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    17 hmr

    CZ all the way spent extra cash on the best scope you can afford 👍
  2. Yes teal and mallard decoys starting off
  3. Cheers lads gonna go after him next week 👍
  4. Yes lads next time I go up I’m gonna just sit and wait leave the call for last resort thanks for the info It’s been annoying me knowing it got away 👍
  5. Browning 525 sporter New1500-1650 New brilliant all round gun steel proofed nice scroll engraving heavy enough for 3 inch loads if your after ducks etc
  6. CZ American wooden stock 👍
  7. Cheers lads hope to get back up next couple nights 👍👍
  8. Ok lads looking a bit of advice I’m not a prolific fox shooter but got a call from a farmer who ask me to go up to farm and see if I can deal with a fox it (was taking he’s pheasants he let’s run round farm) Went up spoke to farmer he showed me were it trots along Line of hedges by a gully So went to top of hill on field was setting up 222 bipod etc I decided to use mouth call low and behold it came running across opposite field peaked head through hedges I tried to lie down with rifle to get steady shot it seen me and vanished Now my Question is have I scared it off or when I go back to same field is there a chance I could call it in again Sorry for long rant I stayed for bout 4 hours using various calls and moved fields no joy it never appeared again Any Advice ????????
  9. Heaven for us s/s shooters would love to get over for event like that 👍👍👍👍
  10. Lads don’t want to seem ignorant but for u guys to shoot pigeons on farmland etc does everyone of yous have to get these forms ???I hope the BASC get on the ball it seems to have happened so quick Think it’s a disgrace Just a couple questions I wanna put out does this guy CP not understand that farmers crops will be decimated first a farm over were I shoot the farmer lost 19 Acres to pigeons second if there’s a ban on crows/rooks etc does he not think that songbirds etc will also get hit hard Commonsence gone Mad 😡
  11. Is it only England don’t think it applies here in Northern Ireland but with that bloke Peckham hope he’s named right this could only be the start what’s to stop them going after fixing or lamping rabbits I’m not trying to scaremongering but I hope the BASC Etc go to trenches and fight this like mad Hard enough shooting pigeons now this
  12. 525 for me brilliant guns
  13. If your eating the muntys then a 308 a bit heavy But your better being over gunned than under the mate bought 308 Now he doesn’t shoot muntjacs but he’s opinion is the 308 will take any deer and easy to get ammo in most gun shops But your choice you’ll probably think you won’t shoot reds but you can bet you will so good luck
  14. Yes fen tiger all guns can jam but if 1 barrel doesn’t fire on my s/s the other one will with double triggers Mate has beretta semi think 391 it eats any cartridge he feeds it Just that A5 been giving me issues but not to worry sure il work something out cheers 👍👍
  15. Thanks lads I’ve tried browning oil and about 3 other kinds of lubricant I lightly coat it It’s just a jamming machine friggin paid near 1100 cash new and you expect it to work My old friend fowled for years and hated semi autos I’m now thinking he was right lol Glad my s/s will shoot any cartridge up to 3inch 🙄👍
  16. Glad to hear country man I must got bad model nothing more frustrating when flock of teal coming in 1 shot then jams or stove pipes 👍sticking to my AYA Magnum
  17. I have the black hunter version bought it for ducks with 3 1/2 inch chamber This is my honest opinion it won’t cycle light loads no matter how much I’ve cleaned it keeps jamming and stove pipes when take it to the clay range have used it for ducks with heavier steel shot and it stills jams on occasion in the marsh The trigger pulls arnt great I just can’t get on with it you get a better sight picture with the humpback design but I’ve given up on it I now just shoot my S/S for clays and ducks I will be trading it in for o/u or beretta gas auto when get few shillings saved It also kicks a bit harder being inertia mechanics in the gun I’ve had it Year and half went on the duck forums USA People saying the same problems with New A5 Try couple semi autos out if that’s what your after But the gun not for me Hope this input helps you decide Good Luck 👍
  18. I enjoyed the video myself probably never get to fire a big bore shotgun so love watching these on the net 👍👍👍
  19. Cheers big Al just getting to know the foreshore 👍
  20. Big Al I joined Strangford Lough wildfowlers they have plenty of foreshore to shoot as well as island on Lough Neagh if I get a boat There’s a bit of foreshore I’ve already walked not that far from we’re I live so will be shooting that mostly the upcoming season Reports coming of the lough saying there was good numbers of pintail season passed 👍
  21. Hel do fine mate can see by watching your video he has great drive in him for a young dog I’m sure you’ll get plenty of great mornings in the hide with him and your pheasant hunting 👍On side point will be shooting Strangford Lough up coming season fingers crossed 🤞👍👍
  22. You can doubt all you want the 17 hmr I had on windy nights lamping bullet heads were being blown all over the place and that was with different brands that’s why went back to 22 lr Glad I did No doubt better range with 17hmr but still noisey with moderator on rifle You are right 17hmr bullets lots people have had problems with the ammo cracked casing etc Wouldn’t buy another one
  23. Great video big Al that’s brilliant work for the young dog bear very like my fox red lab 👍👍
  24. Had the 17hmr when they first came out for rabbit and close range fox but went back to the 22lr was lamping with the 17 on a windy night and the bullet heads were being blown all over the place the rifle was on zero I prefer the 22lr just my opinion Mate shoots the 22wmr and loves it
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