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  1. Cheers Greenhunter....Were would I get the number from
  2. Do you ring them up and they send you a statement....wouldnt mind finding out what Im going to get
  3. Did they send you the statement or did you ask for it yourself....Ive got another 12 months before I retire
  4. Were abouts are you in West Cumbria....
  5. Another one for Hull high pheasant....Im a big fan of Hull carts
  6. Got a Renault Kango....only had it a month seems to be a cracking little van, well pleased up to now
  7. Labour wont win a lucky bag.....as long as that scruffy ******* is in charge
  8. Not for me, my cousin has had a bad shoulder for years....we have started to doo a few clays and he is in a bit of pain in his shoulder....he is looking to buy a good padded waistcoat....any help from anyone on here on what to get would be a great help to him. Cheers Dave.
  9. Got an 05 Ranger....had it 4yrs never had any problems up to now....touch wood
  10. I have of these 30inch barrels.....Brilliant gun, best one Ive owned, had it adjusted to auto safety....Cant understand why nobody has snapped this gun up...thats a hell of a good gun for that price....Bargain
  11. I traded my silver pigeon s in about a month ago for a 682 gold e....Brilliant gun, the wood on it is outstanding, really nice gun well chuffed with it
  12. Brilliant....watched it from day one
  13. My cousin has his guns in his garage and its separate from his house...he got his garage alarmed and it was passed by Lancashire Police.
  14. Nice one Daz....you were due a result
  15. Bought a Deerhunter jacket a month ago brilliant bit of kit....Marshfarm Country supplies, there a bargain buy
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