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  1. Recently bought an Igenix portable ac unit. I think it is 9000-10000 btu isn’t the most advanced thing out there but does the job. Given the heatwave we’re having again very glad I got it!
  2. All this bird flu sounds worrying. Now this may sound like a stupid question but if you do shoot wildfowl how would you know if it is infected? Are there any obvious signs to look out for?
  3. I have a marsh not too far from my home and whenever I go to work I can normally see a lot geese but these last few times I’ve gone into work they’re not there anymore. It does look like the birds have gone to other areas for the time being
  4. I was just wondering with the heat waves and the lack of rain we’ve had down south, how will this effect the wildfowling season? This is only my second season wildfowling so intrigued to see if anyone knows if this will have any make any difference to the start of the season?
  5. They do have one in place but it’s been difficult to get something sorted with my mentor so thought I’d try this route as well. And also it’ll be good having someone to go out on the pigeon days as well. @Penelope
  6. Thanks for your response @Pushandpull Unfortunately doesn’t look like I’m going to get anyone taking up this offer. I am also happy taking someone out who has some knowledge but may not have access to any shooting areas.
  7. Hi guys, I’m based in Thurrock (Essex) and am looking for a shooting buddy. I’ve posted this before and have had some response but due to having our first kid and then getting a new phone and loosing all my numbers wasn’t able to pursue anything. I’m looking for someone who knows about wildfowling and is willing to teach me the ropes. I’m part of a wildfowling club and have access to a lot of foreshore but as I’ve only mainly done inland shooting I don’t want to venture out onto the foreshore on my own. They also give access to pigeon shooting. I can take guests with me for a daily fee that the club charge (which isn’t much), I’m happy contributing towards this if it means I get to learn and meet good people. The club does have a mentor scheme but I can never seem to arrange a suitable date/time. If anyone is interested drop me a line and we can discuss further over the phone. Thank you in advance.
  8. Hi guys I have an ATA Sp black sporter 12g and was wondering whether anyone would know where I can get extended chokes (steel proofed) for it? Many thanks in advance.
  9. Hi guys, following from my last post. Does anyone know of any reliable goose guides in Scotland? I have details of some in Orkney island who I will be contacting but would like to see if there are any that are not around Orkney island. Thanks in advance
  10. Hi guys, I was wondering whether anyone has been to Scotland for goose hunting? I know I’ it’s a bit early but I’m planning a trip to Scotland for next season, I’m from London so thought I’d look into it well in advance. Would like to know if anyone has been and how it was?
  11. First time out shooting geese yesterday and I must say it was a day I will never forget! In total we shot 16 grey lags and this was all down to how much effort fenny puts in prior to anyone getting to ensue he knows where the geese are and how they’re flying. The feeling when you get to the grounds and you can hear hundred of geese honking. Then the wait starts until you finally see hundreds of geese flying overhead is just mind blowing! Even on the pigeon Fenny would constantly drive round all his permissions to find the best possible place for everyone to shoot. Highly recommend these days to anyone. In summary great shooting and great company what more could you ask for? Thank you again Fenny for an unforgettable day!
  12. My condolences to the family during this difficult time.
  13. Hi guys, just a quick question. I got the following mallard decoys. They’re all brand new, seem like good quality made from a sturdy rubber type of material. My family actually sent me them from abroad. What I wanted to find out is what is the average price of 12 decoys from here? I just wanted to see if it is worthwhile them send me the decoys or not. Like always any replies are much appreciated.
  14. Thanks for everyones comments. After speak and explaining everything to the shop and the wholesaler they’ve agreed to fix it free of charge.
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