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Is my dog changing colour?

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One of my dogs, a 5 year old black and white springer, seems to be changing colour.

As a pup her black markings were jet black and her white markings pure white.

*** she got older the white areas started getting black/grey spots making her look like a blue roan and very pretty.

Lately she has been getting liver patches on both flanks. At first they were hard to see but they are now getting more prominent.


Is this unusual?

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On 28/07/2023 at 09:16, smokingdragon said:

My springer has more prominent markings as she gets older (3) and my black cockers is now getting a red/ ginger sheen on her coat which would come from her father. All seems to happen as they get older.

Yes my merel bitch seems to have changed to being all grey now to the shoulders with just the body being merel 

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