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Massive Job Lot Of Stuff For Sale.

mr who?

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Having a major clear out of my Mancave/Workshop/Storeroom/Dojo/Gym, I have the following items for sale. I'll try to describe everything as best as I can and can supply photos via WhatsApp should anyone require further info. I'll also try to list what I paid for each item and how much I honestly believe it to be worth today. All clothing fits me, some a bit better suited to going over a tee shirt, some ample enough to go over a fleece or puffa jacket, but everything will fit someone who is 5'10, 16 stone and a 36/38 inch waist and a 44/46R chest. I currently have photos of about 90% of the stuff on my phone, but can of course supply photos more in depth of everything if required?

NOT willing to split the items, looking for a quick sale just to get shot of the lot in one (Hopefully) quick sale, something reflected in the asking price. More than happy for a few members to band together who want to group up and buy, but would only be willing to deal with one person when it comes to the money side of things. So, strap in, where we go....!

(1) 1 X 5.11 vest, in tan, size large (They tend to be made a bit on the large size as designed to be worn over body armour). Condition is perfect, never worn. Paid I think £45, worth £75. Fits me well over a tee shirt, so perfect for wearing under a coat.

(2) DPM Chest rig, quite an unusual design, I have never actually seen a rig like this before, loads of pockets and pouches, Zips up from the middle front. Brought on a whim (Most unlike me!) Fits me over a thin shirt, condition like new, paid £35, easily worth that.

(3) DPM Tac vest. Again not your normal type or design. Quite old but loads of life left in it yet, I seem to remember one or two of the poppers are either missing of need a clean, but would make an interesting project for someone. Is quite a high set so a belt kit can be worth under. Paid £35, probably worth a little less due to the poppers, so say £25.

(4) Customized DPM webbing set. I brought a DPM webbing vest, cut all the pouches off so was left with the green mesh vest, I then added a Hippo belt with molly fittings and added some DPM pouches, which I sewed on. Off the top of my head I think there's a double mag pouch on the left at the front, with a further 3 or 4 utility pouches or water bottle pouches, I also added a quick release roll pin belt to the Hippo pad. All in, to buy all the bits and to make this again would cost about £70, so factor in the tailoring I paid for and the extra odds and ends included (Cem sticks, D rings etc... Say worth £100.

(5) Musto Waterproof jacket. Seriously a good jacket, very waterproof and really well thought out, designed and made. Looks like a "Tweed" print, would make a great outer layer, believe I paid around £100 and totally worth that, condition perfect, as never worn outside the house.

(6) Camo Softcell jacket, not sure where I got this, but very waterproof and surprisingly warm, Zippers under the arm pits to allow for cooling off, descent hood and very comfortable to wear for long periods. Think I paid about £30, easily worth that, condition like new.

(7) Original Barbour jacket, think its a classic Gamefair, but can of course check. Nicely worn in and looks fashionably "Vintage". Everything works as it should, all poppers and zips etc... Loads of life left in the old girl yet, recently rewaxed. Fits me quite comfortably but loads of room for a base layer underneath. So with that in mind see the item below. Paid £50, worth £60 Colour Sage (Green!) and 8 out of 10 condition.

(8) Original Barbour Quilted jacket, which I wear under the above jacket when it's cold. Can of course be worn on it's own when it's a bit nippy but still dry, but worn under the Gamefair you will be super toasty and dry! Paid £30, worth £30. Colour Sage, and 9 out 10 condition.

(9) Full length Drovers/Riders coat. Unsure of the make, but can of course check, not Barbour but definitely in the same league in terms of quality, one of the better one's I've owned. Heavy waxed cotton, come's with a cape, lined with a tartan cotton liner, nicely aged and can be worn with or without a warmer jacket under for warmth. Will be sad to see this one go, but it just never gets used anymore. Paid £50, and it's worth that all day long. Colour tan and in great condition.

(10) Berghaus bodywarmer, Black and in perfect conditon, 2 outer pockets with zippers, just like one of their "Puffa" jackets, but with no sleeves. Paid £45, worth that.

(11) 9 X various (Yep 9!) carry vests, makes include CMP, Craig Hopper, Moorhead and Ice pack. Mostly brought while away in Germany. Colours are black, blue, grey, tan and green. All in at least working condition, I'd honestly rate them all in not less than 9 out of 10, all zippers and poppers working 100%, no rips or tears. I'd guess the average price I paid is about £30 each, some a little more, some a little less, But collectively your
looking at about £270 at least to replace them all today.

(12) Realtree camo "Dove shooting" Vest. perfect for shotgunning, loads of pockets for shells and all the other stuff you seem to end up taking out with you. There was a camo back to this, but I can it off as i didn't like it so removed it, and the black mesh back is now a lot cooler to wear in the field. Paid £30, worth £30.

(13) DPM COP vest, for anyone who severed in Northern Island back in the 80s or 90s will know what this is. Legendary piece of equipment, I practicably lived in mine for the 2.5 years I was over there. Quite hard to find them now, and is a fore runner to the tac vests of today. Unless I change my mind, and decide to actually keep hold of this, I can't see myself ever being able to replace it. Excellent for shooting or hunting, but also would make a brilliant "Bushcrafting" or "Preppers" survival vest. Paid £70, worth £100 (From what I can find the odd one on ebay).

(14) Lowa combat boots, tan in colour, condition 8 out of 10. Many years of use left in them yet. Size is according to the label 8.5, but... I normally take a 9 or 10 in footwear, and they fit me fine in thin socks. Can I just state, that I would have happily killed and eaten members of my family to have had these while I was still in the mob, they are seriously that good. Paid £50, worth that easily.

(15) Crossman 1130 Medallist .22 pump up air pistol. I brought his a few months ago, 2nd hand, used it once, put it away and never used it since. Was serviced just before I got it, and I've added a full length stock, making it into a "Carbine", iron sights are pretty good, but I have also added a Picatinny rail if you wanted to add a scope. But still have the original pistol grips should you want to return her back to a "Pistol". Got loads of extras I'll also include as well to get you started IE Targets, pellets, cleaning kit etc...Paid £75, worth £100 with the stock, picatinny rail and extras.

(16) Full sized and weight battle sword. NOT a wall hanger or display piece. About 4 foot long and 5 KGs in weight (Yup 5 KGs) A beast of a thing, looks and feels like you could smash a car door off with it. Made for combat reenactments, so the blade isn't live (Sharp) and has been used, so a bit beaten up, but this just adds to its character. Heavy counter weight and leather bounds handle. Surprisingly easy to use, even to a layman like me. Not sure how much I paid for this, but can remember turning down an offer of £150 for it about 8 years ago. So just say £150 (But would cost you a hell of a lot more to have one made like this today).

(17) I also have a pile of stuff that I'll also include if picked up in person, items include but are limited to various flasks, thermos mugs, compasses, torches, survival tools and gadgets, para cord, D rings, hats, scafes and gloves. Waterproof bags, tools etc... At a rough guess, probably about another £300 worth of gear.

(18) Ghille suit. Brought many years ago in the states, one of the better "Store" brought ones. Perfectly good to go as it is, but would also make for a good base if you wanted to add further camo to it, like I have with my other one! Paid approx £50, totally worth that.

(19) Northface 3 in 1 jacket. Colour blue, Goretex, has a thin puffa jacket which can be worn on its own, or zipped into the waterproof outer jacket. Paid about £160, worth that as in perfect, as new condition.

(20) 1 X Jack Wolfskin combat jacket. Colour beige, size XXL. Sleeves zip off to make the jacket into a Gilet.  Really well thought out and designed, loads of pockets and comfortable to wear for long periods. Made by JW so quality assured. Believe I paid £80, totally worth that. Condition is 100%, could pass for new. 

(21) 1 X SOG machete, All black with SOG logo, has a sawback, full length tang and has a "Skull Crusher/window breaker" style pommel. Not sure where this came from, but they seem to be about £40 online. Brand new condition, never been out the house. 

(22) Will now also include a Pro Diablo slingshot, I believe there's a spare power band, but would have to double check. Comes with everything you would expect to find in the box from new, Stabilizers and sight etc... There a few hundred glass marble's as well, which is my preferred ammo. In used but excellent condition, say 9 out of 10. Comes with a carry case which holds all the bits. Think I paid £35, totally worth that.

(23) Set of "Trigger stick" tripod, hardly used, 100% in working condition, think I paid about £140, worth £100.

(24) Basic NV monocular, I can confirm the make/model should anyone want further info, a fairly basic unit, but perfectly good for most short/mid range hunting needs. Can't remember where I got this from, ,or even how much I paid for it , but I would hazzard a guess it's probable worth about £100, so lets say £50 to include it in the deal.    

I probably will end up with a few more bits as I carry on my clear out, but the above it about 90% of what's offered. Again, NOT looking to split. If someone is thinking "I could buy all that, keep about 1/3 of even 1/2 of it , sell the rest on, piece by piece , and STILL make a profit!" Then feel free. Again, NOT looking to split at this time. 

So, the price? even with my dodgy maths I make all of the above worth well over £1800, as mentioned I am looking for a quick sale, and will even deliver within say a 20 mile radius of Portsmouth. Not looking to post out as would need a pallet to take everything, so would much prefer a face to face deal. Asking just £500 for EVERYTHING listed about. Anyone seriously interested in a bulk buy who requires further info, details or photos please get in touch via PM on here.

All the very best fellas.


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id suggest breaking it into multiple job lots of similar items or bring the price right down mate.  The chances of finding someone who after everything on this list who is the exact same dimensions as you in a close radius puts the odds well out of your favour.

im not being clever bud simply trying to help as i know this advert was floating about in october, november last year and you said you were after a quick sale.  running it by a local surplus store perhaps given that mostly old pattern army gear might be a shout also.


all the best, good luck with the sale.

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