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Hilux and horsebox not communicating


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My ifor horsebox isn’t talking to the hilux. The ifor has a 7 pin connector and the hilux a 13 pin so we have an adaptor in the middle. No lights are coming on on the ifor but the adaptor is making the hilux indicator double tick (as it always has done) until the ‘box is connected. 

I’ve changed the adaptor but no joy.

Am I correct in thinking that if the hilux is responding to the adaptor then the fault lies with the ifor rather than the hilux? 

All help greatly appreciated! 


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36 minutes ago, billytheghillie said:

have you tried putting some tape round adaptor, sometimes my caravan does that and its just a loose connection.

I’ll try but strange that it happens with two different adaptors.

37 minutes ago, Cawdor118 said:

How old is he Hilux and how old is the trailer? The reason I ask, is some Hilux's don't like LED lights. Are you also getting an audible alarm in the cab?

Both were happily taking to each other a week ago. Non LED lights. No alarm in the cab…. 

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