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  1. Can you not back off the other backbench slightly just to take off the tightness. i had a dual fitting spanner for the attaching of the bottles. I’m sure the small end fitted into the splines on the valve
  2. The buckles are easy enough to attach with a zip tie. I had one repaired in this fashion for years
  3. ph5172


    Funnily enough mine are at the same stage and show no signs of progression. I have 2 that are literally just turning so they are on my windowsill. im going to leave the others out but as you said I think they are finished. my peppers are done for and are literally just forming
  4. While not a lenser I have a rechargeable (via usb) half decent torch for general use. if you are using it loads that’s what I would stick with. Only issue is I don’t get any form of battery capacity warning aside from the brightness becoming severely reduced as it’s on the way out. It seems to just look a lot duller. It’s never died to the point it won’t work but has just about been usable to watch your footing. mine takes about 6 hours to fully charge. I dread to think how many batteries I would have gone through. I do have a backup that runs on 3AAA and that is good for its size. I bough some decent rechargeable but when they get low it plays up snd won’t switch itself off unless I remove the batteries - it doesn’t do that with normal disposables.
  5. Can you not just set an extra timed setting to bring it back on again adjusting the on off time forward by 15 mins to give you a rough time of the event. do you have a cctv system or outside lights
  6. I’m sure there was talk of paying the allowance directly into the energy account as a credit. I assume this was scrapped due to the administrative burden
  7. Funnily enough I also looked at the capped unit price bet could only find the total average usage cap cost. I have just been moved to British Gas and my cost on the special ‘peoples tariff’ is well above my old fixed and I assume about bang on the cap. standing - 23p odd a day gas 4p odd a kw elec 21p odd a kw I think it was said that the cap cost is cheaper than any fixed rate available - if the companies are taking customers on, a lot are not
  8. I have tried all manner and have gone back to RAC I like to know what I’m getting and with one of the big 2 I can virtually guarantee that they will have a go at a repair. Both have got me back on the road in the past but in fairness some of the cheaper ones have also. I have also had some shockers where they have come out and just put it on a low loader usually the service is provided by a local third party. if you are happy with what you have then that’s all that really matters. on a side note I have seen a few green flag trucks but not half as many as the big 2. do they use exclusively their own patrols or that if local garages as well
  9. Funnily enough ours has also started to do this. I thought I would catch it early and roll some bathroom paint on. that only served to pull more large flakes off back to the plaster. most annoying!
  10. As a youngster I sacked off the trebles and started to use a single carp hook. never had any issues with losses and much easier to unhook with cold hands. anyone else do this ? Used to get out with my childhood telescopic rod a couple of spinners, a big float and whatever fish was on offer on the counter.
  11. IKEA online did a room planner that was quite good if you need simple scale drawings
  12. WD40. and the same for keeping it shining
  13. https://livingmadeeasy.org.uk/category/at-home/beds-and-chairs/chair-beds any good?
  14. Can you not give it a blast of high pressure air
  15. Sorted. there is a place for buying high end equipment. I doubt £78 would have bought you anywhere near equivalent. I’m my eyes a wise repair
  16. I once many years ago drove over to France in a LWB sprinter van. I consumed one of the very large cola drinks on the ferry and 5 miles out of Calais I needed a pee. stopping in a lay-by to use the empty cola bottle this allowing me to dispose of it at my destination, no sooner was it filled and 3 unmarked cars appeared. after seeing my evidence I was told the lay-by was a prime pick up and drop off point utilised by gangs using lwb vehicles as they had a half decent capacity coupled with top speed. after a few pleasantries and a complement on keeping their lay-bys pee smell free we were on our way.
  17. That will probably be it. I have grabbed mine and you are correct they are heavy. to get a dog box up against the bulkhead would need the cover removed.
  18. On most of the estates they appear to be roller style so shouldn’t impact on the space unless the seats are down. I can understand for fitting dog boxes and the like. I just find it strange that there are almost as many missing as are complete
  19. Just browsing cars as you do and I have notice a fair few seem to be missing the load covers. seen a fair few Range Rovers and a lot of estates. but why. Is there a secret market for these things as they are not the easiest to misplace.
  20. Luckily just the one ‘round’ sorted me out.
  21. See told you all it worked. Consultation fee to my PayPal please. Lol
  22. If you are really heart set on hardwired when ours were removed at the end of lease the fitting company came in. Removed the cameras and the wiring from the fuse board. The ‘hardwired’ cables were then snipped upto the trim and pushed away. this was also done with any gps or telemetry
  23. And how you all laughed - exactly the same as I did until I tried it. remember you need to rub the area with the onion as well
  24. Thing is it’s not far from that now unless you use cash without scanning any form of loyalty card and avoiding any form of CCTV at the cash point or shop
  25. How’s it gone all day - I’m convinced in the onion trick
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