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Fiocchi Pigeon 32 for swap if possible

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    Got 246 Fiocchi Pigeon 32 cartridges which I'd like to swap for a similar pigeon cartridge e.g pigeon select, (new) clear pigeon 

    There a great cartridge and had some decent kills with them but through my O/U seem to knock the  out of me so if anyone around Sheffield area would like to swap either the lot or just a few boxes for similar that'd be great. 

    If not, looks like I'll have to man up and get them shot :good:

    Got to put a price on them so £60. 




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    On 15/04/2018 at 21:41, Evil Elvis said:

    Best pigeon carts out there!


    Can’t agree more they knock anything out the sky be it pigeon,crows or pheasant and partridge I use them in sbs and silver pigeon 

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