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  1. A friend of mine has an elderly relative who possesses multiple shotguns of high sentimental value which he wishes to remain in the family but my friend owns no licence. When the time comes to take possession what would be required, sec 7? Secondly regarding deactivation ..... I know the rules changed recently, what is required for deactivation now? Told him it might be easier just to get a ticket and acquire them as functioning guns. Ta
  2. I was told by a ATN rep on Facebook that if I was to purchase the remote for my X-Sight II from USA the European warranty would not be honoured.
  3. Worth mentioning that for most people (me included) the scope will probably be too far forward, I fitted a low profile extended riser that stays permanently fitted to the XS to give the proper eye relief, but some dovetail to weaver rails have an extender built in .... was cheap from eBay but works great.
  4. I use pipe cleaners soaked in bore solvent to clean the gas ports .... tapered so fit perfectly.
  5. It needs a Weaver / Picatinny rail .... I have DIP rails on both my CZ rimfires for easy scope swapping but cheaper ones work just as well (hawke) Alternatively you could get the contessa mount they make to fit dovetails.
  6. Sadly there are too many people in this sport (and indeed on this forum) who will gladly throw their fellow shooters under the bus to divert the public's attention away from their particular area of shooting.
  7. Would be ironic if a group of 'pro hunt sabatures' turned up to disrupt it.
  8. If the bolt is not driving rearward after a shot it's more than likely an issue with the gas system - I'm assuming you are 100% sure it's definatly not cycling the bolt? Presence of a fired shell still in the chamber would confirm this (although the bolt may still be operating but not enough rear travel for the shell to hit the ejector AND not trip the magazine shell release mechanism and then re chambering the fired case - unlikley but still a possibility.)
  9. Hawke rangefinders are pretty good, I use a Hawke LR600 Pro (older discontinued model)
  10. Mine was the same so I made 2 brackets - cut 2 x lengths of steel flat bar the width of the cabinet and welded 2 x 10mm studs to each one to match the holes on the inside of the cabinet. I then cut the plasterboard and recessed the brackets so they could be coach bolted to the vertical studs inside the wall. Then hung the cabinet on the studs and nylock nutted the cab to the studs. I took photos and showed my FEO when he came to inspect - he expressed initial concerns until I climbed into the cabinet and tried to wrench it off the wall with no success.
  11. £18.95 for 50 x Hornady 17gn VMAX in Philip Morris and sons Hereford.
  12. I used win subs years ago but found them to be caked with wax on the bullet too much so switched to cci Is that still the case?
  13. Signed, similar thing happened to my club
  14. Thats very strange, just checked some of my stills I've taken and it shows my location as 0; 0; 0; - I have GPS turned off - I agree its a pointless feature for me. Regarding compass direction display, if anyone feels the small ticker tape on the top is in the way the HUD can be customised to just a x-hair and the compass and pitch / roll displays turned off (I find the roll display very useful at night with no close in visual aids to reference for vertical alignment, especially when shooting off a bonnet for example) .... It wont however disable the compass, this will still feed into the
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