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Home made Jeep rifle rest.

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You've got me sussed now guess il have to remake it with gas pipe or do you know where to buy a window bag thing ;) as I've no idea where to buy one


I wouldnt bother with the bag fella.We made one but we found standard bag material was not strong enough and over time the material,no,i mean the stitching started failing,so we made two from solid gold as weight was no problem and only scrapped them when we sold the rolls.They lasted a while but then we made a copper stand and cradle and would never go back to anything else now.If you look at the picture of the bag,i can already see the stitching is all picked,and if you look really really hard enough you will be able to imagine that the stuffing is in fact snow which will melt.Believe me,i wrote the book,starred in the vid and have got a few tshirts too,the ones with no sleeves that make you look tough too.I can post a link to my door if you want a good deal on a cradle too.

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It's like this, some of us enjoy making things and using them to good effect, others haven't the time but plenty of cash so just buy eveything and some just try making things.

Arthur Carter window rest £60+P&P, i'll keep my cash, and when this rest fails i'll make another and another for the price of Arthur's using scrap copper and off cuts off lagging + fittings

We're a canny lot and won't be riving it about as the idea is to sit quietly and swing the rifle into position when the fox is at the bait, not down a ravine or up a mountain.

The only failure point could be the tee as you've said but as the pivot point is the centre of balance of the cradle and rifle i doubt it and if so not for a long time with the treatment it will get.

You've 18 posts more than half of them slagging off and critisising on this thread :rolleyes:

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What can one say but good luck. :good:


Whats £60 these days? Most lads I know can spend that and more on a night out.


Factor in your time and the buggeration element when the thing fails and you've had to repair or replace it twice over before you decide to scrap the darn thing it and buy a window bag and you'll been quids in. The enjoyment of making things can work out more expensive than you first imagined. :rolleyes:


Hopefully we all live and learn. Some just take longer than others.



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Just read the comments and to be honest with some, its like being back in the play ground at the infants school.

There is just no need for some of the comments.

Whether it all folds up after a few outing then so what, you can bet you bottom $ it will be back in the shed to knock another one up, but this time a better one,a great improvement on the proto type.And you can bet again that it will be shown to every man and his dog, something home made by him or her self, and bloody proud of it too. What it costs is irrelivant its hand made,it wont matter how long it took to make either because its time spent to do with the sport and hobby that is loved by the maker of there new gadget.

Some folk on here would be a rite joy to meet over a pint have a good old chat swapping stories, then there are the others who we have all met hopefully just the once inthe local, who confess to know it all. Those i am afraid are scattered all over the place you just cant shake them off some times.

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