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Dutch cyclists


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11 hours ago, discobob said:

Whereas it is the opposite approach in the uk. They don’t want cars allowed on the same roads as bikes!!!

I don't mind seperate roads or paths  for cyclists but when you encounter cyclists on a major A road and the rest of the traffic is doing 70 it's an accident waiting to happen.

I've seen it several times recently on busy roads . Especially on roads like the A22 and A23 heading down to the south coast from London 

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Interesting chat with some Dutch shooters a while ago. They told me that the system of proportional representation means that big political parties need the support of the smaller ones. A pivotal group is the Green Left (name tells you all you need to know apparently) so much is done to placate that lot. Can't attest to the truth of this, but Dutch chaps seemed aereated about it.

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