essex area, or even London. Would be good to have someone to be able to go shooting with and possibly have something in place for next duck season
  10. Would you happen to know if an Armsan A612 will be nitro proofed? @strimmer_13
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