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Fishing licence

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O.K I understand a few of you on this site enjoy fishing so could you awnser me this?

I havent been fishing since I was 12 and I fished on a private lake that belonged to the estate were we also shot ducks there, I have now been invited fishing on a lake were you pay for a days fishing I am getting my rod off my grandad and everything was sorted but then it struck me do I need a fishing licence?

I wasent old enough for one then but do I need one now my mate wants me to go on friday so If i went to the post office and got one would it take time to apply for one or would they just give it to me there and then?  :sick:

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I know you find that hard to believe YP,

I've been too busy to post!  :sick:  :o  :P   Well, truth be known I didn't know the answer.   However, once I finish my Degree at Cranfield's Finishing School I will be able to perfect the 'nil response' post!! :P  :P


Craigie, I don't fish but asked at the local post office.  You can buy your licence over the counter   :sick:

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