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When will it stop?!

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I’ve been reading this thread with interest as I have a cocker pup (1 year old). I’m still calling her a pup as she is still very puppyish and playful in her behaviour. 

While she is developing well in many aspects, heel work has been…. shall we say…. challenging! Over the last couple of days I have been using some of the tips/tricks mentioned above. I picked up on the idea of waving a pipe in front of her nose and did something slightly different. I cut a long piece of dry hogweed and trimmed the branches - essentially ending up with a long and very light hollow stick. This makes a great swishing noise when waggled in front of her nose. If she ventures too far forward, the stick hits her nose, but not painfully as it is so light. She is nevertheless very wary of it. This combined with changing direction etc. is working a treat. 

My last dog walked to heel no problem - more biddable and shy and got it really quickly. This one is a ferarri with the engine screaming (!!) and is a different proposition. They all have their own various personalities and foibles I suppose. 

Thanks for the tips. 

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Plenty of very good advice previous, all will work althou sometimes u need to pick and choose which works best for u and that paticular dog.


Most important thing is 100% consistant, u know exactly where u want the dog to be and the second it isn't u correct/change direction.

But when it is u praise/treat.

Sounds obvious but many folk get it wrong or let dog pull for 30 second/1 min, 5 min before correcting then repeat, dog doesnt know wot its meant to be doing.


Other good drills are figure of 8's and changing speeds, esp walking dead slow, basically just keeping the dog guessing and concentrating all variations of wot others have said.


For me the key thing is, u say dog is spot on in ur garden, so just constatly walk him round ur garden until absolutely perfect always with lead on dont be in a hurry to take it off.

At 5 month it doesnt really need a lot of walking, i rarely walk young dogs very far unless training, tey get plenty of excercise free running/playing with my older dogs

When perfect  try just outside garden until perfect, they throw in another slight change and just keep progressing in very small steps always succeeding in the previous 1 1st.

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