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16 minutes ago, Sprucey said:

Thanks guys, 

What cover are you getting with directline Sam? 

Do they cover the same every year?

That’s a brief over view , get discount for having other policy with them , you will need to check the yearly cover as I know some decrease as the dogs get older 


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As Lloyd says you would be better putting the money to one side each month. There is a reason insurance works and that is the companies pay out less than they collect! You will have to factor in excess for each claim and that premiums increase substantially at eight years.

I insure pups to two years by which time I have a good idea of whether I have a sound dog and puppies are most prone to health issues. You must have an idea on the health of the two older dogs and the pup is still an unknown quantity.

it is going to cost you either way!

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Over the years i have had 20 dogs and never insured any of them. Been lucky i suppose .

 Bu when i have took them to the vets my bills have been not too dear at all.

But i still think vets are conning rascals.

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