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something simple

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on a whim i stopped by the fish stall outside the church in acle and bought a piece of cod and a piece of haddock..........

made me chips this evening with red pots.........and washed the fish and rolled it in black pepper and salt and cornflour............mixed a bit of cooking oil and butter together and GENTLY FRIED THE FISH 

squeezes a bit of lemon on them with some white pepper added chips and served


WHAT A TASTE SENSATION.......................

now that was nice

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Here is an excellent light batter recipe.  

1 cup plain flour

1/2 cup milk

1/2 cup water

1 teaspoon baking powder

a little salt

Best batter I have ever used.

I always think the best drink with fish and chips is a mug of good strong tea.




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If I am making fish and chips for my gf wife, I just mix cornflour and a pinch of salt with cold fizzy water to make a tempura batter.

It turns out nice and crispy and she hasn't complained yet.

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I've never used baking powder in batter.

My standard batter is just plain wheat flour, egg and milk, beaten to death to get some air in and about the consistency of double cream. When fried in very hot oil it fluffs up and you get a crispy coat.

The cornflour tempura batter is about the consistency of single cream, giving a thinner coating, but it still fluffs and crisps up nicely.

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