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Glasses and the rain!

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Before getting contacts, rain - especially the fine, mizzly kind - was a pain. I found that my  glasses would steam up too if I wore a mask. Contacts changed all that. Certainly some people can't get on with them, and if you have astigmatism the cheaper disposables aren't an option. But I'd recommend giving them a go if possible. 

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It is something I suffered from 1974 until the early 90's and believe me I tried everything,  Try finding a contact lens, which blew out of my right (master) eye, when I was about 1 1/2 miles out on an Estuary.  Having my specs pushed into my face during a bit of a 'fracas' sealed the deal and I went and had Laser Treatment at the newly opened Optimax, in Manchester.  I have to say I have never looked back  (sorry).  It took  a total of 2 years to do both eyes and I needed reading glasses afterwards, BUT I do not do much reading in the rain. I have to say it transformed my life. No more shooting at rain spots on the lens, or going blind upon walking into the clubhouse on a wet day, and that was just the shooting side of my life. I watched one of my shooting pals who still wore glasses, suffering in the cold or rain, each time we were out shooting. Now, some 28 years on, I am still glad I had them done. I did suffer a detached retina in my left eye last year, which required surgery and later a cataract op, brought on by the detached retina thing. The first question I asked was if that was a result of laser treatment, I was assured it was not. I was impressed by the service from Optimax, who produced copies and X-Rays some 28 years after my treatment, to the eye surgeon carrying out the cataract operation. Now the wrong side of 70 and still shooting around 75% (on a good day) I believe it was the best thing I ever did.  I have heard a lot of stories of how things went bad, after laser treatment (usually from Opticians), BUT I have also heard a lot of success stories too.

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Scratch my last comment, I'm now in single vision contact lenses. They're great. Work in all conditions; rain, bright sun with wrap around sunglasses, no sweat or misting up, no water to wipe off. Yep, cracked it at last. Just got to remember to take them out at the end of the day. They're so comfortable, I forget they are in.

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