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Nitehawke spin seat ?.


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Hi gang.

              I fancy a Nitehawke spinning bucket swivel drum seat but have read mixed reviews.

              They are about £27 so if anybody on here uses one are they any good.

                                                                                                             Thanks all.

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I made one as a project by fitting two blue tubs together to get the height, the top one had the base removed. The lid had a swivel seat fitted ( sold as a seat to assist people getting into car seats). This had two inch foam fitted then canvas. I used it for short sessions crow shooting, allowing a low profile hide to be built. Scrapped it when we moved last year.

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I've got a bucket swil seat, no idea of the make though. Brilliant but being a small base it does wobble about a bit on uneven ground. I like the height as well. Nothing bad to say about them & worth getting but I have realised I use my old fishing Box seat more & more recently, lower & more suited to sitting in front of a hedge in tall undergrowth wearing good camo without a net, less gear to carry, holds 6 full size flexicoy decoys. The bucket seat is more suited to shell decoys.

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@samboyI've had them but they are a bit light weight and don't last long.

Ended up with one of these a few years ago and haven't looked back, lasts forever and the back rest is nice for the quiet sessions, Link

And use a couple of these for nets and decoys etc, link

And as for moving it all, a fold down barrow, Link


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