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Hi, I have limited experience with rifles and air rifles. I am rather experienced in the shotgun world but I'm fairly oblivious when it comes to air rifles.  I'm looking to get my first proper air rifle. I have a few requirements though:

  1. around £350
  2. capable of yard clearance as well as the odd rabbit (I don't know if there is such a thing) 
  3. Fairly easy to use/not too much hassle.
  4. Capable of being put on a Scottish shotgun licence 

I have no idea if my requirements are feasible any guidance will be much appreciated.  

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Sure others will be along to recommend but you may have hit upon a stumbling block with your point 4 that will cause you an issue.

A valid shotgun certificate in Scotland only allows you to possess any air guns already in your possession when legislation was brought in to licence air guns. If you wish to acquire an air gun you need an air weapon certificate. When your SGC expires, you will need a separate Air Weapon Licence to possess any air guns.

Put simply, an existing FAC or SGC covers you for any airguns you already have. Until your licence expires then you will need an AWC. Not sure how it stands if you are to buy an airgun south of the border. 

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You can still own an air rifle in Scotland,  as far as I know you just have to declare it or apply for your license,  already having your SGC should make it a formality,  speak to your FEO.

Going off your budget and no hassle I'm thinking you want a springer,  I'm not well up on these HW95 always gets a mention,  I'd go your local gun dealer when the lockdown allows, he's probably got a load he can't shift, you might just get a bargain. 

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Sorry cant advise you on the Scottish law requirements.     However, I can state the HW99 or 95k are great guns for the money.

There are others,  the Walther Terrus synthetic  , I own has been consistent and reliable and  so accurate.

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Having recently gone through buying a new airgun....

All i wanted was something to replace my 20 year old Webley exocet which had come to the end of its life. Something cheap but solid.

What a nightmare the airgun market has become, all rubbish made in either China, Turkey or Spain. Having owned one spanish airgun in-between and learnt my lesson I wasn’t going there. I just wanted someone around £150 and simple.

To cut a long story short i ended up spending £400 on a HW97 K.  Yes its very expensive for what is a sub 35 yard tool, but HW and air arms are the only guns on the market which will actually last 20 years in my opinion. The rest will fall to bits. 

I am very impressed with the 97, it easily shoots 5 pence groups at 30 yards. Didn’t want a pcp as too much unnecessary work filling the thing up. You can also buy a cheaper HW88, but the airgun boys filled me with horror stories around them, although the man in the gun shop said it was all myths. 

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I was looking at an airgun mag from 2019 and there was a listing for a Glasgow gun shop with loads of second hand guns at what looked like really good prices, a full page advert,  if they are still trading there worth a look.

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