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  1. Appreciate the replies gents, and i agree with all the above but hopefully some with experience in pigeon shooting already knows that we do our bit and whether the pigeons turn up or not is a different story! With what @marsh man has said, that would be idea but the club hasnt got anything in place as of yet so members can contact each other but they said they are looking into it. I know unless people have perms pigeon shooting can be very expensive so thought i would put it out there to see if anyone is interested. Im more than happy to read through everything and learn what i can by trial an
  2. Hi guys, now not sure if this is the right place to post this but here it goes. I have just joined a club that gives me access to 1500+ acres of arable farmland. I have been pigeon shooting a few times but it has always been under someone else in that they set everything up and you come and shoot. Now that i have access to this land i was wondering whether there are any experienced pigeon shooters that will be willing to come out with myself to teach me the ropes. I know the club does charge a daily fee for guests but it isn't too much. I mean I am more than happy going through everything on t
  3. Pigeon decoys? @Baikel man
  4. So outdoor facilities to open again from 29th March, will this include clay pigeon as well does anybody know?
  5. Very interesting thread. I’m 28 and am obsessed with the sport. Although I have to say my interested started due to family members abroad and me being able to accompany them on their hunting trips. One thing that has always prevented me from getting into any type of shooting was basically not knowing how to or the laws around it. The reason for this is I have never known anyone with a sgc or that is into any of these sports. So I strongly believe that unless you’re in the know about how licensing and everything else works you probably won’t get involved much in shooting sports. Since I’ve star
  6. Thanks for all the replies. Time to find the cheapest I can get my hands on then!
  7. Thanks for everyone’s reply. So as long as I get a factory load and it’s 3inch or less it’ll be fine regardless of how many grams it is?
  8. Hi Guys, I was wondering what cartridge people would recommend for going out on the pigeons? I know everyone will have different opinions but i was just curious to see what everyone says before i put my order in. Thanks
  9. Hi guys, Was just wondering if anyone has any cartridges for sale that can be used on the pigeons? Im based in Essex and willing to collect once this lockdown situation calms down. Thanks
  10. Hi well I'm not sure whether this is the correct place to post. What is the heaviest load someone has shot through an armsan a612? And out of curiosity is there a limit to the load that one can fire through their gun?
  11. Ah good point. Thanks @Good shot?
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