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A week ago I went with a hunting mate to our hunting field against the German border. The wild boars were frequently visiting our woods and we would give it a try. As the wild boar is most active at night, we went to the highseat one hour before daylight, and hopefully we saw some before they went to the thick cover. I chose a highseat near some water, where already a few boars were shot, my mate took a highseat in the wood, with a lane where you can see a 150 yards. At 05:10 in first daylight 2 boars came out on this lane, my mate thought they were around 50 kg, and estimated them a year old. he took a shot on the one that was most close to him. I heared the shot and the impact of the bullet, tried to reach him on the phone, without succes. After one hour he came to my highseat and asked for help, as he couldn't find the boar. We went to the place where the boars were standing and there was a lot of blood, which you could follow fore some 10 yards, than not one drop was found anymore!

We searched some more in cirkels but couldn't find any trace. We decided to try to find somebody with a dog, specially trained for this. We managed this, 4 hours later! But it was worth waiting, the dog took immediathly the right track and managed to find the boar in less than one minute, it managed to go arround 100 yards with a liver shot (not so good). The suprise was big, instead of a 50kg wild boar, there was a huge male boar, more than 100kg!! after a good laugh with my mates knowledge of wild boar sizes we cleaned the boar and went for a good drink, a beautifull day to remember!

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Fantastic beast, and some great pictures!


Thanks for sharing, looks like a fantastic day!


One of the fondest memories I have was in Romania shooting boar, and chips made in a DIY dustbin lid fryer, fried in boar fat! THE best chips you will ever have!


More accounts of your hunting please!

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Congratulations with the boar ! :good: Also nice set of tusks.


But i have to make a point about the recognision of the wild boar by youre mate. That could have gone horribly wrong! It could have been a female boar with piglets. The piglets are easily overseen in long grass. i have been out on wild boar on many occasion (day and night) and when i did not now for 100% what type i had in front of me i did not shoot. So next time it would be better to have a closer look and be sure about what you shoot. (if i may be so bold)

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Fantastic animal you have there. :good: Looks like some serious good eating (mmm wild boar sausage)


Great pics too!


Would love to try Boar hunting myself!


I have looked into it but, it seems expensive.


Is it possible to shoot Boar on a budget?

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He has a lot of experience on wild boar, last month he had a sow in front of the highseat with a lot of piglets and the ones of the former year, waited untill one of them was broadside and shot it, 40kg empty, he still does not understand how he was so wrong in the weight. Monday we are going again as the roebuck season starts at 01/08, hopefully with some more boar!

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