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  1. Just bought these off ebay "Mossy Oak Camo Hunting Boots" Has any one else tried these and how do you rate them?? Cheers jamie
  2. Hi all this is me on the right, was meant to have been fishing but ended up eating and drinking
  3. could anybody tell me how to make bunny burgers?? many thanks jamie
  4. Good shot for a 177 air rifle
  5. Yes it is a Diana.. Thats where the gat must of come from Grandad gat gun
  6. Hey Cranfield, Ive yet to mention my water pistol and not to forget my pea shooter..... With my kit Pigeons are extinct around leicestershire
  7. I still have my spud gun.... I will have to dig it out
  8. Used to feel Great to have one as a kid ... You could do more damage with the barrrel shooting out than the pellet
  9. I found this in the attic. Must be the oldest thing i own
  10. I will give that ago do you no what the basic price range is? T cheers Jamie
  11. Hi, At the min im using a air rifle but in the long run i would like to use a shotgun.
  12. Help newbie on the scene I have been into shooting and fishing for many years mostly just plinking in the back garden with my air rifle. But as years are going on and my youth is running away, I thought it was about time to venture out of the boundaries of my garden and to the great outdoors. Now the land to shoot on is not the problem but my confidence is. So where do I start. Shall I go and book some clay pigeon lessons? or try and find some local shooters that I can just tag along with not to shoot but to learn there field techniques? any help on this would be a start? many thanks in ad
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