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  1. 3jackwhite3

    Recommend footwear for job

    I've got the altberg defender but don't know if I've got a duff pair but I've had wet feet a few times and I use the recommended leder gris? The other boots I use are karrimor sf and I've never had wet feet and I have given them some abuse, these are gortex lined where as the altberg aren't, I've also got haix gtx boots but haven't used them yet but my brother does and he's never had wet feet either!
  2. 3jackwhite3

    small lamping 4x4

    Honda crv getting 41mpg on general grabber at's only got stuck twice once I drove into a ditch and the other I revered into a bit of a boggy patch and sunk down to the axle, better off road than my ranger and a lot better on fuel, 6 gears so ideal for motorway use aswell.
  3. 3jackwhite3

    Range prices

    Forgot to mention the range is around the np26 postcode, richy lives in Cardiff that's why some of you might be having trouble finding it.
  4. 3jackwhite3

    Range prices

    Anybody interested in shooting at severside range by magor give me a pm and I'll do my best to put you in contact with richy I know him very well as I worked there for years as all my brothers and sisters over the years, it's a nice friendly place with good banter and atmosphere.
  5. 3jackwhite3

    Norica moderated .410

    Pm sent
  6. 3jackwhite3

    Tikka t3 picatinny rail

    I've got one if your still interested?
  7. 3jackwhite3

    Online Tyre Suppliers

    Tyreleader is the cheapest I've seen
  8. 3jackwhite3

    gasps, judders and cuts out? HELP

    Had the same problem with my focus but was a diesel, would rev fine when stood still but as soon as I drove it it would judder and sound like it was going to die, turned out it was a blocked fuel filter.
  9. 3jackwhite3

    Schmidt and bender 8x56 1" tube

    Pm sent
  10. 3jackwhite3

    Leopold Range Finder

    Pm sent
  11. 3jackwhite3

    ford ranger

    Ford ranger 06 72k miles on the clock tidy condition with no major dents just the odd scratch here and there, £4000 or nearest offer, there is rangers on eBay with double the miles asking the same price or more, I'll get pictures up soon.
  12. 3jackwhite3

    Starlight NV firefly ir laser

    Pm sent
  13. 3jackwhite3

    Wild boar in the uk

    Gwent police allow them to be shot under all lawful quarry, I've got it on my .308 and my mate has just been granted a .243 and that is fine to shoot them with aswell.
  14. 3jackwhite3

    What's going on with wellies

    Another vote for aigle, I had a pair that I wore almost everyday for 3 years on the farm and the tread wore flat that's how much they got used and didn't split,on my second set now but I've given them an easier life but still like new after 2 years