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Driven Pheasants and a Fox

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I had an invite on a small pheasant shoot to day, with only a team of 5 guns we were spread out a little thin but the nice weather, plenty of beaters and vigorous flag waving pushed the birds quite high.

The fox came out on the second drive and was so focused on getting away I watched it run down a fence to his pop hole while I stood quite still, being the only gun that side it was very safe to shoot. He squeezed through then run behind me and was dispatched 20 yards from me.

I shot 9 birds on 2 drives 4 on the next 2 and the fox for 16 shots so the 325 was swinging well today..

The total bag was 38 (4 were in the quad!!) 1 woodcock and the dog fox…




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Trust you to get the shot at our vulpine friend. Well done. A good day by the sounds of it.

Thank you...I had worked out that watching pheasant's coming from a long way was giving me far to much time, so I changed my routine on the stand with my gun broken over my arm just like walking when rough shooting.

This gave me something to do from when the bird broke cover, I did shoot 2 pairs with following birds which was quite good fun as there is not much time for the second bird...



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