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hard earned pigeons take 2

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posted a few weeks back after a hard day in the wind and rain on some rape on one of our permissions. since that outing the birds have returned to the field and steadily increased in numbers. we have been to the land and flighted the odd few birds here and there and moved the pigeons off to keep the farmer happy. i drove around yesterday to have a look and get out of the house for a while. as i passed the field in the pouring rain there must of been 600 to 800 pigeons on the rape with more joining them. i spoke my shooting partner pw member Tan and although we thought it would be a waste of time due to the birds feeding in a huge flock and been shot at on this land a few times, we decided to give it a go if nothing else to keep the farmer sweet. as we arrived at the field in no rush at about 10am, sure enough the pigeons were there busy feeding. we decided to set up a oposite sides of the field around telegraph poles. not ideal but given the sw wind was our only option. unsuprisingly the rape had standing water on it in places,but never the less pigeons were feeding in the wet puddle areas? i set up around my chosen pole with nothing more than nets.poles magnet and three dead birds 2 for the magnet and 1 on a floater. the birds decoyed very well and responded to the magnet instantly. we had steady sport for 2 hours which was a lot better than we expected. we finished about 1.30pm i had 31 birds down for 41 shots for which i was pretty pleased. tan didn't have as much action up his end but managed a dozen. it was worth the effort and we was glad we went out. i dare say this rape will provide asome fair sport through out the coming year. i have shown a picture of my simple hide and my bag. you can tell the field is wet from the pictures.


thanks for looking and a happy and prosperus new year to one and all on pigeon watch.

aga man.



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