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AYA identification


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If you intend restoring the wood be very careful around the action, I've seen many guns ruined with over zealous use of sandpaper resulting in too much wood being removed. If wood is not too badly marked around the action leave alone, tape off the chequering with masking tape and just restore to main part of the stock. Be careful with the screws as well, make sure screwdrivers are a perfect fit. Good luck

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I'm not sure if I'm going to do the stock myself yet. It's in pretty good condition apart from one scratch. I just wanted to get all the old gunk out.

My other halfs stock is away being done, when we get it back I'll see how it's turned out.

I know what you mean about the screw slots, there have been some really bad examples I have seen over the years!!

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7 hours ago, Pigeon_snIPer said:

Would one of you kind gentlemen be able to help identify what model this AYA is. it also has "Mayer & Co" written on it.
Unfortunately this is the only pic i have of it as of now. Seems to be from the early 50s if I am not mistaken.



It looks like it could be a well worn AyA 'Cosmos'  single barrel 12 bore.

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