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  1. I enjoyed the video myself probably never get to fire a big bore shotgun so love watching these on the net 👍👍👍
  2. You can doubt all you want the 17 hmr I had on windy nights lamping bullet heads were being blown all over the place and that was with different brands that’s why went back to 22 lr Glad I did No doubt better range with 17hmr but still noisey with moderator on rifle You are right 17hmr bullets lots people have had problems with the ammo cracked casing etc Wouldn’t buy another one
  3. Had the 17hmr when they first came out for rabbit and close range fox but went back to the 22lr was lamping with the 17 on a windy night and the bullet heads were being blown all over the place the rifle was on zero I prefer the 22lr just my opinion Mate shoots the 22wmr and loves it
  4. Good job mate 👍 my cooking expertises is usually a duck stir fry or with rice 🙄
  5. Gamebore or hull steel if you can get them buy the best you can afford mate 👍
  6. Glad to hear your not injured but a mk38 aprox 7 years old hope you find out what happened if it was a fault in the gun it shouldn’t have happened but as I say glad You didn’t get seriously hurt mate
  7. Lads the editor shouldn’t criticise any shooting sport I know nothing about punt gunning but have done all other field sports some I liked some I didn’t but would never think of criticism of any of them
  8. Haven’t read the report and won’t be reading it have to agree with Scully what type of man who claims to be a outdoors man would write a derogatory article on another branch of field sports For example I wouldn’t shoot hares or woodcocks but would never think of criticism of anyone who does Just gives the antis a reason to bitch Regarding punt guns I’m sure there’s forum members who know people who participate in this sport and how does this editor know what they used for shot years back Think we should put this article to bed and not give this editor of a shooting magazine anymore posting
  9. CZor tikka heard lot reports about the x bolt barrel not the best the mate traded he’s in he’s out 3/4 times s week foxing had nothing but trouble with bolt the trigger not the best either
  10. 525 spotter 1500 cheaper great gun for clays and game with your budget you should try a right few guns good luck 😉
  11. Only got out couple times with work shifts didn’t do very well ducks were I shoot wernt in any numbers not enough cold weather here in NI When it did rain to many flooded fields for them to fly in too Even my big fox red lab Duke was fed up
  12. Anywhere you get a bit of peace away from the everyday stress of life Just love being out with my dog watching the sunrise lol 👍the odd duck a bonus we have some big loughs here in Northern Ireland one fresh water the others Tidal 😀
  13. Any ducks come and go as they please But the point is they won’t stay to long with greedy idiots blasting at them constant
  14. Yes marshman I wouldn’t condemn anybody regarding getting good bags but as I say greed has played its part in wildfowling I’ve seen some big bags being shown on social media which I don’t like Regarding the teal population one of the loughs I shoot is only shot on a Saturday but it’s like a cowboy film sometimes some of the Fowler’s shooting There was a good population of teal but the over shooting of them has made them decline
  15. Good to here marshman the point I’m trying to make is boys hammer the duck and geese then complain about numbers dropping Lets be honest think if more wildfowlers took couple for the pot then the sport would be better for all of us I’ve had times when shoot couple ducks then had my flask of tea and sandwiches just watched them fly in lol Just me old romantic at Heart 😊
  16. Motty there was plenty of teal and still is the problem being is the teal won’t settle because to many people are shooting at them Regarding bag limits watching your Chris green video your entitled to your view
  17. Just greed Holloway in my view well said 👍 mate couple duck does me get the dog working people wonder why some wildfowling areas have seen a dramatic drop in species But unless there’s a general bag limit implemented can’t see it changing any time soon
  18. We’re I am it’s the complete opposite there’s to many Fowler’s shooting to many ducks gone are the days when I had the foreshore or freshwater lough to myself or the odd Fowler in the distance but now I see plenty of Fowler’s no problem with that as they pay there money the problem I have is they shoot to much duck Gone are the days couple of duck for the pot Now it’s about big bags Not given the ducks time to settle I’ve seen the teal population drop and the Pochards are non existent 😓
  19. My advice would be try as many guns as possible with your budget you could pick up a half descent second hand browning beretta or Miroku you will get years off shooting out of them
  20. Looks like Theresa May 😂
  21. Love there videos I actually messaged them to ask them to do a video on a proper aya no 3 magnum beaver tail fore end pistol grip etc I use one lol 😂 That wildfowlers bye the way great to listen too
  22. Gerry78

    Out In Style

    👍 Glad to hear mate most young lads now days to much into there phones and computers glad Conor out hunting great read mate keep forum posted
  23. Gerry78

    Out In Style

    Great read mate 👍
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