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bottom plate conversion

C bardwell

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You may have more luck searching for conversion from bottom plate to magazine ( if that’s what you’re after ) for the Remington 700 BDL, which unless I’m mistaken, is more or less the same Mauser action. 
I know they were available for the 700 as I had one many moons ago, and considered having mine converted at the time, and I know the Parker-Hale Police 1200 in .308 had a magazine. 
I have an old PH catalogue somewhere; I’ll ratch it out and see if theres anything relevant in it. 

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There were variants of the 1200's which had detachable magazines. Basically a M98 mauser, if I remember correctly, bottom metal and magazine conversions are available. But speak to the folks recommended in the above post first. 

I'd be interested in seeing the results if you go down this route. 

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