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Feral Pigeons.


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Has anyone done any close range (barn)Feral pigeon shooting "?

I got a request today from a farmer , who didnt want to have them killed , but in the end decided 

there was too much mess.

I used a sub 12 .177 . would a .22 be better?

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Were you getting pass through? I've used 22 pest control on ferals,  but not 177

What pellets did you use and how did you get on.

If you watch some YouTube videos you do sometimes see holes appear behind the pigeons,  certainly not something you want.

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9 hours ago, Longbower said:

I used Hedes .   going straight through on head shots .

I'm not surprised with a 10.3 grain pellet,  flat head, hollow point or light pellet,  and body shots for me, have you tried H&N Barracuda extremes? I can send you some if you want to try them?

Or maybe go with RWS powermag, heavy for a flat head,  I watched a video a while back with a fella using these on rats, shooting an R10 so should be ok in your Scorpion?


Could be cheaper elsewhere??

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