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Greys Fishing Rod Warranty

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I managed to snap one of the sections of my favourite river fly rod the other day, completely my fault (involving the tailgate of my pickup).  I’d registered the rod with Greys warranty when I bought it over 15 years back and one thing they offer is replacement sections if they have them in stock.  With the age of the rod they didn’t which I understand was a long shot, but they offered me a new rod at a discounted price.  I’ve now got a new similar spec rod coming to me with just over 50% discount.  I would have loved to have had a replacement section, but as a plan b for a 15 year old rod I must admit that I’m very happy with the customer service.

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That's a reasonably happy ending to the story, my father in law is a big fan of greys rods. He got a good deal on an orvis rod a few years ago and won't use it anymore as he describes it as stiff as a poker and much rather have the more medium action of a his greys rods.

My favourite river rod was a Shakespeare Trion XT 7ft6 3-4wt. Beautiful action rod for about 85quid when they were new, unfortunately my son got his hands on it when he was about 3yrs old and snapped the tip section. It's been replaced with an el cheapo 8ft thing that chucks a line and that's about it.

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Greys are excellent for their aftercare sales service. A good friend of mine broke his spinning rod and they replaced it all for the price of the top section he had broken, he lost an eye on it as well and they said just send a copy of his receipt. The rod was 2 or 3 yrs old. 

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