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    love clay and rough shooting, a springer and a cocker.. yes I like trouble!

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  1. AdamW

    Duck decoys

    Henry is posting an option? thanks Adam
  2. Anyone know if there is are any shoots in this area on January 1st? Thanks Adam
  3. AdamW

    New auto

    Thanks all i managed to find used, but as new A400 30” that I am very happy with! thanks again for all the input Adam
  4. AdamW

    New auto

    Thanks all lots of good feed back, and a decision to be made! I think either Franchi or Benelli, will talk to the shop tomorrow.
  5. AdamW

    New auto

    Budget would be around 2k max, recoil is no issue. main uses will be pigeon and wild foul, with occasional clay shooting.
  6. AdamW

    New auto

    So, I’m in the market for a new auto to replace the hatsan, going to be used as an all rounder, clays, pigeons and wild foul. options are: Beretta A400 Franchi Benelli Whinchester Browning others? whats good, what’s not....
  7. AdamW


    Exodus has ceased to be, but it is still working. I updated mine the other night and lost it, the download link no longer works, but there are other repo's out there where you can still download it.
  8. I'm very happy with mine, I know there are poeple who have had issue, but mines been fine.
  9. I have a quadzilla x8 A great bit of kit, goes anywhere, just wish it wasn't organge! Have to cover it when pigeon shooting!
  10. Funny that, I saw one today also!
  11. AdamW


    I don't think so, he is a dodgy seller, the stuff he sells has a great add, but in reality its rubbish.
  12. AdamW


    I'm following a user on Ebay that is selling things in the £1000's he keeps getting negative feedback, but then it goes within a day or two and hes back at 100%. I can see the stuff he is selling is not great, but it sells, he gets negative feedback, then it disappears, and up goes the item again.. over the last 2 months hes must have had 10-15 negatives removed, and his total feedback is only 20, he's also changed names many times.. right dodgy! I cant work out how he is removing the negative feedback so often?
  13. Hi Josh Is the dremel still available? is it just the dremel, or is it a kit (selection of bits etc) Thanks Adam
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